The Vampire Dies in No Time Episode 4 Release Date!

Vampires have been portrayed in various ways in both anime and non-anime forms of media. Each with a distinct story with a different plot, a world setup, and mythological aspects. The theme has become so popular in modern days that it has become a genre of its own. Yet the anime The Vampire Dies in No Time brings up a unique take on the genre.

We get to see the hilarious story of a weak Vampire sharing a rather friendly relationship with a Vampire hunter which is something pretty unprecedented. And considering the plot setup, it is safe to say that the title of the series sits pretty well with the plot. Three episodes of the show have been already released, so, today we are going to talk about The Vampire Dies In No Time Episode 4.

The Vampire Dies In No Time Episode 4 Release Date

The anime has recently been received and anime fans are intrigued to see what this new anime has under its sleeves. As of now, it has only three episodes in total and The Vampire Dies In No Time Episode 4 is expected to release on October 25th, 2021.

The Vampire Dies In No Time Episode 4 Story

The Vampire Dies In No Time Episode 4
The Vampire Dies In No Time

Vampires! A mythical being bearing a close resemblance to ordinary humans is known to strike fear in everyone’s heart. Notorious for their foul deeds like murdering humans and drinking their blood until a single drop is left in the body of their victims. They are considered as bloodthirsty evil beings who resort to murdering even innocent people to quench their insatiable thirst for blood without even giving it a second thought. Throughout the years’ Vampires and Draculas are portrayed in different ways in various forms of media digital or not in different cultures and are even glorified in a few of them. It is well known that things like crosses, sunlight, and garlic are like kryptonite for Vampires.

However, despite having these things as their weakness it should be kept in mind that vampires are relentless and dangerous beings who reign in darkness far away from the sunlight. However, under their suitable conditions, they are almost unstoppable with almost nothing to hold them back. They are extremely powerful beings and pose a great threat if not approached with proper preparation. However, in this series, we get to meet a vampire who doesn’t meet the expectations of a usual vampire. The plot revolves around a rather harmless more so a feeble vampire named Draluc. Unlike the conventional vampires, Draluc doesn’t even have the slightest interest in causing any kind of harm to any human in fact he is a video game enthusiast. His passion and appreciation for modern-day video games know no bound. Draluc is a rather weak vampire whose weakness is almost everything if to be said precisely. Even the slightest of shock is lethal for Draluc.

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The conventional vampire needs impactful things to get hurt, and sometimes even they manage to overcome their weakness in certain instances but not Draluc, this gamer vampire doesn’t even show half of the resistance and even a minor thing can turn him into a pile of dust. The plot starts to progress as we get to meet Ronaldo who is a vampire hunter by profession and strives to drive away from the threat and terrors of vampires. Ronaldo on learning about a kid getting kidnapped by a vampire named Draluc, stormed into the castle in order to save the child from the hands of Draluc. But upon reaching the castle he came to learn about the true nature of the situation and how far it is from what he actually thought.

The truth is that Draluc didn’t even kidnap the kid. The kid just visited the castle of wimpy Draluc just to play around and utilize his place as a “haunted house”. Draluc is more than two hundred years old with a burning passion for video games and he lived in his same old castle since forever until his castle got completely destroyed. Draluc on having no other option decided that he will have to stay in the office of the vampire hunter Ronaldo. Ronaldo’s other profession is that of a writer and he lives in Shin Yokohama. The series revolves around the crazy hilarious adventures and bizarre encounters of Draluc and Ronaldo as they deal with various issues in hilarious ways needless to say accompanied by Draluc dying all the time. 

The Vampire Dies In No Time Episode 4 Characters

The Vampire Dies In No Time Episode 4
The Vampire Dies In No Time

Draluc- Jun Fukuyama from Fukuyama, Osaka Prefecture, Japan provides the Japanese voice for Dralucin the anime The Vampire Dies in No Time. His birthday is on Nov 26, 1978. He is an extremely talented Seyiuu and has won a lot of awards. One of his most remarkable roles is as Koro-Sensei from Assassination Classroom.

The Vampire Dies In No Time Episode 4 Trailer

The official trailer for The Vampire Dies in No Time is available on YouTube. You can check it above too. If you want to watch the whole series, then you can go here online on KissAnime.

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