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Tyler The Creator Net Worth Can Give You A Shock! Find Out Now!

One of the renowned faces and names that has been a great contributor to the field of hip-hop and has become an inspiration for many is Tyler, The Creator. Born on March 6, 1991, in California Tyler, Gregory Okonma aka Tyler, The Creator is a rapper, director, producer, fashion designer, entrepreneur, actor, and co-founder of Odd Future, the music collective. Though all his creations are known worldwide, some of his work that deserves mention are Call Me If You Get Lost, Igor, Lumberjack, Potato Salad, Sandwiches, Goblin, Yonkers, Cherry Bomb, Flower Boy, and many more. The winner of Grammy Awards, BET Hip Hop Awards, Brit Awards, MTV Music Awards, and many more is not just an artist but a phenomenon for the world that has taken everyone by storm. He has created an impact in the industry and is widely respected and admired for his contribution in all ways by fans and other fellow artists.

 Now taking the cure from the vibrant life of the stylish Tyler, it is worth saying that he even puts his social media to good use and has a huge fan following and follows his content which is musical and stylish, and different. Now you must be wondering that if he has such a profile how much would his worth be and what more he is into? Well, guess what, you are at the right place because we have covered every answer for you.

Tyler The Creator Net Worth

The hip-hop star Tyler the Creator is no less than a star and in no time has managed to gain popularity for himself which is beyond imagination. But the rapper has not always made his singing career the only way to earn money or build a net worth, rather he has involved himself in different ventures which have helped him to make his brand personality and wealth that has contributed to his net worth. Tyler as per the reports is said to hold a whopping net worth of $16 million which has come from his singing, his concerts and tours, and his own business line of clothing. His net worth also includes his property or should we say a mansion in the beautiful city of Atlanta in Georgia.

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Where Did Tyler, The Creator Get His Name From?

As many of you who have heard him, or are his fan, or just hearing about him for the first time from us must have been thinking that where did his name come from? His unique name dates back to MySpace, where he created his page and used it to post beats, art, lyrics, and other similar artistic work. This page was named Tyler, The Creator which later became the identity that we know him by.

Tyler, The Creator’s Start Of Music Career

Tyler, The Creator Net Worth

Tyler has been in the singing industry since his childhood days. He used to make music as a kid where he would get a CD to remove the cover and put his own cover with his own tracklist without even making music. He even learned to play piano on his own at the young age of 12. This being said, his career really took momentum when he co-founded the Odd Future with Hodgy, Left Brain, and Casey Veggies in 2007.

The next year the founders release their album followed by Tyler releasing his single mixtape called Bastard. After this, there was no looking back for the rapper as he started getting recognized not just among his fans but also by other artists like Jay-Z, Rick Ross, and others. He or the Odd Future did not stop there and made a tv show on them called Loiter Squad.

It was followed by more of his album releases bringing him more praise and also collaborating with other artists on the way. His creations and performances have received critical acclaim and reviews and are still continuing.

Tyler, The Creator of Creative Ventures Beyond Music

Tyler has been seen on TV not just in his own show but way before that playing characters or through his appearances in famous TV shows like Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, The Mindy Project, When I Was 17, Punk’d, Late Show With David Letterman, Black Dynamite and many more. He also made appearances in the movies Jackass Forever and Jackass 4.5. As you might have understood by now that he is a creative person, therefore his portfolio moves further by him becoming a director for almost all of his and Odd Future’s music videos

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Tyler, The Creator’s Other Ventures

Tyler, The Creator Net Worth

 Tyler is not just a famous artist who has inspired other artists and is admired by all but is also an entrepreneur. He also owns a clothing line called GOLF WANG, catering to hip-hop and streetwear styles and the name is an inspiration by the Wolf Gang. The brand is just as famous as him for its vibrant and colorful collection of clothes, shoes, and skateboards which have been designed by Tyler himself.

Tyler has been organizing the hip-hop and R&B music festival called Camp Flog Gnaw festival every year since 2012. The festival not only is a celebration of the genre and culture but also a fun place that is not to be missed because it is set up as a carnival with games, rides, and a lot of things. The carnival is not just anything simple but features a lot of artists like in previous festivals it has Snoop Dogg, Mac Miller, Lil Wayne, Post Malone, Pharrell Williams, and many more. All of this just makes him more than an artist but a celebrator of hip hop as he is taking it forward through several mediums.

Tyler, The Creator in Personal Life

Tyler is not just a music lover but is also a great skateboarder and like collecting BMX bicycles. But things are not always good for him, he suffers from asthma which is why he carries inhalers on stage. He has also been under fire for his sexuality but he never was shy to talk about it and has made references in his music as well as a way to talk about it.

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