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Was It An Eclipse When Jeffrey Dahmer Died?

The Netflix series has the craziest worldwide fans. Often said that Netflix releases the best series from all over the world on the OTT platform. One who has a subscription is quite often addicted to the series and movies! Many documentary series are found on Netflix in recent times, one is “Dahmer- Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story”.

It is an American series released on 21 September 2022 on Netflix. It contains 10 episodes with a running time of around 45- 63 minutes. It is a crime, thriller, biographical, drama, and limited series. The series starred Evan Peters as Jeffrey Dahmer. The series was created by Ryan Murphy and Ian Brennan. It was edited by Stephanie Filo.

So, now if we talk about its story, it revolves around Jaffrey Dahmer, a notorious serial killer, and his victims. The series also tells us the story of how Jeffrey Dahmer was murdered when he was in Oxford Apartments, Milwaukee. The series is based on a true story.

Soon after its release, it ranked 1st PLACE on Netflix. Peters’ acting and the series both got positive responses from the fans. It got 8.3 out of 10 on IMDB.

The fans enjoyed the story and it received a lot of love.

Was It An Eclipse When Jeffrey Dahmer Died?

Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer was born in America on May 21, 1960and died on 21 November 1998. Jeffrey was a notorious killer, who killed 17 men and boys the year of 1978 and 1991.

Hard to believe that a serial killer got murdered? But that’s the fact!

Based on a true story about who was obsessed with African American men. He targeted those people and killed them. A maniac serial killer who loved killing people. He brutally killed his target. One who always killed others got killed himself one day.

Let’s see how the killer himself was murmured by his inmates! 

Jeffrey was imprisoned for his wrongdoings on July 22, 1991. He was not given the death penalty as Wisconsin, the first American to abolish Capital punishment in 1853. Capital punishment is a criminal is given the death penalty, which he abolished.

Owing to his inmates, he was kept in protective isolation for one year in prison. Later he got shifted with the 600- strong prisoner population.

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In 1992 a prisoner Christopher Scarver attempted to kill Jaffrey with a plastic spoon. Later by grabbing an opportunity, he killed Jaffrey at the age of 34. Along with Jeffrey he also killed a man named Jesse Anderson, who was also imprisoned on the charge of murdering his wife. 

The motive for killing both the men was not entirely clear. However, Scarver stated it was God who wanted them dead, so he killed them. He was imprisoned for 25 years on a charge of robbery and now got a life sentence after turning into a murderer.

Who Were Jaffrey’s Targets?

Was It An Eclipse When Jeffrey Dahmer Died?

 Serial killers often enjoyed killing people. They get different kinds of ease after brutally killing the people. They get addicted to a particular kind of person and often make those people their target and enjoy killing them. This is totally against the law and is illegal. Serial killers are mad and they target or kill people brutally.

Similar is the case with Jaffrey, who is a dangerous serial killer who targets and enjoys killing people. So let’s see what kind of people he likes killing the most!

Dahmer was a notorious serial killer, who primarily used to live in the Midwest. His targets were mostly young men and gay who were African American. He used to lure them by promising to give them money for their nude photographs. He then eventually drugs them and kills them.

After killing, he used to cannibalize their bodies and put them into jars as ‘trophies’.

He was the most dreadful and infamous killer of America. His first victim was ‘Steven Hicks’.

What Happened To Dahmer’s Victims?

Dahmer killed 17 victims between 1978- 1981. His first and second victims were murdered at his parent place at Ambassador Hotel, Milwaukee. He killed twelve of his victims at his North 25 apartment. At his grandparent’s West Allis residence, he killed and dismembered three of his victims. He kills the people and cannibalizes them in the trophies. It was the body shape that attracted Dahmer’s attention. 

Love watching serial killer movies and series? Yes! 

Then you should definitely go for this series, it will make your mind blow. And if already watched it, then you can watch it twice! It is worth watching and do share your reviews.

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