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The Unicorn Season 3 Release Date Updates And Spoilers

The Unicorn Season 1 Trailer

Hola Guys! Enjoying the new release, I am sure you’re. Tv miniseries and sitcoms hold another huge place now. And there’s a saying the more the better. So, yeah, your calling was answered. This year we are getting more and more new releases of movies, series, anime, sitcoms, miniseries, etc. 

Now, coming to the million dollars questions in hand. The American sitcom The Unicorn premiered by CBS made its debut in 2019. With 2 seasons as of yet streaming now, and a total number of 31 episodes the series runs for 21-22 mins. The comedy-drama sitcom also went for a nomination. Created by Grady Cooper, Bill Martin, and Mike Schiff; the drama received a rating of 7.2 from IMDb and an audience vote of 4.3/5. It also received an 85% vote from Rotten Tomatoes. 

Now after a successful 2 seasons and a rate and vote of more than average the audience is curious about a third. Well, to answer that I will not beat around the bush much. Folks you just scroll down!!

The Unicorn Season 3 Release Date

 Now, I will just hit the point straight. CBS has pared down its series return for the next season. It has canceled the return of the comedy for its 3rd. As one of the sources confirmed after two seasons the series won’t have a comeback. With high ratings from audiences and critics, the series could snag season 2 last year. With big fan’s support, it could go on with the continuation but last year it was concluded. CBS further opted not to proceed with the seasons anymore. This is as per one of our sources.

Yet another confirmed that although CBS has not confirmed its release date as of yet and if we follow the schedule of the release of its season air then it might release in November 2022. It suggests that CBS has announced its return.

So, long story short, either of the news can be true. We ourselves are not sure whether there will be a comeback or it’s seriously canceled. So, our only option is now to wait. So, folks let’s wait and see how things turn out. Only time can now tell whether there is hope or it’s a dead end. The chances are 50-50, by November you can either get a new season or a no-no from their end. 

The Unicorn Season 1 Release Date26 September 2019
The Unicorn Season 1 End Date12 March 2020
The Unicorn Season 2 Release Date12 November 2020
The Unicorn Season 2 End Date18 March 2021
The Unicorn Season 3 Release DateNot Announced Yet

The Unicorn Season 3 Expected Story

The Unicorn Season 3
The Unicorn

So, guys since the release chances are 50-50 the news has not yet confirmed our end. So, there is neither a leak and we don’t want to guess and get your hopes up. While you wait for the renewal, I will give a short recap of season 2 for those who haven’t watched yet. 

The Unicorn Season 2 Story

This season has 13 episodes. The Season opens after Wade felt an instant connection with a woman, he met by chance in a parking lot. On the other hand, Michelle is waiting to hear about her business degree. Later the scene opens with Wade going out on a date and coming to terms with her weird living arrangements. While Grace struggles to fit in her new high school. What happens after, is for you to watch and enjoy. Go and stream the show now! 

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The Unicorn Season 1 Story

A family man is suffering from the loss of his dead wife. Now as a single widowed father he is encouraged by his friends to date again. Will he find love? Or will he become a hotshot in the dating field? And how will he and his children cope? Watch this fun-loving comedy sitcom and enjoy the story as it proceeds. 

The Unicorn Season 3 Cast

The Unicorn Cast
The Unicorn Cast

You will get to see; Walton Goggins as Wade, Omar Miller as Ben, Rob Corddry as Forrest, Maya Lynne Robinson as Michelle, and others. 

Where To Watch The Unicorn?

Originally networked by CBS, the show is available there. You can subscribe and watch the show. 

The Unicorn Trailers

I have shared the season 1 trailer. You can also watch the season trailers of both the seasons on YouTube and other platforms available now online. 

Well with this you have reached the end. You go and enjoy The Unicorn with mocha in hand. While I go jot down the next update for you.

Happy watch! 

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