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Tower of God Chapter 545 Release Date Updates

A Korean webtoon series, Tower of God is written and illustrated by Lee Jong Hui. This South Korean manhwa series is set around a boy called Twenty-Fifth Bam. According to the story so far, Bam has been living beneath a mysterious Tower with his close friend Rachel for a long time. However, when Rachel enters the Tower is bound to go any distance to see Rachel again. During this journey, he makes a number of friends.

Rated 7.8 stars on IMDB, the series was published by Naver on Naver Webtoon in 2010. The publishers are now going to release chapter 545. Let us know the dates and everything else you need to know.

Tower of God  Chapter 545 Release Date

Tower of God  Chapter 545 Release Date
Tower of God 

According to some reports, the publishers have decided to release Tower of God Chapter 545 on 5th June 2022. While the previous chapter was in May, the fans have been eagerly waiting for the next chapter. The series has sparked a lot of anticipation among fans, therefore, there is also a slight possibility that Tower of God Chapter 545 could be released ahead of the designated schedule. But till then we can only keep our fingers crossed.

ChaptersRelease Dates
Tower of God Chapter 1 Release Date 30 June 2010
Tower of God Chapter 545 Release Date 5th June 2022
Tower of God Chapter 545 Release Date

Tower of God Chapter 545 Story

With the release date arriving closer day by day, fans are putting out possible storylines for Chapter 545. Since Bam has now known the fact that he is an “Irregular”, will he now change his course of action? According to various theories, Bam doesn’t seem to give up his plan of action. However, now it is on him to choose between reuniting with Rachel or gaining wealth or power. Whatsoever it may be, things are going to definitely be interesting and surprising for the viewers.

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Tower of God Chapter 544 Recap

So what have we known so far in this series? Well, as stated earlier we are aware of the fact that Bam is now aware of the fact that he is “Irregular.” An irregular means that Bam was not chosen to be in the Tower but was allowed to enroll on his own. This is an incredibly rare event in the Tower itself. Hence, Bam is now a celebrity in the tower.
Apart from that what have witnessed so far is the most underhanded exchange between Traumerei and Baam. Traumerei is one of the most powerful people in the royal family and thus, he does not take no for an answer. However, since Bam is no less and still new to Tower ways, he rejected his proposal. Thus we have had the opportunity to witness one of the most epic battles in the tale. And if you haven’t watched the series yet, without giving you any spoilers, let me just say there is the possible use of Leviathan. And if the child decides to put his skills to use, the battle can be lethal.

Tower of God Chapter 545 Characters

Tower of God  Chapter 545 Release Date
Tower of God

Taking into consideration how episode 544 has ended, for Chapter 545 we believe, there could be major character development for Bam and Traumerei. Rachel is set to witness a new challenge to reach the top of the tower.  While these are the main characters in the series, space is also an interesting factor here. The Tower is a mysterious architecture with no windows. And it is full of unique spaces. Shinsu or the “Divine Water” is a substance found on every floor of the Tower. 

Where to Read Tower of God Online?

You can read Tower of God from official platforms like Naver Webtoon and Line Webtoon. Naver is solely for Korean audiences, but Line works for all English audiences. You can also watch its anime series the Anime-Planet and Crunchyroll.

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