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The World After The Fall Chapter 100 Release Date 

The World After The Fall Chapter 100 Release Date: The exciting and inspiring manga series “The World After The Fall” research into a post-apocalyptic world with breathtaking artwork and an interesting story. The story, which is set in a world where civilization has collapsed, a diverse group of survivors who have to learn to survive in the danger of the new world. The manga perfectly conveys the spirit of human endurance in the face of hardship with its richly detailed characters and realistic landscapes. Every page is takes the readers to a place where misery and hope coexist. “The World After The Fall” is a must-read for fans of the post-apocalyptic genre because it keeps readers into the world where the characters face moral difficulty. 

The World After The Fall Chapter 100 Release Date 

The World After The Fall is a Web Novel written by S-Cynan. With a rating of 4/5 it is being regarded as readers’ favourite Web Novel. Jaewhan is the protagonist of this web novel. A young man from South Korea named Jaehwan was called to the Tower of Nightmares, a massive structure with 100 floors filled with dangerous monsters. Jaehwan’s only goal is to ascend the Tower and rescue all people who have been impacted by “Tower Impacts.” He loses friends and allies along the way, until he is the only one left. 

Jaehwan is shown as a strong, independent person who follows his own rules throughout the narrative. He has a suspicious view of the world and challenges authority. He becomes stubborn and detached as a result of this. Jaehwan sometimes appears across as a child because of his rigid and arrogant mindset in both his interactions with others and how he handles problems. His first course of action is usually to kill or stab people. Like a child, he acts distant, gives brief explanations, and is short on answers—all of which lead to misunderstandings. 

The World After The Fall Chapter 100 will release on 15 November, 2023. The time varies depending on countries and different time zones and the details of which are as mentioned- 

  1. Japanese Standard Time: 16 November 2023, Thursday at 12:00 PM
  2. Korean Standard Time: 16 November 2023, Thursday at 12:00 AM
  3. Philippines Standard Time: 15 November 2023, Wednesday at 11:00 AM
  4. Greenwich Standard Time: 15 November 2023, Wednesday at 3:00 PM
  5. Australian Capital Territory Time: 16 November 2023, Thursday at 2:00 PM
  6. Canada Standard Time: 15 November 2023, Wednesday at 10:00 AM

(Note: In some countries the new chapter will release on 15 November because of vast time zone difference. According to Japanese Standard Time & Korean Standard Time the Wen Novel’s Chapter 100 will release on 16 November, 2023 at 12:00 PM and 12:00 AM respectively.) 

The World After The Fall Chapter 100 Release Date: Story 

Beginning with Chapter 100 of The World After The Fall, Jaewhan will begin to progress in the metaverse. Jaewhan is currently on the seventh floor of the tower, as was mentioned in the chapter, so he has a ways to go before he meets up with his friend Yoohwan.

But Jaewhan could go straight to the next floor without having to go through every floor because he had punctured a hole in the tower. Although we have seen someone as strong as Jaewhan in Abssy up to this point, the person who purchased Yoohwan seems rather threatening. Perhaps at the conclusion of the plot, he and Jaewhan will engage in battle.

Andersen plays an important part. She suggests to Jeawan that all those who appear to gain from the System—angels and demons who rule over towers and turn into gods, are also a part of it and have no independence. Due to her past as a Cultivator in a Tower, Jeawan is more opposing toward Andersen. But he learns to get over that hatred and shift on his goal of taking down Big Brother after getting to know her and noticing her risking her life to save him. 

She has the same effect on Jeawan as the red-haired girl from Chaos, but Andersen relaxes him by showing him that life is more complicated than he realises, which helps him grow and learn rather than turning him into the next Big Brother.

The web comics hasn’t really discussed it much, it has only mentioned it in passing because Jeawan is an awakener and he has no power to intrude to System or System powers .

The World After The Fall Chapter 98 Recap 

The team leader looked around the scene, then asked if this was really where the rumored incident had occurred. It was verified by one of his fellow workers, who said that this was the location of the World Power’s reaction.  Strangely, there were weak evidence of an ancient struggle detected in the area, adding a further layer of mystery. The director expressed his confusion, saying it was puzzling that the level 8 World Power event took place in the absence of any obvious evidence. 

One of the team members revealed that he had managed to get a witness, the security guard who was on duty at the time. The guard’s confessions, however, proved confusing since he insisted he had not seen any fighting at the location but did remember a disturbance brought on by a few strange people. In response to a question concerning casualties, the guard clarified that he had only witnessed one person carrying a sword—no deaths.

Although Jung warned against bringing up such small matters with the director, the leader was unaffected.  He asked for the time of day and the incident’s video footage. The guard revealed, somewhat surprisingly, that he had used Sir Vanguard’s Storyline Action Cam to record the episode. When they watched the video, they saw that the time on camera matched the incident report exactly. This caused some people to look suspicious because a Level 8 alert had been triggered for what appeared to be a simple sword-wielding incident. The mystery grew deeper.

The World After The Fall Chapter 99 Recap

The World After The Fall’s Chapter 99 describes A group of survivors sets out on a dangerous journey in a world under attack from goblins and other strange creatures. They quickly identify a dangerous characteristic in those strange skull symbols, making them as direct threats. A scared goblin reveals that surviving for twenty minutes is the key to avoiding transformation into these evil creatures as the survivors’ mission shifts to capturing goblins to stop them from escaping. 

When they find that goblin transformation may take place even in the absence of ten tokens, their original plan to obtain goblin currencies by means of executions takes a surprising turn.  Conflict breaks out in the middle of the chaos as loyal followers of the powerful god Belkain, known as the Apostles, try to take the tokens belonging to the survivors and present a serious threat.

With a sword that can dissolve any weapon it comes into contact with, one Apostle in particular encounters a stranger who is resistant to its influence, leaving the Apostles confused.  The situation worsens when a huge figure appears who is said to represent the powerful god Belkain, who possesses an enormous amount of divine power. Sensing the protagonist’s observation, this avatar displays a strong interest in them. In in addition to looking for proof of the protagonist’s stated status as a “Monarch Slaughterer,” the avatar wants revenge for the hardships suffered by the protagonist’s friend Runard. The protagonist has ten tokens, which is an unexpected discovery that adds plenty of suspense to the story as it develops. The protagonist is referred to as a “little brother” in a secret message that appears as the plot develops.

The World After The Fall Chapter 100 Release Date: Characters

The characters of The World After The Fall are- Jaehwan, Karlton Javier, Mino and other minor characters are- Beastlain, Claire, Euren Cheever, Hiren, Inchan Hwang, James, Janya, Jay, Klant, Meikal Garnard, Naven, Sakamoto, Velkisus, Yunhwan Kim. 

Where to Read The World After The Fall Chapter 100?

The recent chapter can be read from Webtoon and Naver. It is accessible to all the users across the world, the readers can read online or purchase it. 


Where to read the recent chapter of this manga Web Novel ?

The readers can read about the recent chapter from Webtoon and Naver.

What is the release date of Chapter 100 of this Web Novel ?

The chapter 100 will release on 15 November 2023.

What are the main characters in chapter 100?

The main characters are – Jaehwan, Yoohwan, and Anderson. 

What are the total chapters released for this Web Novel ?

The total chapters released till now are 99 chapters. 

What is spoiler of chapter 100?

Jaewhan will begin to progress in the metaverse. Jaewhan is currently on the seventh floor of the tower, as was mentioned in the chapter, so he has a ways to go before he meets up with his friend Yoohwan.


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