Tokyo Ghoul Watch Order, Fillers, And Everything!

Many anime fans adore Tokyo Ghoul, but keeping track of all the different episodes and shows, as well as the live-action films and other Tokyo Ghoul-related media, can be difficult. In 2013, a live-action film based on Tokyo Ghoul’s original manga, which began serialisation in 2011.

In the alternate reality depicted in Tokyo Ghoul, ghouls disguise themselves as humans and live in secret within our society. There’s only one problem: they can only survive by eating other people.

When a ghoul killed Ken Kaneki, the college student transformed into a half-ghoul. Beginners to the series may become overwhelmed by the amount of content available to them.

As a result, the order in which all of Tokyo Ghoul’s canonical content should be viewed is as follows.

Tokyo Ghoul Watch Order

In Which Order Should You Watch Tokyo Ghoul

Kaneki’s transformation into a ghoul after being attacked by his date is the focus of Season 1 of Tokyo Ghoul (who herself was a ghoul). However, he finds it difficult to adjust to his new role in the ghoul society while keeping it hidden from his human friends. Season 1 of Tokyo Ghoul has 14 episodes.

Although it is not required to fully comprehend the plot, the live-action film Tokyo Ghoul, which was released in Japan in 2017, is a worthwhile watch.

While cheesy at times, this live-action anime adaptation has some of the best graphics of any live-action anime.

As a recap of Tokyo Ghoul season 1, background information not shown in the anime is included.

The second season of Tokyo Ghoul A picks up right where the first season left off. Kaneki has been tortured for a long time, and he now craves meat more than ever. The fight scenes in the 12-episode season are widely regarded as some of the best in the show’s history.

JACK and PINTO, two original video animations by Tokyo Ghoul, are up next. This is a prequel to the original Tokyo Ghoul:re series, and it tells the origin storey of each of the characters we see later on.

While PINTO depicts Hori and Tsukiyama’s high school years, JACK focuses on how Arima became a member of the CCG and provides crucial information for Tokyo Ghoul:re.

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Tokyo Ghoul Fillers

In Which Order Should You Watch Tokyo Ghoul
In Which Order Should You Watch Tokyo Ghoul

After watching the OVAs, you should watch both seasons of Tokyo Ghoul:re. The first season, which takes place two years after the events of the original series, focuses on Haise Sasaki, the newly renamed Ken Kaneki.

To begin with, Ken Kaneki is a typical high school student who is both excited and nervous about his first date. When she reveals herself to be a Ghoul and attacks him, Ken’s life is forever changed.

It follows Ken as he adjusts to life as a ghoul in a human world, from making Ghoul friends to keeping his true nature hidden from his human friends.

Animations from the Original Videos Following the first two seasons of Tokyo Ghoul, two sequels, Tokyo Ghoul: Jack and Tokyo Ghoul: Pinto, were released in 2015. These prequels to previous seasons deviate from the manga’s plot. It was released in 2017 for the live-action film and in 2018 for the final season of the anime.

Where To Watch Tokyo Ghoul Online?

Despite the fact that it is not available on Netflix in the United States, Canada, or other countries, the anime film Tokyo Ghoul is available on Hulu. Because of this, you are unable to watch anything on Netflix. There is, however, a solution.

You can change your location and watch Tokyo Ghoul on Netflix from the United States by using the best VPN, but we also recommend a few other good options on the internet.

Using a UK VPN, you can watch the first three seasons of Tokyo Ghoul as well as the Jack and Pinto OVAs. Lots of several VPNs were able to unblock these episodes with ease when using UK servers.

To watch the live-action Tokyo Ghoul film, use a Japan VPN. It is an excellent choice for watching the movie on Netflix Japan. Keep in mind that Netflix Japan may not provide English subtitles or dubs.

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