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Was Billy Milligan A Con Artist? Where Is He Now?

Billy Milligan is not a celebrity but why this person has always been seen trending on the internet? This person is definitely not a part of the entertainment industry but as he is a criminal who is also known as The Campus Rapist, people have been always curious to know about him. He is a rapist and a robber who was born on February 14, 1955 and died on December 12, 2014, due to cancer, his body was found in a nursing home in Columbus Ohio.

Billy Milligan started to grow many personalities since his childhood due to bad circumstances, why he is called a con artist and why people are asking this question, let’s learn about all these things in this article and you will also get to the gist of the documentary series, Monsters Inside: The 24 Faces of Billy Milligan which is based on the life of The Campus Rapist.

Was Billy Milligan a Con Artist?

Was Billy Milligan a Con Artist?
Billy Milligan

No, Billy Milligan was definitely not a con artist, you must be thinking why I am saying this with so surely, right? Well, first let us try to know why this question is being asked by many people. Everything starts with Billy Milligan himself, all the questions that people are curious to know about him are just related to him only and that question arises because of him too.

“Was Billy Milligan a Con Artist?” Let us find the right reason behind this question. Billy Milligan is one of the most notorious criminals in the history of crimes but what is more surprising about his case is that he didn’t plead guilty even though he had committed crimes, despite having a criminal record he didn’t get to witness the death penalty, I suppose you must be quite shocked to hear this, right?

Billy Milligan got arrested for his bad deeds but he escaped from the punishment because it was revealed that he had 24 personalities, we all know that there are people all around the world who have multi-personality disorders even though we have witnessed many criminals or serial killers who have multi-personality disorder but have you ever seen a popular and dangerous criminal for not getting punishment because of it?

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Well, I guess you have seen and if you have not seen anyone like that now you can say you are in the process of seeing someone like that, if you have not seen the documentary series based on the life of Billy Milligan then you should watch it to learn about Multi Personality Disorder and how Billy Milligan started growing more personalities.

When he didn’t plead guilty to his crimes due to his multi-personality disorder, many questions like this started to get the attention of the public and now that the documentary series about the life of Billy Milligan is out on Netflix, the viewers are now drawing their attention to all the details about Billy Milligan.

But the overall answer is that Billy Milligan was not a con artist he has 24 personalities which is why he was sent to the psychiatric hospital, in the documentary series you will also get to know about the point of view of the psychiatrist of Billy Milligan.

The Star Cast of Monsters Inside: The 24 Faces Of Billy Milligan

Was Billy Milligan a Con Artist?
Monsters Inside: The 24 Faces Of Billy Milligan

The cast of Monsters Inside: The 24 Faces Of Billy Milligan includes Anna Preston, Johanna McGinley, Jeff Jocoy, Eric Totel, Marylene Baranes, Dwight Woodward, Richard Vedder, Etienne Dumenil, Andrew Warna, Brian Schweickart, Frank Lavelle, Susan Prentice.

 Steven Duppenthaler, Judyth Box, Lewis Willaims, Roland Gori, Gerald Simmons, Jane. C Moriarty, John Kleberg, Mark Chidichimo, Alan Goldsberry, Willis Ziebell, Cinda Reid, Frederic Joignot, Dave McEachran, Ronald Litvak, Colin Ross, Marlene Kocan, Nikko Lennon, Robert Booker, George Eberts, Mark Ellis, George Harding.

David Malawista, Terry Sherman, Mikkel Borch- Jacobsen, Rob Baumgardt, Kathy Preston, Bob Ruth, Sheila Porter, Frank W Putnam, Allen J Frances, Bobby Lacer, Bernard Yavitch, Sharon Lansing, Jack Ward, Pam Flynn, Jamie Schemerbeckl and many more are there, you will find so many people in this documentary series, especially reporters and Detectives.

Where To Watch Monsters Inside: The 24 Faces Of Billy Milligan Online?

You can watch the documentary series based on the life of the rapist, Billy Milligan on Netflix, in simple words, Monsters Inside: The 24 Faces Of Billy Milligan is well-updated on Netflix, and all the episodes of this documentary series are available on Netflix, if you are a Netflix user then watching this series won’t be an issue for you. 

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