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The True Story Behind Our Father: The Shocking Truth About The Fertility Doctor Who Used His Sperm On His Patients

Fertility treatments and IVF procedures are becoming more common these days. This Netflix documentary follows the case of DR. Donald Cline used his own sperm to inseminate dozens and dozens of his patients without any of their consent. This surely is a shocking story and everybody will be more curious about this.

The documentary follows a series of interviews with parents and children to uncover details about the biological parents and throws light on the activities undertaken by Dr. Donald Cline. The story also throws light on reproductive care in the US and shows how the legal system views people who seek control over their own life choices mainly.

The story however being very captivating and disgusting at the same time, throws light on the lives of the doctor, his biological children and the interviews with the parents and children. Thus, this article covers details about the story of Our Father, the actual story, where to watch and a lot more.

Follow along with us as we take you on a journey through the case and the circumstances!

The True Story Behind Our Father

Our Father is a Netflix documentary that sheds light on the life of Dr. Donald Cline, a fertility doctor who used his own sperm to inseminate dozens of patients connecting him to a lot of biological children. This is a very smart job and such cases do not usually come to light. It all started when Jacoba Ballard’s life changed when she discovered she had over seven half-siblings. Yes, she went on to take an at-home DNA Test through which she found out about her half-siblings.

After reaching out to all of them, they finally researched about this shared connection. They finally discovered that all of their parent’s trusted doctor was a fraud and used the situation to their best advantage. The number of these siblings went on to grow bigger and bigger as time passed. She speaks about how this washes our identity entirely and how we lose sight of who we are anymore.

The story narrates and shows interviews with eight out of the 94 siblings. That’s right. the story lacks cooperation and the number of patients is unknown since he does not have track of the number of patients he undertook such an activity with. He stopped practicing in 2009 and the number of siblings is indefinite right now.


Our Father

The shocking story of Dr. Donald Cline and his activities is truly interesting. In the years, he has moved on to inseminate patients with his own sperm which means he has over hundreds of children. This came to light throw Jacoba and her scout to know more about him. While currently we know that there are 94 siblings, we do not exactly what the definite number would be.

It also tells us that Cline might have been motivated by this sect. the extreme Christian sect of “Quiverfull” means the followers can reproduce as much as possible to be fruitful and increase power. The ideology promotes patriarchy and thus might have influenced the activities of Dr. Cline.

Most of Cine’s offspring were found to have blonde hair and blue eyes and majorly speaks about white children. The story shows us how he ran over a young girl accidentally and killed her. He continued his practice by filling the clinics with Christian sayings and persuading the patients to pray during their treatments as well.

The story highlights the lack of justice for the siblings as they did not know anything about their biological life, or personal identity. The crimes continued to be discovered in 2015 when he was much into retirement and was an elder of the church. He continued to perform a lot of baptisms in the backyard of his house and threatened the children as well.

Most of the siblings spoke about how all their data connecting to Cline was washed away clean one day and how they received threatening phone calls as well. The strange thing was that Heather Woock, began receiving calls asking if she was interested in purchasing a plot in the cemetery.

Due to insufficient evidence, Cline was not given any jail time. Yes, they could not claim that he had raped them but continued procedures without their consent. He pleaded guilty to charges of obstruction of justice and received two suspended sentences and also a $500 fine. There is still no federal law against this and the predator who ruined the lives of many children was free.

The lack of legal prosecution led to him walking out free and the women were not given the freedom to choose the circumstances through which they become pregnant. Thus, the siblings did not receive the justice they required and it was just an open-ended case that resulted in mostly nothing favouring the activities that altered their lives entirely.

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