Trinity Seven Season 2 Release Date And Characters!

The Japanese series Trinity Seven season 2 is a fantasy romantic comedy manga written by Kenji Saito and illustrated by Akinari Nao. It started in 2011 as a manga and later on was adapted into a light novel, anime series, anime film,m, and game. The series began in 2014 and aired a total of 12 episodes. The series has been made by Seven Arc Pictures and aired on TV TOKYO. The directors of the show Hiroshi Nishikiori and in charge of composition Hiroyuki Yoshino have done a great job with the show and its overall design.

The show has Arata Kasuga as its leader who is saved from an event that was to supposedly end the world called a Breakdown Phenomenon by his cousin Hijiri. Later own as the series progresses a wish made by Arata recreates his old life but without Hijiri in it. Inquest to try and meet Hijiri again Arata goes through various adventures in becoming a mage. While in the academy to become a mage he meets the Trinity seven who are the seven most powerful mages in the world wherein he feels that maybe one of them has a connection to Hijiri. The series is a clean blend of fantasy, romance, and comedy and somehow even has managed to reel in the harem. Here are all the details we know about Trinity Seven Season 2 Release Date.

Trinity Seven Season 2 Release Date

The show was widely received and popular due to various adaptations but would not be called a great fan following. It can be said that it’s not so great receiving is the reason why the series is yet to be returned for another season. The show definitely can move forwards as the film production is going great and the manga itself has 20 volumes and is still going strong. The producers will not be short of content and can surely bring it back for one another season with some great storyline and episodes.

The fans were somehow pacified due to the release of two movies in the meantime. It is for this very reason that none can be sure if it will come back or not. This might be a way of the franchise only continuing as movies or the franchise indicating that the content is still going on.  Maybe the show creators want to wait long enough to release the next season so that it does not overshadow the movie releases. A report was made in early 2019 that the series shall return with another season in the April of the same year but as that has already passed fans are still waiting for an official announcement.

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Trinity Seven Season 2 Story

The plot of the show is really great which is clearly evident by the manga being adapted as the most popular form of entertainment. Arata Kasuga is living a normal life until his whole world gets overturned by the showcase of the black sun which is termed as the breakdown phenomenon. This event seemingly destroys his whole town and his cousin Hijiri. But just sometime before her death, Hijiri ties a grimoire around Arata. This action turns out to not only save Arata but also form the later story of the Arata becoming a mage.

After the whole town is devoured by the event a distressed Arata makes a heartfelt wish to get his old life back which triggers the book to create an artificial world around him with all the past happiness and wipes out his memory. With this, the story introduces another character that plays a significant role, later on, Lilith Asami who is a mysterious mage. As the series progress, Arata is shown to master various powers that he shall use to save his town.

Trinity Seven Season 2 Characters

Arata Kasuga- The lead character of the show who has a carefree persona and resides with his cousin Hijiri.

Lilith Asami- She is a professor at the academy Arata goes to learn magic in and is also a decorated member of the Trinity Seven. It is shown in the beginning that she is hostile and not very welcoming to Arata but later on she mellows down and helps him a great deal in his training as a mage. Her character evolves a lot during the show with big revelations related to her father.

Arin Kannazuki- Also a member of the Trinity Seven she suffers from memory loss of her early years of life and was admitted into the school by the headmaster. Although she is shown as a carefree person, she has displayed emotions from time to time for Arata.

Yui Kurata- Also a member of the Trinity seven she is close to Arata and the viewers understand her as a little sister to him. These are some of the many characters the viewers would like to see in season 2 if there ever is made one. All the characters have intriguing stories and we can only hope we get to know more through the beloved anime.

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