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Unveiling Knights of the Zodiac Main Villain

The world of Saint Seiya, where Knights of the Zodiac Main Villain. It is inspired by Greek and Nordic legends, don unique armors. The story unfolds around the latest incarnation of the goddess Athena and her devoted Saints. That embark on a quest to protect humanity from the evils of the gods. From the fallen Angel Lucifer to the formidable Goddess of Discord, Eris, Saint Seiya. It introduces a diverse array of adversaries challenging Athena and her courageous Saints.

Spanning the original anime and movies, Seiya and the Knights of the Zodiac face off against gods from Olympus, Asgard, and even the creator himself, along with fallen angels.  The saga is an epic journey through battles against divine forces that threaten the very fabric of existence.

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Knights of the Zodiac Main Villain

Seiya and the Knights of the Zodiac took on gods from Olympus, Asgard. It is even the big creator and fallen angels. Some were kind of easy to deal with, but others were seriously tough opponents. To watch Knights of the Zodiac Main Villain, you can check popular streaming platforms like Crunchyroll, Netflix, or Hulu.

Poseidon, God of the Sea: Knights of the Zodiac Main Villain

The god of the sea kidnaps the mortal reincarnation of Athena and issues a dire threat to flood the world incessantly. It is aiming to cleanse it of individuals perceived evils. This unfolds as the main conflict in the second arc.

Following the conclusion of the first chapter of the anime, the war against Poseidon commences. Determined to destroy the world by flooding it, Poseidon allows a delay when Athena sacrifices herself. Locked in a room gradually filling with water, Athena becomes a countdown mechanism for Seiya and his friends.

To reach Athena, the Saints must combat Poseidon’s generals, each representing one of the great seven seas. When Seiya and his comrades confront Poseidon, they discover his overwhelming power. With assistance from three Gold Saints (Sagittarius, Libra, and Aquarius), Seiya, Hyoga, and Shiryu come close to defeating him. Seiya’s use of the Golden Bow weakens Poseidon, ultimately leading to Athena trapping his soul in an amphora.

Gemini Saga: Knights of the Zodiac Main Villain

Treacherous Gold Saint perpetrates a heinous act by murdering. The representative of Athena and seizing leadership of the Saints. It establishes himself as the main adversary in the story’s initial arc.

As the most formidable Gold Saint of his generation. Saga’s duplicitous nature becomes a central element of his villainy throughout. The first major arc of the original Saint Seiya anime. After killing the genuine Grand Pope, he assumes the identity and controls Sanctuary for an extended period.

Saga grapples with a split personality. That featuring a light side loyal to Athena. It predominantly dominant dark side solely driven by a thirst for power. In a twist of fate, his demise unfolds when his light side briefly gains control. Horrified by the actions he was compelled to take; Saga chooses to end his own tragic saga.

God of War: Mars

The main villain in Saint Seiya: Omega is the God of War, Mars. His potent power of darkness leaves enduring effects on the original Saints. Once tainted by Mars’ ability, Shiryu, Hyoga, and even Seiya find themselves unable to freely burn their Cosmo. Any attempt to do so results in the darkness spreading further, ultimately leading to their demise. Shiryu is particularly impacted, losing all his senses.

Mars achieves the unthinkable by trapping Seiya in his realm. A predicament only resolved when Koga and the new Saints intervene. What elevates Mars as a formidable villain is his ability to gain the trust of numerous Saints. Turn them against Athena and her beliefs. In a dramatic turn, he forms an army of Saints and ascends to the position of the Grand Pope.

Artemis, Goddess of the Moon

The main villain in the final traditionally animated film of Saint Seiya, entitled Heaven – Overture, is Artemis. In the film, Artemis strikes a deal with Athena: she offers to heal Seiya. In exchange for Athena stepping down as the guardian of Earth, allowing Artemis to assume her role. Athena agrees, entering exile, and Seiya is healed.

Immediately, Artemis and her female Saints of the Sky seize control of Sanctuary. Upon learning the truth behind his healing, Seiya and his friends confront the forces of Zeus to reclaim what was taken from them. Artemis, displaying ruthlessness, employs every means at her disposal to maintain her hold on Sanctuary.

Phoebus Abel

Athena’s older brother and a deity of Mount Olympus. It emerges as the antagonist in the third Saint Seiya film, Legend of the Crimson Youth. Abel’s character is tragic; stripped of his birthright, he attempts to reclaim it but is cast aside by the other Gods. Despite sending Athena’s soul to the underworld for betrayal, his love for his younger sister remains unshakable.

Abel’s destructive actions and violence against humanity become the catalyst for Seiya and the Saints, leading to one of their most challenging battles. Notably, Abel is one of the few primary villains in Saint Seiya who directly engages in combat against Seiya himself. In the final confrontation, Athena awakens and joins Seiya and the remaining Saints. Together, they gather all their Cosmo, infusing it into the Golden Arrow. In which is then unleashed upon Abel, defeating him and saving humanity once more.

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