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Will There Be A Season 2 For Traitors?

Traitors Season 2 Release Date
Traitors Season 2 Release Date

Traitors is a spy thriller drama series that takes you to 60-70 years back in history. Once you start watching the show you won’t get up until you finish it! Created by great mind Bathsheba Doran, the show has really attracted an audience all over the world.

The show has gained enormous popularity all over the world. Now, fans are wondering when they could hear Traitors Season 2 Release date. So, worry not, we have got everything covered for you. It has been created for a very long time before they hit the screens and that’s why you can see plenty of cinematography that will blow up your mind.

Traitors Storyline

The show is a periodic and a spy thriller drama. The show takes back the audience to a historical period and tries to show it through a woman’s eye, Feef Symonds. She is basically caught in the middle of global history. The show is set at the end of world war two, where Britain is emerging from the aftermath of the war. The country is in tension regarding Russian and American troops. They are struggling to adapt to new situations and a new world. Feef Symonds is a young and hardworking and dedicated British officer.

When the Labour party of Clement Attlee defeated Winston Churchill, the prime minister badly, Americans ensured that their socialist ideology will not be used by the Soviets. To fulfill this, Peter, the spy is hired who is Symonds first love. Symonds is very talented but her family doesn’t appreciate the hard work she does for the people.

Traitors Season 2 Release Date
The Whole Team!

And that’s why she easily agreed to spy in her own country. She was given the task to uncover a Russian Agent who is working in the British government. However, Priscilla, her boss suspects her. Symonds is still struggling with her internal demons thinking about how she could make her own life decisions. She also has to remember not everyone is exactly the same they look like

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Now that Symonds has taken the job to become a spy for her own country and against her country, she has pushed herself into a very dangerous position. If she is caught, she won’t be able to give any excuse for what she did. She has to play with her mind. The show grows more into excitement and suspense as Symonds continues her journey. So will she be able to save her? Or we cannot see everything that the show wants us to see? These questions remained unanswered for season 2.

This emotionally and suspenseful spy thriller will take you to the time where there was great tension between Americans and Britishers and how it changes into the present times.

Traitors Cast

Emma Appleton has played the lead role in the story, she is the protagonist of the show. You will see her playing the role of Feef Symonds who is a British civil officer. A short film, Dreamland which was released in 2016 featured Emma for the first time as a pixie, earlier she was a young English model. After that, you may have seen her in different movies and show like Clique, The End Of The F***ing World, and Grantchester.

Matt Lauria is seen playing the role of Peter, Feef Symonds long lost American Love. Matt Lauria first made his debut in 2007 in 30 Rock. After this, the well-known American actor cum musician is seen in various shows like Ryan York on Parenthood, Luke Cafferty on Friday Night Lights, and, Ryan Wheeler on Kingdom.

Other than this Traitors features Luke Treadaway and Keely Hawes. Keely Hawes has gained so much popularity over time that he is a well-known name. You might have seen him in leading roles like Downstairs, Upstairs, The Missing, The Casual, Vacancy, and The Durrells. Line Of Duty is a very famous ongoing show, if you are a fan of the show you must have seen Keely as DI Lindsey Denton in the show. In Bodyguard, she is seen as Home Secretary Julia Montague. While on the other hand, Treadway has been seen in various films like Fortitude and A Street Cat Named Bob.

Traitors Season 2 Release Date

Traitors Season 2 Release Date
Main Characters

On 17th February 2019, the first season of Traitors premiered on Channel 4 in Ireland and UK. Soon after its premiere, the full first season dropped on Netflix on 29 March 2019 for Netflix subscribers all around the world. Each episode is the show has 60 minutes running duration. It was assumed by the Audience that the show was a real-life based story, But the production cleared that out that it’s not.

But the show definitely has some facts which are true like how the Labour party won over Prime Minister Winston Churchill, America bombing on Japan, the Anglo American Loan, the Cold war, the debate on parliament taking money from the US. The show has definitely attracted people who are interested in the period and classic spy shows.

Though the show gained great popularity, the second season of the show hasn’t been renewed by Channel 4. The first season ended in 2019 and we probably would have heard about its renewal. Unfortunately, there are very few chances for the show to get renewed. The production house hasn’t made any announcements regarding it and the ongoing covid pandemic might be a good reason for it. As of now, Traitors Season 2 remains canceled. You will not see any seasons of the show in near future.

If the show gets renewed you have to wait till 2023 to binge-watch it. As of now, there is no Traitors Season 2 Release Date.

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