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Ultraman Season 3 Release Date Gets A Good News, As Netflix Renews It!

Also known as the Ultra Series, Ultraman is a comprehensive name for all the media that has been produced by Tsuburaya Productions featuring Ultraman, the myriad monsters, and his many brethren. The anime series is based on the manga of the same name by author Eiichi Shimizu and illustrator Tomohiro Shimoguchi.

The series is of the genre anime – science fiction and has two seasons so far. The series debuted in 2019. The anime Ultraman became a worldwide hit and was appreciated a lot by the viewers. It has also received many awards in Japan as well as worldwide. 

For your information, without the Ultraman franchise, other prominent shows or franchises of the Tokusatsu genre, like Power Rangers, Kamen Rider, and VR Troopers may not have existed today.

After the release of two seasons, the fans are eager to know all about season three. Read on to know about the information we have for the most awaited season three!

Ultraman Season 3 Release Date

The first season was released on 1st April 2019. It had 13 episodes. It was in 2019 itself that Netflix announced that there will be another season released soon. The second season of the series was released after a wait of three long years. As per the promise made by Netflix the second season of the series was released on 14th April 2022. The second season had only 6 episodes which makes the total count of the episodes of the whole series 19.

Unlike the second season which was released after a long time, the fans will not have to wait for a long time for the release of the third season. Netflix has confirmed the renewal of this anime series in 2023. So this is undoubtedly very exciting news for the fans of the series because they don’t have to wait a long time to watch the third season. The renewal of the second season is not a very big deal considering the craze people have for this anime. Anime has been a very youth success not only in Japan but across the world.

The exact date of the release is yet not known but since the second season was released in April we can expect the third one to be released sometime around April in 2023. No estimates can be made about the number of episodes because the first one had 13 episodes and the second one only had six episodes. So the difference between the number of episodes of the two seasons is a lot which makes it difficult for us to estimate the number of episodes that the third season is going to have.

So for more exact details, we will have to wait but the fact that the third season is going to be released in 2023 must be enough for you to contain your excitement!

Name of the ShowUltraman
Season NumberSeason 3
Ultraman Season 1 Release Date1 April 2019
Ultraman Season 3 Release DateRenewed (No Date)
Ultraman Season 3 Overview

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Ultraman Season 3 Story

Ultraman Season 3 Release Date
Ultraman Season 3

Let us now know about the story of this series which has very successfully captivated the interest of the viewers that they cannot just wait for the third season to release.

Season one of this series was sort of an origin story that featured Shinjiro, who is the son of the original Ultraman. He takes the place of his aging father, to fight all the evil forces who are attacking earth. This season revolves around Shinjiro coming to terms with his father’s reality that he was Ultraman and his determination to carry on his legacy.

Season two carries on the story from season one, continuing the legend of Ultraman. In season 2 people in New York start disappearing suddenly out of nowhere. Kotaro, who is a photographer, finds out the very shocking fact that some aliens have been making use of special camera devices to make people disappear.

Shinjiro was with Rena when an alien attack attracted his attention. Kotaro is present at the scene and sees a group of women dressed up as maids. As the fight between Shinjiro, Moroboshi, and the attacking alien gets more intense, one of the maids uses a device because of which everyone disappears into thin air. Only Moroboshi, Kotaro, and Izumi get left behind. Kotaro tries his best to find out about the strange group of people dressed as maids.

While trying to discover about the group of maids, he reaches their den where he sees the leader of the group, Maya, and also gets to know that Maya is planning to capture another Ultraman.

Agent Adad informs Moroboshi that he thinks that the disappearances are the work of Alien Wadoran, which is a species of aliens who are making use of the lives of humans so that they can sustain their own. He also briefs him about how they do this. The aliens make use of a life-energy camera to break down humans and eventually transport them to the Star of Darkness ship.

Kotaro on the other hand tries to capture the aliens by making their video but gets caught in the process. The video however reaches Moroboshi. The aliens are successfully able to capture Izumi and she also gets transported but when they try to capture Kotaro, the transportation fails and Kotaro ultimately becomes a fire-yielding alien.

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Jack reaches the spot as Ultraman and makes use of his powers to handle the situation. He uses another Ultraman suit to trap Kotaro to prevent a nuclear fission reaction which might have caused a lot of harm to everyone.

When all this was happening, Alien Pedan who is the leader of Star of Darkness, a terrorist organization, appeared. He sends a message to the people of the earth seeking a sacrifice of half the population so that he could be spared in return.

Kotaro gets back to his human form and helps Jack. When Jack declines to take Kotaro with him, Kotaro steals Jack’s Ultraman suit. He then goes to the location where the main unit is situated. It is that point through which the people are being transported.

Later on Jack, Kotaro and Moroboshi join hands to fight against evil and serve humanity.

The series is expected to take some very interesting turns in the third season as well. Because of how interesting and thrilling the second season is it is expected that the third season will be a lot more exciting. The unpredictable happenings in the series have made the audience more excited to watch the third season.

Keeping in mind how unpredictable the plot is in the first two seasons, we can only say that the story will move forward from the point where it ended in the second season. What exciting twist her season is going to bring for all of us cannot be determined yet until we at least get to watch the trailer.

Ultraman Season 3 Characters

Ultraman Season 3 Release Date
Ultraman Season 3

Let’s now have a look at the characters of the series. Ryohei Kimura is the character of Shinjiro Hayata. Hideyuki Tanaka is playing the character of Shin Hayata. Takuya Eguchi is in the series as Dan Moroboshi. Megumi Han is playing the role of Seiji Hokuto.

Apart from these main characters, we have some supporting characters as well who have done a commendable job in making this series a success.

The main characters are going to remain in the third season of the series as well. We might get to see some of the supporting characters in the third season while some may have been eliminated. What turns the plot of the third season is going to take determines whether there will be an introduction of new characters or not.

Since the series follows a very unpredictable plot new characters are likely to be introduced in the third season.

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Ultraman Season 3 Trailer

Trailers for the first and second seasons are available on YouTube. If you haven’t watched the series yet and you are planning to watch it, then to catch a glimpse of the story of the first and second seasons, you can watch the trailers.

As far as the third season’s trailers are concerned they are not available yet on YouTube because there is still time in the release. We can expect the trailers to be released a few days before the actual release date which has not yet been announced. So till then, you can watch the trailers of Season 1 and 2 or you can bench watch the two seasons.

Where To Watch Ultraman Season 3 Online?

As we have mentioned before in the article the series is available for streaming on the most popular OTT platform Netflix. The first two seasons are available on Netflix and therefore it is very obvious that the third season whenever it is released will also be available on the same platform. The viewers will therefore have to have access to this platform to be able to watch the third season.

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