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Tomodachi Game Season 2 Release Date: Has The Production For The Anime Begun?

What do you do in your leisure time? Most people resort to some sort of entertainment, be it thriller series or casual games. Crunchyroll’s Tomodachi Game is here to change your perspective towards gaming and its purpose of it. Following a group of five friends–Yuichi Katagiri, Shiho Sawaragi, Tenji Mikasa, Makoto Shibe and Yutori Kokorogi–this psychological thriller initially comes off as yet another anime trying to explore this genre. A group of five middle-aged high-school kids resorting to playing a game in order to save their school just doesn’t sound fancy.

However, as the anime progresses with its brisk pace and continuous twists, your perception will be forced to transform. The storytelling and character development along with the stunning graphics will lead you towards the team of Tomodachi Game fans. If you are already one, you must be most definitely wondering about Tomodachi Game Season 2. In that case, here are the latest updates!

Tomodachi Game Season 2 Release Date

The writer, Kenta Ihara, drew inspiration from Mikoto Yamaguchi and Yuki Sato’s manga in 2021. Tomodachi Game Season 1 premiered on April 6, 2022, and ran on Crunchyroll worldwide and other networks in Japan for over a month.  And it is safe to say, Season 1 was received warmly by fans and critics alike. Each of those fans and critics was dazed by the plot setting and character development demonstrated by the writer and the director, Hirofumi Ogura.

Now, it has been a year and there have been no confirmations from either the streaming platform or the production team. But the delay isn’t unusual, is it? Several of our favourite animes have kept us waiting for years before another season premiered. Tomodachi Game is just one of those. So far, there are no updates regarding the production being in the works but if it begins soon, Tomodachi Game Season 2 can be expected to premiere in late 2024.


Tomodachi Game Season 2 Plot: Is There Enough Source Material Available?

The anime series follows a manga of the same name and the good news is, the manga is still ongoing. There have been 22 volumes listed so far and only a couple of those have been adapted by Season 1. Tomodachi Game Season 2 has enough source material to adapt.

The plot follows Yuichi, a seemingly normal highly friendship-oriented guy but as you follow his journey, the seventy shades of his personality start to flash in front of your eyes. After the fund for the school trip accumulated by the school and the students is robbed, Yuichi, Shiho, Tenji, Makoto and Yutori find themselves trapped in the game. Tomodachi Game isn’t your regular earn-and-win game, rather it is a maze where people lose themselves–or discover their true selves.

It happens with Yuichi, his manipulation abilities resurface once he’s become a part of the game. Shiho has a crush on Yuichi and Tenji is infatuated with her, leading to a sort-of still-concealed love triangle. However, the basis of Tomodachi Game Season 2 isn’t their messed up relationship but Shibe’s lawsuit. He is accused of murdering his father and now Tenji and Yutori will have to defend their friend and decide if it is worth it,

Tomodachi Game Season 2 Character Guide

Yuichi Katagiri, voiced by Chiaki Kobayashi and David Matranga, is just another high schooler–or so it appears initially. As he finds himself submerged in the Tomodachi Game once again–yes, he’s played it before–his true colours start to come out. He has a dark past, one filled with gore, blood and death and now, he is forced to embrace it. Shiho Sawaragi (Yume Miyamoto and Caitlin Glass) is raised with a strong sense of responsibility due to her policeman father. It was Shiho who lost the money for the school trip.

Tenji Mikasa (Daiki Harmano and Josh Bangle) is the most reserved, calm and intelligent guy in the school. The next, Makato Shibe (Tomohiro Ono and Mizuki Inoue) is probably the only one who hasn’t faced poverty due to his politician father. The last member of the clan, Yutori Kokorogi (Satomi Armano and Dani Chambers) is the one who killed Tenji’s father.

All of these characters will be seen in Tomodachi Game again.

Tomodachi Game Season 2 Release Date: FAQs

1. What Is The Tomodachi Game Anime About?

It is a psychological anime centred around a team of five high-school children who are stuck in the Tomodachi Game.

2. Is Tomodachi Game Season 2 Approved?

No, it isn’t approved yet.

3. When Will Tomodachi Game Season 2 Premiere?

Since there have been no official updates regarding the confirmation of the anime, a concrete release date is yet to be determined.

4. Is The Tomodachi Game Anime Worth Watching?

If you are into psychological thriller animes, Tomodachi Game is a perfect fit for you.

5. Is A Trailer Available For Tomodachi Game Season 2?

No, there is no trailer available yet.

6. Where To Watch Tomodachi Game?

You can stream the Tomodachi Game anime on Crunchyroll!


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