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Thor Movies In Order: The Ultimate Guide to Watch Thor Movies

Excited by the title of the article today? Well, we know you are especially if you are an MCU fan or a Thor fan. Thor is one of the Avengers that has given a lot of things to the viewers to experience, watch and enjoy be it his comedy, his action, his breakdown, his sacrifice, his love, or his charm. Thor is one character in the MCU that one cannot get enough of. You must be thinking that why are we discussing Chris Hemsworth’s Thor Odinson specifically, well, the simple reason is that he is one hero of the MCU who has the greatest number of solo films with the latest one being massively successful.

Thus, we thought that why not take you down memory lane of all the movies that have shown different sides of the God of Thunder, Thor from the beginning till date, the changes he went through, the situation he has been in, and the roles he has played. And as we mentioned, he has had the greatest number of films in his name, we have come across many who have been confused that how should they watch the films in the correct order, so here we are with all the help you need to get things sorted and enjoy Thor to the fullest.

Thor Movie Order

Thor, is undeniable one character from the MCU that one can never get bored of (though it applies to almost all the characters), and when it is Chris Hemsworth then how can you get bored, right? Coming back to our main agenda of the article, we know there might be a lot of you who would like to watch and re-watch every movie that gives you a closer and specific view of Thor and many of you might want to know how exactly you should watch the Thor movie in the correct order and thus we are here to give you exactly that as we mentioned earlier.

We will share all the solo films that are solely dedicated to Thor or focus on him more or you must see if you are particularly looking for all the movies related to Thor and we will also give you the names of some special content that you might want to watch because it’s about Thor. And trust me this is not just for all the Thor fans out there but anyone can enjoy it because MCU and their characters are always worth your time. 

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Thor (2011)

Thor Movie Order

To start with, the first movie that you must start with when you are particularly looking for spending your time with the character of Thor is the movie Thor that was released in 2011. The movie was directed by Kenneth Branagh and was a massive hit in the MCU solo character-based movie. In the movie, Chris Hemsworth was introduced as Thor, The God of Thunder and it was his debut in the universe, Loki was shown being played by Tom Hiddleston, and Natalie Portman was shown playing the role of Jane Foster.

This movie introduced several other important characters that played a major and pivotal role in Thor movies that followed and in the story of Thor in general and in the MCU. Thor was shown as the God prince who has fallen for a scientist who is on Earth. The prince has been betrayed by his own brother Loki and all this helps Thor to get to know about sacrifice and heroism along and we can tell you that everything in this movie is charming. Not to forget the first film is available on Disney+, so you can start with the film on the platform.

Avengers (2012)

Thor Movie Order

The next movie followed by Thor is 2012’s Avengers where we get to see that Thor is one of the Avengers. The movie as you all know was a blockbuster and Thor played a huge role in making it successful without any doubt. This movie focused on stopping Loki to invade earth. Though the viewers do not get to see Thor straight away from the beginning the moment he is introduced and the way he is introduced is something worth the wait and you can completely relate to it if you have already watched the film and are planning to watch it again.

The whole Avengers team is on a mission to stop Loki which means that Thor was not the major focus specifically but the movie is an important part of Thor’s life as this focused on his family and his feeling of responsibility for the nature of his family’s nature which might harm the planet and he does not want that to happen. This movie also gave every viewer the idea and the understanding that what all the avenger members and the team are capable of and made everyone wonder what the future movie holds.

Thor: The Dark World (2013)

Thor Movie Order
Thor: The Dark World

Another solo movie based on Thor was Thor: The Dark World which was released the year after Avengers that is in 2013 following the aftermath of the story of the Avengers where Thor had a clash with the Dark Elves and had to suffer a massive loss. You will also see that Loki has been captive. The movie shows Thor in various emotional situations. Thor in this movie is on Earth in order to know more about the weapon of Dark Elf called the Aether as it has infected none other than Jane making her the target. The situation leads to a war where apparently Loki dies but in actuality he does not. Odin is seen being sent to Earth and Thor denies the Asgard throne.

I know there are a lot of things happening and it kind of feels all over the place which at some point it was but then the movie has good parts which you cannot deny also the most important thing that happens is the introduction to infinity stones which you cannot miss. And since we are talking about the movies of Thor then we certainly have to mention and you will have to watch if you are going on with the story of Thor. Though the film, did not get as much popularity as others then it did have some important storylines and amazing action and ending. To watch everything, you should get your hands on Disney+ as the film is available there.

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Avengers: Age Of Ultron (2015)

Thor Movie Order
Avengers: Age Of Ultron

Avengers: Age of Ultron is yet another and quite an important part of Thor’s storyline as in this movie we get to know some really important moments of Thor. The 2015 release gives a vision of infinity stones and the fact comes to light that Thor was a destroyer and he is seen spending time with other members to destroy Hydra bases. While on the way to leave for home the Ultron attack takes place and he serves in saving and defeating A. I Ultron with other members. Though in the film Thor has not a lot of important things to do and is seen worried about the stones and also comes to know that Captain is keeping a secret. But since Thor is the center topic of discussion, therefore, we cannot miss this film as he did play a role in defeating Ultron. Well, if you are wondering where to watch the film, then you can watch the film on Disney+

Thor: Ragnarok (2017)

Thor Movie Order
Thor: Ragnarok

The 2017 movie took Thor to a different zone altogether and it worked for both MCU and the character well. Directed by Taika Waititi presents the needed reinvention of the character. In the movie, Thor was shown more in the comical zone, though he always has been a comical person this movie shed some more light on that side of his which completely worked for him as the audience and fans like that side of his. Along with the funny and whimsical side that the audience gets to see the final thing that makes the film complete is his heroic moments.

In the movie, he tries to stop Ragnarok but ends up with him and they destroy Asgard so that Hela, the God of Death, and Thor’s sister can be killed. The film also shows Loki’s realization of his being on and by his brother’s side. The film is undeniably enjoyable and funny with amazing action and charm which makes the movie worth the watch just like others. To enjoy the comedic Thor more than ever and the rising up of Thor as the character, even more, you can watch the film on Disney+.

Avengers: Infinity War (2018)

Thor Movie Order
Avengers: Infinity War

Another Avengers movie that gives an entry to furthermore important aspects of Thor and his life, this movie is an important part of Thor. The 2018 movie shows Thor to the lowest lows in his life throughout the journey of Thor as Thanos attacks Loki and Thanos’s children kill almost half the population of Asgard in order to get hold of the Infinity Stones. To take revenge and fight for the close ones that Thor lost Thor along with the Guardians of The Galaxy goes to prepare a new to kill and destroy Thanos so that he does not get the stones and the revenge is taken.

They manage to get the weapon too. The whole story and movie give center stage to Thor, his comical side has been kept intact but we are also shown his lows making this one of the best movies in terms of showing his character in a different light while keeping his characters true to what he has been. To see the better version of the character that we are talking about, you must watch the film which is available on Disney+.

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Avengers: End Game (2019)

Thor Movie Order
Avengers: End Game

The movie that left everyone in tears as we say the literal endgame of Avengers. This film showed a lot of things that the fans have never seen including a new side of Thor. He was seen blaming himself for everything that happened. He takes a trip back in time and visits his dead mother which helped him gain back the fire and rage that was very much necessary to kill Thanos and end the game once and for all but that came with a cost and the cost was the entire universe.

This movie is important in various ways but also in terms of Thor and his life which you cannot miss as he had a great impact and a role to play. The 2019 film shows a depressed Thor which viewers would have never seen but in the final showdown he does take down Thanos which is quite important and gives the throne to Valkyrie and sets for the journey to Guardians of the Galaxy. Though the movie is emotional in so many ways as the way it ends and many do not want to go through the emotional ride but the movie is amazing and Thor plays a great role, so if you are focusing on all Thor movies then you cannot miss this film. Thus, to watch the film you can tune into Disney+.

Thor: Love And Thunder (2022)

Thor Movie Order
Thor: Love And Thunder

The latest movie that continues the story about Thor is Thor: Love and Thunder which was released in 2022 as the 4th solo movie in the line on Thor and another movie directed by Taika Waititi. The story sees the return of Jane bringing love back to life. The film introduces us to two Thors Jane as the Mighty Thor and Thor as the Thor we all know of. The villain played by Christian Bale as Gor is all set in his mind to slaughter all the deities and the two Thor will take care of that.

The film brings the comic side back again while keeping the sass and charm that Thor is known for and we love. The film is humorous, action-filled, and has some emotional moments making it a complete package that you would not like to miss while completing the series on Thor. So to complete the Thor storyline that has been released till now watch this movie without fail and where you can watch it, well, you can access it on Disney+.

Some More On Thor

If you are thinking that the films are the only thing that you have related to Thor then let me give you the good news that it is not. There is some more to watch, learn and enjoy about Thor which many of you might not know or might have not come across or just haven’t seen yet. So let me break down for you the extra dose of content on Thor which you might want to watch and get an insight on Thor from a different view.

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Team Thor

team thor
Team Thor

The first one is Team Thor in the list which is another directed work by Taika Waititi which provides much-needed relaxation from the action and heavy content. In this series, you will literally get the chance to see Thor that is Chris spending his time in Australia with a roommate named Darryl. The 2016-17 released project in the form of shorts is something that you can watch anytime and do not really have to follow a pattern for this one. You can make this as your little break content between the heavy action that you will be watching in order to get different sides of Thor.

What If?

Thor Movie Order
What If?

Last but not the least, the project that you should end your Thor journey with is What If? Which is a fun watch about Thor. Created by A.C Bradley What If is a creative project based on Marvel Comics in the form of animated series which is really fun and interesting to watch. Now, why did we include this? Simply because the series shows yet another fun side of Thor that you would not want to miss. You also cannot miss this if you have watched everything that we have mentioned till now because you have made it to the end then why leave this which can actually be very pleasing to your eyes and mind? And what is bad about watching the fun side of Thor?

Here you will see that Thor starts a large party and then work with different people to fight an enemy which Is common to all of them. Well, in simple words you would not want to miss this animated Thor which has a good storyline and is enjoyable. And before we forget make sure to take note of the platform where you can watch this series exclusively, which is Disney+.

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