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To The Abandoned Sacred Beasts Season 2 Release Date

Konichiwa Minna San! This winter a lot of anime are paving their way to the platforms. Keep streaming so as to not to miss out on something big and interesting. Talking about interesting things, did you watch this anime? If not then go and stream this amazing anime now. 

Katsute Kami Datta Kemono-Tachi e is adapted from a series written by Maybe. The manga published 13 volumes in 2014. And more is still on the way. Directed and written by Jun Shishido and Shigeru Murakoshi respectively, the anime premiered in 2016. The action, drama, fantasy, military shounen was licensed by Crunchyroll with a total number of 12 episodes. 

Rated 6.40 by My Anime List (MAL) and 6.6 by IMDb the anime received mixed responses. Not sure if you will get a season renewal. Or how long will it take for season 2 to make its way after 6 long years? Is it canceled? Will season 2, release soon? What will we see in season 2?

Then don’t think much, just keep reading. 

To The Abandoned Sacred Beasts Season 2 Release Date

As I said just now the anime received quite a mixed reception. Although it could win the hearts of the fans, it was not successful in doing so in the case of the critics. And with an average rating as well, where this head will is quite unclear. All of us know that the anime does have potential so, if season 2 releases that would be a real treat. 

But there is something positive amidst all these. The fans’ demand is still there. So, if their demand reaches a hike and meets the demands of the show makers then it may pull them to release a new season. But sadly, the studio is busy with the animation premier of some other anime as our sources could hear. So, the making of this one is quite slim for the time being.

But since the manga is on the run. So, there would be more story and space for the anime to move on with. Isn’t that great? 

With fans needing demand and the manga in the process of illustration. The anime might soon make its way by this year i.e., 2022, or at the latest by the mid of 2023. Let’s see how things turn out. 

To The Abandoned Sacred Beasts Season 1 Release Date1 July 2019
To The Abandoned Sacred Beasts Season 1 End Date16 September 2019
To The Abandoned Sacred Beasts Season 2 Release DateNot Announced Yet

To The Abandoned Sacred Beasts Season 2 Expected Story

To The Abandoned Sacred Beasts
To The Abandoned Sacred Beasts

With the manga still on the run, it’s quite difficult to predict how the next part will mold. Let’s wait and see how the story turns into its plot.

With manga publishing anytime now. This will give us an idea of how the second part will turn out. If you’re curious to find out you can read the manga after its release. Or you can wait for the second season to air within 2 years at the most. 

Till then binge this one if you enjoyed it after watching this once. And for those who have not yet let me give a short brief for you peeps! 

To The Abandoned Sacred Beasts Season 1 Story

The first season has a total number of 12 episodes with runtime being 23 mins each. 

After the Partition War, the creation of hybrid soldiers was seen. In other words, the Norther’s developed half-human and half-beast soldiers to beat the Southerners. Now with the special power, they could easily overpower and suppress the opposite soldiers on the war front. Their victory also earned them a special name. But things started to get into an array from this point. 

The soldiers started encountering a problem regarding the beasts inside of them. 

Find out what will happen to those soldiers! 

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A problem involving the beasts inside them that they were unable to rectify by ordinary means. With the means to save the society the Incarnates were created now, will that sole reason make the society rethink their victory.

Go and stream the anime to find out what will happen next! 

To The Abandoned Sacred Beasts Season 2 Characters

To The Abandoned Sacred Beasts
To The Abandoned Sacred Beasts

You will find the following characters:

  1. Hank Henriette
  2. Nancy Schaal Bancroft
  3. Cain Madhouse
  4. Elaine Bluelake
  5. Claude Withers
  6. Liza Runecastle
  7. Miglieglia

And many others. If season 2 makes its way, then you may find the same characters along with a few new others. 

Where to watch To The Abandoned Sacred Beasts Season 2?

The anime is available on Netflix, Gogoanime, and also on 4anime. You can stream anywhere you want and start to watch it on your PC or Android. 

This much for now. Will get back with the next updates very soon. Till then keep watching and enjoying the stories folks! 

Happy Watch! 

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