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Today’s Webtoon Episode 9 Recap: Will Ji Hyung Join Youngtoon?

Have you ever seen a drama that you relate to a lot? You must have heard of the name “Today’s Webtoon” if you are a webtoon lover and loves to read then this one is for you. Today’s Webtoon is an ongoing Korean drama which has 16 episodes but as of now only 9 episodes have been released, this drama got released on July 29, 2022, and it is set to be over on September 17, 2022. Today’s Webtoon has been receiving a lot of love from K-drama lovers all around the world but do you know why this drama is being loved by everyone? What could be the reason for its popularity?

First of all, the storyline is very good and catchy, and of course, the star cast is top-notch and the original soundtracks are no joke. The story is very heartwarming as it shows the life of the Webtoon writers and not only about them it shows the life of the main protagonists, On Ma-Eum, Goo Jun-Yeong and Seok Ji-Hyung, the story revolves around these three and their job as Webtoon editors, every episode teaches us a lot or we can say this drama is filled with Life Lessons, every episode gives us another kind of comfort or we can say it embrace us with its heartwarming contents.

Are you watching this drama? Many fans are loving this and they are watching this drama ongoing but many are waiting for it to be over so that they can watch the drama in one go. Recently, the latest episode got released and fans want to know what exactly happened in the latest episode which is episode 9. Have you seen the ninth episode? If you have not seen and want spoilers then this article has mentioned all the highlights of episode 9 and what exactly happened in episode 9. Keep reading this article and stay connected to our page so that you will get all the updates on Today’s Webtoon. So let us start without wasting our time

Today’s Webtoon Episode 9 Recap

Today’s Webtoon Episode 9 Recap
Today’s Webtoon Episode 9 Recap

Episode 9 of Today’s Webtoon got released recently, it aired on 26th August 2022. The latest episode has touched the heart of many fans, as expected from Today’s Webtoon, not even a single episode is boring. Today’s Webtoon never fails to deliver amazing episodes that make us feel so happy and the contents of episodes are so good. Just like that episode 9 is so good, the plot of episode 9 has made the fans touched. Are you excited to know the spoilers of episode 9?

The title of episode 9 is “Don’t be defeated, not by fate nor loneliness..”, the title shows that this episode 9 definitely one of the best episodes of Today’s Webtoon that has taught us so many lessons. Episode 9 started with Sin Dae-Lyug trying to sketch a woman who was Walking on the streets, he followed her and that particular woman noticed it and found it very creepy when her boyfriend got to that place and found out that Sin Dae-Lyug is following her, he started beating Sin Dae-Lyug and asked him to show him the drawing but Sin Dae-Lyug didn’t show him his sketch and On Ma-eum got a call from the police station so she rushed to the police station with Goo Jun-Yeong.

When she reached the police station she asked Dae Lyug why did he do something like that. So Dae Lyug replied that he found that girl similar to the main character of his webtoon that’s why he just wanted to draw her as he could not find any way to add emotions to his webtoon character, but even after getting an explanation from Dae-Lyug Ma Eum didn’t feel well and told Dae-Lyug that she will meet him tomorrow.

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Seeing Ma Eum’s reaction Dae-Lyug got scared and emotional as he does not want Ma Eum to be angry with him because she is the only one with whom he feels comfortable and he thinks of her as God. And the next day, Jun Yeong met with Heo Gwan-Young, he said to Jun Yeong that he is working hard for the Webtoon team, did he forget about their deal? Jun Yeong didn’t say much about it but we can say that Lowkey Jun Yeong want to say in the Webtoon team and work as a Webtoon Editor. Then Editor Jang Man-Cheol took On Ma Eum and Goo Jun Yeong with him to meet the popular writer, Artist Ma Hae Gyu and he even gave a cute nickname to the Duo, On Ma Eum and Goo Jun Yeong, he called them “PD On-Gu” which was kind of cute and funny at the same time.

When they reached the house of the Artist Ma Hae Gyu nothing goes according to their plan. When they saw the situation of Ma Hae Gyu they were speechless, he was looking so pale and was trying to draw but he could not draw a single line properly as his hands were shaking then the daughter of Artist Ma Hae Gyu told them that they should not try hard to pursue him as he has been like that since the very beginning. Then Ma Eum gave her company card to Yu Na and told her that whenever she needs help, she can call her.

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Then Ma Eum went to the studio of Sin Dae Lyug and took him out for dinner and told him that his cartoons are important but more than that people are important and he is also included, she also mentioned that he should eat and sleep well, these words touched Sin Dae-Lyug a lot and now everything is settled between Ma Eum and Dae Lyug, after all, Ma Eum is indeed a good Rookie Editor.

“Full Count” by Artist Lee Woo Jin was released on the same day and finally Artist Lee Woo Jin made her debut everyone in the webtoon team was very happy as her webtoon made it to the top 5, especially Jun Yeong was very much happy because he is the producer of Artist Lee Woo Jin. Then Ma Eun a call from Yu Na, the daughter of Artist Ma Hae Gyu, she called her because someone was taking her photo when she was doing her Part Time Job at the Convenience Store, Ma Eum solved the whole issue and took her to a cafe and treat her both of them unexpectedly became close and Yu Na even showed Ma Eum her Bright side.

And finally, Sin Dae Lyug debuted as a Webtoon Artist and many people loved his Webtoon, Peeve Weapon and he even secured the third place in the top 5, Ma Eum and Dae Lyug had a conversation on the call, and Ma Eum told him that he has done so well and she is proud of her not just as his producer but also as his Fan. Meanwhile, Seok Ji Hyeong faces issues as he got an offer from Youngtoon to be the chief editor there so he struggles to know what he should do, should he join or not?

Jun Yeong went to see his sister at the Columbarium and now we know that the mysterious girl is actually Jun Yeong’s sister and she died long ago, there are some secrets behind her death maybe she was working at Gingertoon and when it got collapsed she committed suicide but as of now fans are making theories we do not know what exactly happened maybe the suspense will be revealed in the upcoming episodes.

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Then Jun Yeong went to see Ma Eum as he was feeling low, she made Ramyeon for him and Jun Yeong started feeling normal, as expected from the happy pill Ma Eum. The next day she brought Yu Na to her home and told her that this is not a comic cafe, as Yu Na does not like to read comics because of her father but when Ma Eum’s mom saw Yu Na’s wallpaper with her mom with a quote written on the top, she asked Yu Na about it and Yu Na said that the quote is actually her favourite quote and how did Ma Eum know about that quote?

So Ma Eum replied everyone knows about this quote because this popular quote is from the comic written by his father and the name of the comic is “Please, Time Machine”, so finally because of Ma Eum’s efforts Yu Na realised that Comics are fun to read and he should not behave like that with her father, she should try to understand his situation and make him understand that it is not late for his father to come back to the Webtoon World.

In the night when she came back home she said to her father that he should not live like this he should now give up on his dream, but his father replied if he will stop drawing then he will be nothing Yu Na said why he would be nothing. He will still be her father. The whole conversation between them was so emotional and fans broke into tears and loved the whole scene. And then Artist Ma Hae Gyu made up his mind and went to Neon and signed the contract with them.

Meanwhile, Ma Eum and Jun Yeong went to the perfume shop to buy a gift for Ma Eum’s Dad but her dad did not accept her gift and told her that he has not given up on her he will still fight for her and will make her back to Judo and win the Olympics, this made Ma Eum very sad and Jun Yeong came at the perfect time and told her that she should give that gift to her, whereas Jang Man Cheol found out that Youngtoon is trying to take Ji Hyung to their company and at that time he found Ji Hyung. What will happen? Will Ji Hyung join Youngtoon? Will there be any spark between Ma Eum and Jun Yeong?

Today’s Webtoon definitely deserves the hype from the viewers it is such a warm and comfortable show that everyone needs to watch. We all struggle in our lives, and we all have hard times, but all we can do is work hard for the present, not for the future and this drama will make you realise what we should actually do and how to deal with life. If you are having a hard time then this drama is for you.

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