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Triage X Season 2 Release Date: Fans are still waiting for Season 2

Triage X airs on Tokyo MX every Thursday at 1:00 a.m. On Thursday, Kadokawa delivered the 21st volume. In a recent interview, Shoji Sato revealed that he intended to end the manga around the 21st issue. The first season of the anime series started on April 9, 2015, and it is presently in production.

Triage X Season 2 Release Date: Latest update

There is no confirmation of a second season of Triage X by Tokyo Max. It’s been more than 6 t0 7 years since the first season of Triage X aired. The manga series, which was the foundation of the anime, is still going on. The latest book came out in Feb 2023. This suggests that fans are still excited about the Triage X series, although whether or not this will result in a further season of the anime is still up in the air.

SeasonsRelease Dates
Triage X Season 1 Release Date8 April 2015
Triage X Season 2 Release DateCanceled
Triage X Season 2 Release Date

Triage X Season 2 Story

Triage X is a Tokyo MX Animation Action, Adventure, Anime, and Crime TV series that premiered on April 9, 2015. On March 24, Yen Press published the 19th volume. Nurses at Mochizuki General Hospital are among the best-trained (and best-equipped) in town. In 2009, Sato debuted the manga in Kadokawa’s Monthly Dragon Age magazine.

On Tokyo MX, Triage X is an Animation Action, Adventure, Anime, and Crime TV show. In 2009, Sato debuted the manga in Kadokawa’s Monthly Dragon Age magazine. On March 24, Yen Press published the 19th volume. The series was streamed on Crunchyroll and Daisuki. Nurses at Mochizuki General Hospital are among the best-trained (and best-equipped) in town.

On March 29, 2015, a screening of Episode 1 was held at Shinjuku Kadokawa Cinema. On April 9, 2015, regular transmission commenced.

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Triage X Season 2 Characters

Triage X Season 2 Release Date
Triage X

Arashi Mikami is the main male protagonist and a member of the Black Label Organization, a vigilante organization that deals with criminals that the authorities are unwilling to deal with. He was deeply scarred as a child by a terrorist strike that claimed the life of his best friend, Ryu Mochizuki.

Mikoto Kiba is Arashi’s partner and the main female protagonist. Her older brother Yuki was killed in an arranged motorbike accident while she was a member of the Yakuza Kiba family. She was rescued by the employees of Mochizuki Hospital, which led to her joining the Black Label.

Oriha Nashida, a 14-year-old Black Label idol and demolitions master, is a 14-year-old middle schooler. She resides in an abandoned mansion that is riddled with explosives. She’s a prodigy who started college at the age of eleven, but she also has a childish side.

At Mochizuki General Hospital, Sayo Hitsugi is the head nurse. She’s Black Label’s close combat expert, adept at handling small weapons and light machine guns. On a mission, she dons a devil mask and armored gauntlets, even though she is typically lovely and laid back.

Dr. Yuuko Sagiri is a master swordsman and one of Japan’s best doctors. When she wields a katana, her hair turns white, and her sword is so sharp it can cut through metal. A lovely and wonderfully well-endowed woman who can also wield a sword.

Miki Tsurugi developed an anesthetic that acts as a truth serum, causing the patient to forget everything. She’s the Black Label’s expert chemist and sniper, and she’s known for being the team’s voice of reason. After a terrorist strike, Masamune Mochizuki was compelled to declare his son dead.

Fiona Ran Winchester is a member of the Black Label and the director of Mochizuki General Hospital. Chikage Hizaki is an assassin from a different organization who specializes in killing her targets by burning them to death. When they become students, she befriends Mikoto (without knowing the other acts as a vigilante).

Tatara Isoroku

Hideaki Tezuka provides the voice of the detective, who portrays a determined yet easily enraged detective on the hunt for Black Label. Misato plays Konomi Suzue, a new investigator in the Tobioka Police Force and Tatara’s partner.

Arashi’s classmate Hinako Kominato (, Hinako Hinako) develops a crush on him. To support her younger brothers, she works multiple part-time jobs. Later on, she appears to develop affection for Mikoto.

Misa Kayama voices Kaoru Murasaki (Murasaki Kaoru).

A member of Syringe who, along with her twin sister Kaori, is in charge of close quarters combat.

Triage X Season 2 Trailer

There is no news about season 2 yet. But you can watch the season 1 trailer above.

Where To Watch Triage X Season 2?

A 10-episode anime television series adaptation by Xebec was broadcast on Tokyo MX from April 8, 2015, to June 10, 2015. In May 2015, Sentai Filmworks licensed Triage X for an English-language release in North America, while Animatsu Entertainment licensed the series for release in the United Kingdom. You can watch the anime on Crunchyroll.

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