Three Busy Debras Season 3 Release Date Updates

Don’t you think that having a common name is something very relatable in our lives? Then let’s talk about Our Three Busy Debras. Three Busy Debras is an American comedy television series produced by Sandy Honig, Alyssa Stonoha, and Mitra Jouhari. They also happened to be starring as the three Debras. The show was first premiered in April 2020 and has recently returned with a second season, whose first episode premiered on 24th April 2022.

The three writers talk about the life of the three Debras who are extremely busy handing out their lives. The comic sense is to be seen when the three ladies try out different things and are stuck in different situations. The series was originally taken by Adult Swim. The show was first meant to be a pilot the show but it ended up becoming a miniseries of a quarter-hour show. This series also has a pilot episode which is unaired and seems to be not available at the current moment. This show which is completely made by women talks about the daily struggles of a woman, which is simply represented comically.

Its 12-minute episodes are short films that are two or three different comedy sketches with scenarios that are carried out in complete madness. Three Busy Debras has been rated 100% on Rotten Tomatoes, 5.7/10 on IMDb, and 76% on Metacritic. It is also been rated as TV-14. It is one fun ride series to see these three women struggling their way out of stupid situations.

Three Busy Debras Season 3 Release Date

Three Busy Debras Season 3 Release Date
Three Busy Debras

Three Busy Debras was first premiered in April 2020, and after the completion of the season, it was announced that it was scheduled with a new season which premiered in April 2022. However, there is no particular news regarding a third season for the said series. The second season is still new and currently streaming and there are only two episodes that have been currently aired. One can only know about the addition of a new season to the series once season 2 comes to an end. Let’s hope for some updates for the third season of Three Busy Debras.

SeasonsRelease Dates
Three Busy Debras Season 1 Release Date 30 March 2020
Three Busy Debras Season 3 Release Date Not Announced Yet
Three Busy Debras Season 3 Release Date

Three Busy Debras Season 3 Story

Even though there is no news about the said season, it is much expected to be on the story of the three Debras. The story has narrated the life of the three ladies named Debra. This series looks like a comedy skit which just adds up to the fun in the series. They talk about absurd things throughout the series. They make fun of their surroundings and stay next to each other creating an absolute trio of Debras.


Three Busy Debras Season 3 Cast

Sandy Honig as Debra

Alyssa Stonoha as Debra

Mitra Jouhari as Debra

Catherine Cohen as Narrator

Carol Swarbrick as Barbra

Drew Tarver as Jason

Marcus Dillon as Pool Boy

Three Busy Debras Season 2 Recap

Three Busy Debras Season 3 Release Date
Three Busy Debras

This show of Three Busy Debras is a narrative. The narrator tells us the story of the three women who live in Lemoncurd. The town is little weird where everything and everyone is kind of absurd. The first episode of the first season talks about how the ladies set off to clean the mess after they “accidentally’ killed the pool boy over the Christmas get-together. The first season ends with interesting turns of events, where all three of them do something different for a whole day which is, one became a high school student, another became a politician, and the third had a romantic fling with her brother. The absurdity somehow continues in the second season which starts with an amusing conversation over milk and their journey to the milk reservoir. Therefore, however, the situation might be, these three ladies have each other’s back and are promising to give their audience a wonderful laugh.

Three Busy Debras Season 3 Trailer

Since season two is still streaming, any further information for season three is yet to be released, therefore, no trailer for the said season is available.

Where to watch Three Busy Debras Season 3?

Three Busy Debras Season 2 is now available on HBO Max! And if season 3 is to be released, it will be available there. You can also find season one of the series there as well.


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