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The World Ends With You The Animation Episode 6 release date and Spoilers

The World Ends With You The Animation Episode 6

The classic role play game-based anime The World Ends With You has already been released with 5 episodes. The plot and the storyline are so intriguing that the audience can’t wait for the 6 th episode to air anytime soon. The show is extremely popular, especially in the US. The classic show has been Directed by Tetsuro Hosokawa and Tatsuya Kando, Tomohiro Hasegawa, and is produced by Tetsuya and Shinji Hashimoto. The storyline has been written by Sachie Hirano which is being loved by people all around the world!

The World Ends With You The Animation Episode 6 release date

The show is set to release on 15 th of may at 6:24 JST as per the schedule. The show has been licensed by Funimation and had released its first episode on April 10th. The show currently airs on JNN, MBS, and TBS. The World Ends With You The Animation Episode 6 will be called “Turf”

The World Ends With You The Animation Episode 6 spoilers

The episode 6 will be completely based upon Sho Minamoto and Neku’s fight. And that fight would result in emotional breakdown for Neku too as his friend Beat whom he considered his ally will go against him. Beat arrives on the scene and has lost all the bond he had with Neku and he starts to support his enemy that is not quite friendly for Neku, he realizes that there bond has now shattered. Beat has teamed up with the game reapers and is now in a negative character.

On the other hand Neku’s ally Joshua whom he teamed up with after they battled the carbmonsters is on the verge of planning to complete a mission and for that he will have to travel to a new location that will be revealed in the upcoming episode.

Neku is in a mode where he is willing to do anything he can to save his ally Shiki. Shiki had lost here life because Neku couldn’t save her and he is all in the guilt and remorse. His sole motive at the time being is to revive Shivi and make her live back again, but for that he has to prioritize a few things. In the episode 6 of The World Ends With You there will be an instance where Neku and Joshua will be sent of on an urgent mission. Infact the mission won’t be under any ordinary circumstances but they will have to complete their task within the span of 15 minutes ! Thrilling right? The mission will take place at cat street as there is something waiting for them

Moreover Neku is concerned with Yoshiya aka Joshua’s attitude as he is being a jerk and is not taking things seriously. But later we come to know that the mission assigned to them was done none other by Joshua! He wanted Neku to get to that spot. As they both enter into a bar they find Hanekoma and there’s a lot more that will be revealed ahead in the episode 7 of The World Ends With You the animation

That’s all we know about episode 6 of The World Ends With You the animation. The thrill is still going on as even the spoilers might change anything for the addicted audience the show has. If you haven’t watched the show yet then you should on Animelab.

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