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The UnXplained Season 5 Release Date And Spoilers!

The UneXplained is one of the most popular documentary series which was released back in the year 2019. This show is hosted by William Shatner. It has 4 seasons now so fans want to know if there will be the fifth season of this series or not.

The UnXplained Season 5 Release Date

The UnXplained Season 5 Release Date 

It is already announced that the show is not confirmed to have a fifth season but there are still a lot of chances to see the fifth season of this series. Overall, The UnXplained Season 5 release date officially is not yet been announced. Season 4 ended this year so maybe if there will be a fifth season of this series then we can expect it to be released in 2023.

Name of the ShowThe UnXplained
Season NumberSeason 5
GenreNon Fiction
The UnXplained Season 1 Release Date 19 June 2019
The UnXplained Season 5 Release Date Not Announced Yet
The UnXplained Season 5 Overview

The UnXplained Season 5 Story

Season 5 will have more talk about mysterious things in the world. Maybe this season will focus mainly on strange things about mysterious things. 


The UnXplained Season 5 Cast 

The UnXplained Season 5 Release Date 

The cast is not yet announced. The overall cast of this series includes William Shatner – Host, Michio Kaku- Physicist, Author, Jonathan Young – Founding Curator, Joseph Campbell Archives, Tok Thompson – Associate Professor of Anthropology, Michael Dennin – Physicist, David Whiteheal –  Investigative Journalist and Radio Host, Travis Taylor- Astrophysicist / Aerospace Engineer,

Andrew Collins – Author, Dominic Steavu – Assoc. Professor, Lynn Picknett – Author, Hugh Newman – Author, Lynne S. McNeill-  Assoc. Prof. of Folklore, Utah State University, Ariel Bar Tzadok – Founder, Keshertorah School, Celeste Russell as Annie Chapman, James T. Bartlett- True Crime Journalist, Jay Parikh as African Villager, Jennifer Welch as Jeanne Boulet.

Mateo Montez as Menendez Brother, Nicholas Wagner as Alcides Moreno / window wash, Jamaal Pratt as Christopher Davis, Hannah Smith, Jeff Smith, Adilifu Nama – Author, Ryan Weigelt  – Leading Petty Officer, U.S. Navy, etc.

The UnXplained Season 4 Recap

1st episode – Is about mysterious Ancient Ruins. This episode is about ancient ruins and their history and mystery. 

2nd episode- Is the Mystery Of Genius. 

Here we try to know what makes a person genius. A good education or genes or something more extraordinarily mysterious? 

3rd episode -What Lies Below? Here we go into the depth of the oceans and lakes. More than 80℅ oceans are not yet discovered, with new technology what unusual we will be able to find under the mysterious deep oceans? 

Episode 4- Secret of Abandoned Places. This episode talks about the abandoned places that are left in this world as the ancient belief that there is some sort of magic.  Why are we humans drawn to these places? 

Episode 5 – Acts of God. 

Certain astonishing, devastating events that occur in the world are said to be directed by the hand of God. Are these some tales or did they actually happen in ancient history? We will find these things in this episode. 

Episode 6- Serial Killed Creatures. 

This episode talks about animals. The Animal kingdom is full of fascinating things. Do the Great predators just attack humans out of hunger or defense? Or do they play by emotions or a sense of revenge? Are they big threats to humans and it’s just we don’t realize? 

Episode 7 – Mysterious Tombs

The human body has been buried in caves, in pyramids, or some form of tomb, But why? Is there a certain reason that we do it? What secret lies in the tomb? 

Episode 8- Uncanny Curses

There are objects and places believed to be cursed. Are these curses real and bring harm to humans or are they just superstitions? If the curses are true do dark forces exist and play a role in them? 

Episode 9- Superhuman Feats

Some people are born superhuman. They seem to do the most impossible things that normal humans cannot. Are these genes, willpower of training, or something more mysterious lies behind this power? 

Episode 10 – Mysteries of the Missing Link

Today more than 7 billion people live around the world. What is the reason for evolution in humans? Some people believe God created humans whereas some believe there are other kinds of human-like creatures. Do human-like creatures still exist in the current world? 

Episode 11- Surviving the Impossible

Humans who survive the most deadly situations are just amusing. But what is the reason behind this? A good fortune,  fate, or something mysterious? 

Episode 12- The Search for King Arthur 

England’s first pop culture superhero, King Arthur achievement has given a huge impact on western culture. It’s because of him that some of the biggest blockbuster television series and movies were released. Was he just a thrilling figure in cultural folklore or was he a real human? 

Episode 13- Wonders of the Ancient World

Remarkable wonders revolve around the world constructed by amazing engineers in ancient times. How and why they construct these amazing wonders. 

Episode 14- The Hunt For Jack The Ripper

A question that has been existing for over a century Who is Jack The Ripper? Police and investigator detectives have been thwarted by these questions. Numerous movies, books, and shows have been released with their own theory about Jack. Who were these serial murderers? Was he real Or not? 

Episode 15- The Search for Extraterrestrial Life

Space is one of the most mysterious. Scientists only get more secrets and questions as they go deep and found more things. Can life exist in space? Or a life is already existing who is trying to contact us? 

Episode 16- Real Life Monsters

For a long period, we have heard tales of monsters. Are they shape our imagination or some actual events that occurred? Are they still with us in this world? 

Episode 17- America’s Lost Treasures

The story of vast lost treasure is hidden in U. S. For hundreds of years. Are these treasures just tales or it is yet to be discovered? 

The UnXplained Season 5 Trailer

The trailer for the fifth season is not yet available but you can watch the trailer for the fourth season on YouTube.

Where To Watch The UnXplained Season 5 Online?

You can watch The UnXplained Season 5 on Hulu, Disney+, Amazon Prime, and ESPN+.


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