Un Extrano Enemigo Season 3 Release Date Is Not Clear!

Spanish series has been receiving a lot of praise and love lately whether it is Money Heist or Elite. Most of them has been getting a lot of popularity and the viewers are enjoying the series too. So we have another series that has been the center of interest to the viewers, do you know the name of the series that I am talking about right now? Well, I am sure that you definitely know what I am talking about.

Un Extrano Enemigo also known as An Unknown Enemy is one of the popular Spanish series which is produced by Gabriel Ripstein and also directed by him. The executive producers are Marco Polo Constandse, Leopoldo Gomez, Priscilla Doncel Albores, Eduardo Clemesha, Stephenie Beauchef, Jose Nacif, Emilio Azcarraga Jean, and Avelino Rodriguez. There is one more interesting fact about this series is that Gabriel Ripstein is not the only author of this series, the other writers are Emma Bertrán, Silvia Jiménez, Moises Aisemberg, Juan Manuel Dartizio, Cristina Pesqueira, and Rodrigo Santos. If you want to know more about this series then find out everything below.

Un Extrano Enemigo Season 3 Release Date

Un Extrano Enemigo Season 3 Release Date

Un Extrano Enemigo is a very interesting political thriller Spanish television series that has only 2 seasons, for now, fans have been trying to get answers regarding the release date of Un Extrano Enemigo/ An Unknown Enemy season 3 but they are unable to find the answers related to it.

You will be kind of sad after knowing that there are no confirmed statements regarding the renewal of the third season of An Unknown Enemy. The first season got aired on October 2018 and it has 8 episodes in total the second season is not yet out, it is scheduled to be released on September 30, 2022.

It was confirmed in the year 2018 that An Unknown Enemy is renewed for a second season and after almost 4 years the second season is going to be released this is why we can not state anything related to the release date of the third season, even if it will be confirmed by the production team that there will be a third season of Un Extrano Enemigo we can not predict the exact release date of it. What do you think about the release date of An Unknown Enemy?

Name Of The ShowUn Extrano Enemigo
Season NumberSeason 3
Un Extrano Enemigo Season 1 Release Date2 October 2018
Un Extrano Enemigo Season 3 Release DateNot Announced

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Un Extrano Enemigo Season 3 Story

Well, it is kind of hard for us to predict the storyline of the third season as there is no confirmed statement regarding the third season and its storyline but for now, we can say that most probably the third season will be starting from the ending part of the second season, this is the only thing that we can assume right now, if we get any official statement regarding the third season we will update you as soon as possible so stay tuned for more updates.

Un Extrano Enemigo Season 3 Cast

The star cast for the third season is not yet confirmed but we can expect to see the star cast of the previous seasons in the third season. The overall star cast of Un Extrano Enemigo involves Daniel Gimenez Cacho as Fernando Barrientos, Roberto Duarte as Miguel Navarro, Antonio Da Le Vega as Luis Echeverria, Kristyan Ferrer Beto, Karina Gidi as Esperanza Barrientos, Alex Cox as Winston Scott, Andres Delgado as David, Suzanne Aguilera as Silvia, Jero Medina as Camilo, Omar Fierro as Hermenegildo Cuenca Diaz, Ruth Ramos as Isabel, Luis Calvillo as Lalo, etc.

Un Extrano Enemigo Season 2 Recap

Un Extrano Enemigo Season 3 Release Date

The second season is not yet released so we do not have any exact idea about the storyline of it but the overall story is about the life of the head of the Mexican secret agent, Fernando Barrientos, the story shows his ambition to achieve power and be more powerful but in this process, he has to get involved his hands in dirty works.

Un Extrano Enemigo Season 3 Trailer

There is no official trailer for the third season of An Unknown Enemy and for now we do not know any particular date when it will be out. You can watch the official trailer for the second season above.

Where To Watch Un Extrano Enemigo Season 3 Online?

Un Extrano Enemigo/ An Unknown Enemy is available on Amazon Prime Video, you can watch all the episodes there.

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