The Wheel Season 4 Release Date: Is This Game Show Returning?

The Wheel Season 4 Release Date

Hosted by Michael McIntyre, The Wheel is a British television game show which is telecasted in the evening on Saturday. The year 2020 was an exception as this year, the episodes were telecasted on Fridays in the evening. The series premiered in November 2020 and has released three seasons so far. People who enjoyed watching this game show are now excited to know when season 4 is going to release and what thrill is it going to bring along with it.

So for those who are already waiting for the release of season 4, carry on reading this article because you might get some exciting information about its release.

The Wheel Season 4 Release Date

The first season of the series premiered on 28 November 2020. It consisted of 10 episodes. Season 2 aired on 24th July 2021. It consisted of 16 episodes. Season three was then released on 22nd October 2022 and is ongoing. All the episodes of the show have an average running time of 53-63 minutes.

Since season three is ongoing, there is nothing available about season 4 yet. It’s very clear that the making of season four has not yet begun and there are no updates about its release.

So, we will have to be patient and enjoy the ongoing season. As soon as season three ends, we can expect some information about the release of season four.

Name of the ShowThe Wheel
Season NumberSeason 4
GenreGame Show
The Wheel Season 1 Release Date22 October 2022
The Wheel Season 4 Release DateNot Announced Yet
The Wheel Season 4 Overview

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The Wheel Season 4 Story

Since this is a reality show, it has a format and not a story. Seven celebrities, each of whom has expertise in a particular subject are seated on a chair that is mounted on the outer edge of a wheel on the main stage. The face towards the center, below which is placed a secondary stage where three contestants are seated in chairs on a smaller wheel. Then, the wheel is spun to randomly choose a contestant whose chair is lifted to the main stage.

The contestants choose a subject in each round and the seat of the person who is the subject expert of that subject lights up gold. A question then comes along with four options. The contestant can discuss it with the expert before answering. The amount of £10,000 is added to the bank if the subject expert was spun, or £3,000 otherwise. The game then goes on like this.

After all seven subjects have been used, the current contestant then moves on to the final and has his/her first chance to win the bank.

In the second season, a money spinner round was introduced which is played after the third question as a way to increase the bank. In this round, the host asks questions with at least seven answers and the wheel slowly starts rotating. Each expert is supposed to answer as they move past the pointer. For every correct answer, the bank increases by £1,000. If all seven experts answer correctly, a further £3,000 are added. The round end immediately if an expert gives an incorrect answer or fails to answer.

The Wheel Season 4 Cast

The Wheel Season 4 Release Date

This is a reality show and therefore it has no fictional characters. The contestants are real people who are present in the show as themselves. The show is hosted by Michael McIntyre. The rest of the people who are contestants are different in every season.

The Wheel Season 4 Trailer

Trailers are available for all three seasons but no trailers are available for season 4. As we discussed before, the making of season 4 has not even started, so it is quite obvious that there are no trailers available for season four. We will have to wait till season three ends, to watch the trailers of season three.

Where To Watch The Wheel Online?

The series is available for watching on Amazon Prime Video. All the seasons are available on this streaming platform. The fourth season, whenever it releases will also be available for streaming on this platform. The viewers will have to have access to this platform to be able to watch this series.

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