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Toy Story 6 Release Date 2023: Is It Coming Out Before December?!

Ever since we were kids, all of us have had an obsession towards toys. Dolls that made us feel happy. We’ve all played with them and enjoyed our childhood to the max level. While some used to play games like doctor and patient, many others played a game of house. Most of us have had a favourite toy that we used to carry around all the time. We never would have agreed to put it down, even when we were sleeping.

Being with those toys brought a sense of comfort to children. Well, children these days have been obsessed with their phones but kids from the 90s or 2000s know how it feels to have a little Barbie around them all the time. While we used to feed them and change their clothes, there was always a corner in us that felt like the toy should take back.

Have you ever imagined how different it would have been if those toys came to life and started playing with us for real? I think you know where I am getting at. Birthday parties back then were a source of joy since we would receive at least one toy that would blow our minds. Barbies, baby toys, GI Joe’s, Lego sets and a lot have made our childhood memorable. Sadly, we all grew up from that phase. But even today, we would happily play with a toy if our minds go back to that age.

I am not going to talk about toys like Annabelle that are going to make you dread your childhood but fond memories of little babies, that were nothing but cute and adorable. But there are ways for us to relive our childhood as well!

Yes, Disney has made this possible multiple times. With the creation of Toy Story, we have all been obsessed with the franchise and most do not even miss a single part of the movie as well. With the recent release of Barbie, we all have been obsessed. Now that Toy Story is something with over five parts, the audience is accustomed to it as well!

There recently was an announcement by Disney related to the same topic and a lot of buzz has been going around about it as well. If you have not heard about it, then you surely are missing out! This article aims to discuss the prospective dates of Toy Story 6, the release date, and a lot more. While the article covers topics about the new movie, we will also go back in time for a recap, and plot and discuss the characters in detail!

Read further to know more about the release dates, released trailers and a lot more!

Toy Story 6 Release Date

Toy Story is one of the best franchises that the audience has been loving from Disney. All of the movies by Disney have been huge hits and most have continued onto the second parts but not many have progressed to over five or six parts. One of the best projects is Toy Story with its huge fan following, we are excited to finally be addressing the instalments!

First, let’s discuss the announcement! The CEO of Disney is Bob Iger and he has made an announcement that lit up the day of many audiences. It has been said that the makers are busy and full-fledgedly working on part five of Toy Story! Yes! The story is coming to life once again and the makers are putting in all their efforts.

The arrival of the fifth one is going to excite all the fans out there making it a huge success again! The fans are surely eager to see Woody or Buzz Lightyear on the screens again! So, the fire is going towards the fifth instalment of Toy Story.

The fourth part came out in 2019. It has taken around three to four years for another announcement regarding the fifth instalment and we are more than excited. Now, talking about the sixth one, there is nothing we know yet. While the fifth one might be released next year, the sixth one will surely take a lot of time to come out. We do not even know yet if the sixth one will even be coming. If the fifth has a great climax, the makers might think of ending the legacy of Buzz Lightyear,

Most of us are hoping to watch more of this and all we need to do is wait and watch to see what the decision is going to be. even after the release of the fifth movie, it might take years together to even hear a word about the arrival of another part, or if it’s going to get cancelled. The main factor is going to be the success of part five. If the fifth instalment is a hit, there are prospects of the arrival of another part.

The reviews, collection, ratings and the hit of the storyline will predict the arrival of another party. As usual, we can expect the audience to love the movie since Disney has always surprised and made us happy. So, let’s wait for the fifth one and its success will give us all the answers we are looking for right now! If there is anything announced, we will be the first to update this and let you know!


Toy Story 6 Predicted Story And Cast

Toy Story is based on something that we already discussed about. What if our favourite toys came to life and understood all of our feelings? What if these toys started talking back to us and playing with us? Yes, that would be a dream come true for many. Just like Doc McStuffins from Disney Junior, toys do come to life when you are fictional or have great powers.

The story of Toy Story is very interesting. There is this kid named Andy who forgets to play with his toys. When he does not come to them often, they come to life. These toys have one goal and that is to become the favourite toy of Andy. The first one was released in 1995 and has captured the hearts of fans ever since.

Being one of the first computer-animated movies, this one earned immense love from all over the world and got fans obsessed with the story. The first story involved Woody. This toy build a spy squad that would spy on the new toys that Andy received for his birthday. While Woody tries to keep Andy’s attention only to himself, he fails. Andy received another toy named Buzz Lightyear from his mother and it soon took the position of being his favourite toy.

The second instalment came in 1999, four years later. This one consists of a story where Woody is taken away by a bad dealer but Woody does not suffer much. He finds himself in a once-famous program and he feels like all is right with the world again. It is upon the other toys like Buzz Lightyears to bring back Woody to Andy’s house.

The third one revolves around Andy growing up to becoming a young adult. While the toys are scared that they will be stuffed in the attic, they get saved somehow. But, when they are donated to a children’s home, they are treated miserably.

The children are very naughty and do not treat the toys with care. The fourth one revolves around a very new concept of them going on a trip! Yes, this means there is an inclusion of another toy to the team and this was so much fun to watch as well! The toys have stolen the hearts of the audience. On this journey, Woody meets a long-lost friend which changes the entire dynamic.

The fifth one will mostly continue along these lines itself and show us more sneak peeks into the life of these amazing toys. Now, coming to the cast. The same voice actors are going to continue giving life to these toys! Tom Hanks is going to be voicing Woody, and Tim Allen as Buzz Lightyear. Our beloved Annie Potts is going to voice Bo Peep and Forky is going to be voiced by Tony Hale.

Ducky is going to be voiced by Keegan Michael Kay and Bunny is voiced by Jordan Peele. There are so many other characters that are going to be voiced by the same artists but there might be some minute changes going on.

When there is more to know, we will update you!

Until then stay tuned!


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