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Tiger 3 Ott Release Date: Salman Khan Starrer Tiger 3 Releasing Soon On Ott Platforms!

The fifth installment of the YRF Spy Universe rocked all the box offices. Tiger 3 had an immense global opening weekend, which proves the craze for the film. After the grand theatrical release, fans are eager for the Tiger 3 Ott release date.

Tiger 3 is a Hindi-language action thriller film. Maneesh Sharma is the director, and Aditya Chopra is the writer of the spy film. The film revolves around Tiger and Zoya, who are back to fight with the countries’ enemies. 

Are you excited about Tiger 3 Ott’s release date? Here is everything we know about Salman Khan Starer Tiger 3. 

Tiger 3 Ott Release Date:

The wait is over. According to reports, Tiger 3 is coming out on December 31st on Amazon Prime Video. The film will soon be available for the audience to watch from home. You might need a subscription to watch Tiger 3.


Tiger 3 Movie Plotline:

Tiger 3 movie begins with the teenage Zoya, who witnesses the murder of her father. During the funeral, Aatish, the head of ISI, asks Zoya to join their team. Then, the scene shifts to the present time, where the Chief of RAW, Maithili Menon, calls Tiger for a mission.

Maithili asks Tiger to protect his colleague Gopi Arya, who is in Afghanistan. Gopi Arya has information about Pakistan planning something big. Tiger rescues Gopi, and he reveals to Tiger that Zoya is a part of the ISI team that is planning something big.

Tiger starts suspecting Zoya and keeps an eye on her every moment. Maithili assigns Tiger to protect RAW agent named Jibran Sheikh. Things get more suspicious when Zoya tries to kill Jibran. While saving Jibran, Aatish catches Tiger and reveals that he forced Zoya to work for him by kidnapping their son. 

Aatish blackmailed them to steal a briefcase containing a missile launch in Istanbul in exchange for Junior. Zoya and Tiger form a RAW agent team to steal the case. Aatish frames Zoya and Tiger as traitors. Then, the scene shifts to Aatish’s past.

Aatish, as deputy director general, tries to destroy the peace between Pakistan and India by the general of the Indian army. Zoya is against the plan and informs Tiger. Aatish’s pregnant wife attempts the assassination and gets killed by Tiger. Pakistan sends Aatish to jail.

Tiger gets a death sentence as a traitor, but with the help of Pathaan, he escapes the prison. Soon, they find that Aathish is trying to kill Pakistan’s prime minister, and they get into action to save her.   

Tiger Movie Franchise:

The Tiger Movie franchise has three parts: Ek Tha Tiger, Tiger Zinda Hai, and Tiger 3. These films are the part of YRF Spy Universe. Pathan and War is also part of Spy Universe. Aadithya Chopra is creating a big Spy Universe. Pathan has Salman’s cameo as Tiger, and Tiger 3 has Shahrukh Khan’s cameo as Pathan. The end credits of Tiger 3 hint about a new mission for Kabir (Hrithik Roshan).

Tiger 3 Cast And Characters:

Tiger 3 Ott Release Date

Tiger 3 has some talented actors, and there are very special cameo appearances in the film. Let’s meet the cast of Tiger 3

  • Salman Khan as Avinash Singh Rathore/ Tiger, a raw agent
  • Katrina Kaif as Zoya Humaimi Rathore, ISI agent, and Tiger’s wife
  • Imran Hashmi as Aatish Rehman, ex-Deputy Director General of ISI
  • Revathi as Maithili Menon, Chief of RAW
  • Simran as Nasreen Irani, PM of Pakistan
  • Riddhi Dogra as Shaheen Baig, Aatish’s wife
  • Vishal Jethwa as Hassan Ali, Zoya and Tiger’s adopted son 
  • Ashutosh Rana as Sunil Luthra (Cameo appearance)
  • Hrithik Roshan as Major Kabir Dhaliwali (Cameo Appearance)
  • Shahrukh Khan as Pathaan ( Cameo appearances)

The cameo appearances make the film more worth watching. 

Where To Watch Tiger 3 Movie:

Tiger 3 will be soon available on Amazon Prime Video. Avoid illegal ways to stream Salman Starer Tiger 3. Stay updated for more details about your favorite movies releasing on Ott platforms. 


Frequently Asked Questions:

1. When is Tiger 3 coming out on Ott?

Tiger 3 is coming out on Amazon Prime Video on December 31, 2023.

2. What is Tiger 3 about?

Things get personal in the life of Tiger and Zoya. They return to fight to save their countries.

3. Who is the creator of Tiger 3?

Maneesh Sharma and Aditya Chopra are the creators of Tiger 3.

4. What is the theme of Tiger 3?

Tiger 3 is an action crime thriller film.

5. Where can I watch Tiger 3?

You can watch Tiger 3 on Amazon Prime Video.

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