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Them Season 2 Release Date And Plot Explained!

Them, A Horror thriller drama series created by Little Marvin has just dropped on Amazon Prime Video. The show is set in the early 1960s where a black family comes to live in all-white Compton, California. The ending episode of the show left many of us unrevealed about many questions. The show covers the dark past of blacks when they started to migrate into an all-white society. In addition to this, the show is an anthological series and has covered its major parts in the supernatural genre. The show is not at all boring and you would definitely love watching it.

If you are here searching for Them Season 2 Release Date, then I have got you covered. What could be the plot for season 2? Where has season 2 reached? All of your queries will be answered in the article. I have done deep research on the show and provided all the details you must know. The first season of Them was released in April 2021. Since then, the show has gained great popularity. Them has an amazing array of characters plus a unique storyline. But some critics found the supernatural part very boring and not at all interesting.

Them Season 2 Release Date

Them Season 2 Release Date
Whole Family

When Them season 1 was released, Amazon renewed the show for the second season. So, the show already has a green light from Amazon. You can consider that Them season 2 is on the way to entertain us very soon. The two major things that are needed for a show to get renewed are The fanbase of the show and if the writers have enough content to bring season 2. In this case, Them stands positive in both the points. Show gained a huge fanbase from all over the world. Though, 20% of the people who watched it don’t like the show very much, but, this is very minimal for the show.

As the show has already been renewed for season 2, the production of Them could have been already started. There could be a delay in shooting schedule due to the ongoing pandemic around the globe. As of now, there is no official information regarding Them Season 2 Release Date. As the show is an anthological series, there will be less difficulty in bringing out new seasons. If the production of the show has already started, you can expect it somewhere between late 2022 or in beginning of 2023.

The show could also be delayed due to the ongoing pandemic.

Them Season 2 Plot

As Them is an anthological series, bringing the new seasons with a different storyline won’t be too difficult for the writers. In the season 1 finale, we saw that Henry, Lucky, Rubie Lee, and Gracie Jeen have fought everyone and they are standing strong in front of the all-white community. Season 2 might start its story from here. Them season 2 could pick up the story from where it left, but the question arises how can they pick a story from there, as it seemed like an end. If the season 1 story is continued it might make season 2 boring, as I don’t think there’s anything left for the audience to see about the black family.

There are great chances that Them season 2 might explore the story of a different black family who have come to live in all white society, The basic plot could remain the same but their experiences would definitely changed. So, season 2 could move on with a totally new story with new characters. As of now, there is no official storyline announced for season 2 of the show.

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Them Season 1 Recap

Them Season 2 Plot
Lucky And Gracie Jeen

Henry and Livia aka Lucky with their two daughters Rubie Lee and Gracie Jeen moved from Chatham, North Carolina to a White City, Compton, California. During that time Black families were drawn to California as they were promised to be given industrialized jobs. The story covers the 10 days they lived in the neighborhood and how the whites discriminated against them and create trouble so that they leave California. Betty lives in front of the family and she is not at all happy with them moving in here. She is the protagonist of the story and she wants them to be out of their neighborhood. Gracie Jean finds a basement in the house which has many secrets in the story.

The events took a turn when it is shown that Lucky and Henry also had a baby boy who died in the past. Gracie from the starting of the story is seen reading a book named ‘Mrs. Vera said’ and she starts imagining that she is real and once she sang a ‘black song’ in front of her mother and told Mrs. Vera taught her that.

That was the same song an old lady sung when Chester, their small brother died. Sergeant, their dog died in an incident that happened with Gracie related to Mrs. Vera. Only she can see her. Henry has their past soldier life and there he was tortured by the whites and kept in a room full of mustard gas just for testing. Nothing is going well for the family and something supernatural is taking place too.

The Ending Episode

The ending episode starts with Betty coming out from the basement, George who was a milkman kept her in the basement as they were lovers. Betty a day before that came to him to ask him to drag out the black family out of the neighborhood as Lucky touched her. Meanwhile, she was drunk, George took her to the basement.

When he forgot to close the basement, Betty came out of there, while she was running from there, George shoots him from behind. This made me question everyone why George shoot Betty as he loved her? That’s because George was in psychic love with her and that’s why he kept her in the basement while Betty just wanted him to finish the blacks. That’s where Betty’s story ended.

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Lucky is in the refugee center and she’s tied to her bed and is seen to be given some injections. She tells the nurse she wants to go to the washroom and stabs him with the same injection from behind and gets out of there, she even kills the doctor. How did she reach the refugee center?

Lucky And Supernatural Forces

Them Season 1 Recap
The Supernatural Forces

While a day back she attacked her small daughter, Gracie Jeen, and while the family was trying to move from the neighborhood, Henry found the same box Lucky kept hidden and found the dead skull of his son. She said she was not able to left him there. And that’s why she reached the refugee center. Everyone thought she is the one who Killed Chester and then attacked Gracie.

Meanwhile, Marty and Earl, other whites from the neighborhood have attacked Henry and his daughters. They took Henry to the basement and were trying to hang him but Ruby comes and hits Earl with an ax he dies at the moment and Marty escapes from there. Henry follows him to the road, he shoots him again and again until he is half dead. An imaginary character of Henry comes into play and says to shoot Marty’s pregnant wife right in her stomach as he lost a child too but he couldn’t do it.

The Strong Family

When Henry tries to get back home the doors got closed automatically. Gracie and Ruby in the house started hearing a song, when Gracie went to see what’s that near the closet someone snatches her in. Henry is now in an imaginary theatre with his imaginary character who tells him what happened that day when his son died?

That day Henry left an hour ago with his daughters for a movie. Lucky and Chester were alone at home. An old woman came and sang the same song Gracie sung and tells he wants that baby. There were two people, both were whites, the woman killed the baby and Lucky was raped by a white man.

Till then Lucky reached there and saw everyone calling her racist comments but she went inside and helped Gracie and Ruby that she doesn’t want to hurt anyone. It’s not her. Ruby is seen confronting Doris, her Only friend who told her she is just like her mother and was trying to kill her in her imagination, but Lucky reaches the point and explains everything.

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Them Season 1 Ending Explained

Who is Mrs. Vera and who is Doris?

Then the question to all these answers is Epps. Epps is everyone. He was doing everything. In history, Epps was a priest and he was the one who can only talk to the god, his family died, and soon after he found a boy in the forest and kept him and named him Miles. A black couple, Martha and Grafton reached their community when their wagon broke. Epps assured him they could stay there until the wagon is fixed.

Them Season 1 Ending Explained
The All white community

That was the time when the war between Black and whites started. But events took a turn when Martha gave Epps across that he lost, Epps realized that they were beasts and punished them when they tried to escape from jail. He made both of them blind and he said as the bible says everything should be burnt. His community burned and also the black couples. When He and Miles reached the basement, Miles told he is the god and kills him. From there, Epps wanted to destroy every blackout there.

He was Mrs. Viles and Dores and the one who wad in Lucky when she tried to attack Gracie. In the end, before the family confronted everyone, Lucky went to the basement and she came in face to face with Epps. Epps told him that they all should die and they will continue to follow them wherever they go and suddenly Chester appears, Lucky took her boy in her hands and kept crying and saying I’m right here when he suddenly disappears.

And that’s when she steps up and says they are similar as he lost his son too. She snatches the cross off him and throws it. She tells him she can see him now. Suddenly, He goes blind and remembers how his community burned. His body is now in fires and the family confronted the whites together.

Is that the same spot Epps died earlier?

Yes, it seems that it was the same spot Epps died previously as earlier it was shown Betty knew something about that place and it was sold in the loss by the contractor to the blacks as no one is taking it. This is something we will get to know in the second season.

If Miles was the one telling Epps what to do, then is Miles the main protagonist of the story?

As it was shown that Miles was the one who told Epps to do those things to the couple and he was the only one who helped the couple to escape. So maybe he is the one who loves racism and Epps was only the mean to do everything and that’s why Epps was the only one who found that boy in the forest. So it may be possible he did it knowingly so that people can catch them and kill them. This question can only be answered in the second season.

Now, what will happen to the family? will they be shot by the police? will they leave the neighborhood or will they stay and fight for themselves? These unanswered questions will be revealed in Them Season 2.

Them Season 2 Trailer

As the show has not confirmed Them season 2 release date, no trailer or teaser of the second season has been released. You can watch the trailer of season 1 if you haven’t yet.

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