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The Wheel of Time Episode 8 Release Date Updates

The epic fantasy series is loved by lots of audiences from different countries. In the same way, this American fantasy series is so fun to watch because there are some great things about the series like the plot is quite fresh and interesting, but if you are into epic fantasy series then this is kinda admirable.

An American fantasy television series The Wheel of Time. The series is developed by Rafe Judkins, whereas the producer of the series is Rosamund Pike. Radar Productions, Iwot Pictures, Long Weekend, Little Island Productions, Sony Pictures Television, and Amazon Studios are the production companies while Lorne Balfe is the music composer. This fantasy television series is adapted from the novel The Wheel of Time series, written by Robert Jordan. Season 1 of The Wheel of Time first premiered on Amazon Prime Video on November 19, 2021. The first season of the series has a total of eight episodes from which the first three episodes premiered simultaneously while the other five episodes premiere weekly. In case if you’re a fan of the series then you should know about season 2 as well… In May 2021, Season 2 of The Wheel of the Time was renewed. However, here we are to update you about the release date of episode 8 of the series. So let’s read together about the release date of episode 8. 

The Wheel of Time Episode 8 Release Date

As we are already aware of the release date of The Wheel of Time, i.e., November 19, 2021, on Amazon Prime Video. Season 1 of the series has 8 episodes, from which most of the episodes have already premiered. But here we are to talk about and to get an update about the release date of episode 8. So very soon on December 24, 2021, episode 8 is going to air on Amazon Prime Video with the title of episode 8 The Eye of the World. Viewers of the series are already eagerly waiting for the release. As there is also an announcement for season 2. So, then viewers of the show are going to get more. As the saying goes Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet, So we hope that episode 8 is going to be more fun to watch. 

The Wheel of Time Episode 7 Recap

The Wheel Of Time
The Wheel Of Time

The plot of the story is kind of interesting and fun to watch. It’s about supernatural powers. The recap of previous episodes

Moiraine, a member of the powerful organization Aes Sedai, takes five people (young) on a journey. Moiraine believes that one of the five young people might be Dragon’s metempsychosis, a powerful prognosticate who could either save or destroy the world.

As episode 8 of The Wheel of Time has not premiered yet, there is nothing to say about the plot or upcoming story of episode 8. But as usual, episode 8 will follow after episode 7. We will surely update the plot about episode 8 after its premiere.

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The Wheel of Time Episode 8 Story

Episode 8 has not been premiered yet, so there are no updates about its plot and further story. We cannot predict the story of episode 8 because it’s the last episode of the season and anything can happen. Maybe the story of season 8 can take a different turn. At this time we can’t guess anything. Until December 24, we have to hold back. 

The Wheel of Time Episode 8 Cast

The Wheel of Time Episode 8 Release Date
The Wheel of Time

The perfect cast of discoveries made it noteworthy, everyone should watch it once. You’re gonna love it without a doubt.

The different roles in the series are played by great actors. The cast is as Moiraine by Rosamund Pike; al’Lan Mandragoran by Daniel Henney; Nynaeve al’Meara by Zoë Robins; Egwene al Vere by Madeleine Madden; Rand al’Thor by Josha Stradowski; Perrin Aybara by Marcus Rutherford; Mat Cauthon by Barney Harris; Loial by Hammed Animashaun; Alanna Mosvani by Priyanka Bose; Liandrin Guirale by Kate Fleetwood; Mat Cauthon by Barney Harris; King of Ghealdan by Miguel Álvarez; Ihvon by Emmanuel Imani; Maksim, Alanna’s Warder by Taylor Napier and some other supporting cast. The cast of episode 8 will be the same as previous episodes but some other characters might be in the series. However it is just a prediction, so let’s wait until December 24.

The Wheel of Time Trailer

The teaser of episode 8 is not released yet. All the viewers have to wait a little more. However, you can watch the previous episodes of Season 1 on Amazon Prime Video.

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