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Watamote Season 2 Release Date Canceled Or Confirmed?

Are you a die heart fan of anime series? If your answer is yes, then you’ve landed the right article. Poptimes is back with another article about anime series. No Matter How I Look at It, It’s You Guys’ Fault I’m Not Popular! is an anime series which is also well known by the name Watamote, and with its genres of Dark Comedy, Slice of life and Cringe comedy it was kinda famous among the viewers of anime. 

Japanese manga series Watamote, written by two other people under Nico Tanigawa. The series was serialized in the magazine named Gangan Online by the publisher Square Enix and for North American manga fans serialized by publisher Yen Press. In Japan, the series is running from August 4, 2011, till the present. An anime series was adapted for all the readers of manga on July 8, 2013. Season 1 has already concluded, viewers are hungry for further seasons. Will they get season 2 of Watamote? To learn more about updates of Watamote season 2 continue reading this article!

Watamote Season 2 Release Date

Watamote Season 2 Release Date

A Japanese anime series Watamote, directed by Shin Oonuma and well written by Takao Yoshioka. Makoto Itō, Toshiaki Tanaka, Nobue Osamu, Manami Watanabe, Kaho Yamada, Hayato Kaneko, Atsushi Aitani, and Masatoshi Ishizuka are the producers of Watamote. Under the production of Silver Link the series premiered on July 8, 2013, which broadcasted on networks TV Tokyo, AT-X, TV Aichi, and TV Osaka and ran till September 23, 2013, along with 12 episodes with the title “Since I’m Not Popular, I’ll Change My Image a Bit”; “Since I’m Not Popular, I’ll See My Old Friend”; “Since I’m Not Popular, the Weather’s Bad”; “Since I’m Not Popular, I’ll Have a Good Dream”; “Since I’m Not Popular, I’ll Boost My Skills”; “Since I’m Not Popular, I’ll Go See the Fireworks”; “Since I’m Not Popular, I’ll Enjoy Summer Vacation”; “Since I’m Not Popular, I’ll Put on Airs”; “Since I’m Not Popular, Summer Will End”; “Since I’m Not Popular, Second Term Is Starting”; “Since I’m Not Popular, I’ll Participate in the Culture Festival”; and “Since I’m Not Popular, I’ll Think About the Future” with one OVA “Since I’m Not Popular, I’ll Become an Enigma”. Over eight years have passed since audiences got season 1, and until now nothing is known about season 2 renewal or cancelation of the series.

Watamote Season 1 Release DateJuly 9, 2013
Watamote Season 1 End DateSeptember 24, 2013
Watamote Season 2 Release DateNot Confirmed

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Watamote Season 2 Story

The storyline of the series is adapted from the manga series, and only a few volumes were used in season 1, so the creators have more than enough content to make further seasons, but still, they are tight-lipped about season 2 renewal. Let’s read about the storyline of Watamote: the storyline revolves around a fifteen years old girl named Tomoko Kuroki, who always believed that she would become popular after entering high school. Despite her imaginary life, she has become an unsociable loner but still, she wants to become popular. But will she become popular? To know the whole storyline you need to watch the whole series. 

Watamote Season 2 Characters

Watamote Season 2 Release Date

It surely has one of the best character lists, and that’s why it is quite popular among fans of anime. However, it is pretty unclear about the characters list of season 2, but we can expect to see the same faces. The characters list of previous seasons is Tomoko Kuroki (Voiced by Izumi Kitta); Tomoko’s mother (Voiced by Risa Hayamizu); Tomoko’s father (Voiced by Ryō Iwasaki); Kii’s mother (Voiced by Aki Kaneda); Kiko Satozaki (Voiced by Rie Kugimiya); Kotomi Komiyama (Voiced by Kaori Mizuhashi); Yuu Naruse (Voiced by Kana Hanazawa); Akane Okada (Voiced by Ayaka Asai); Hina Nemoto (Voiced by Yūko Kurose); Suzuki (Voiced by Shūhei Iwase); Yoshinori Kiyota (Voiced by Kengo Takanashi); Hatsushiba (Voiced by Tomokazu Sugita) and many more. 

Watamote Season 2 Trailer

The trailer for the previous season of Watamote is already on the internet. We haven’t got any updates regarding the trailer of Watamote, as it is not renewed yet. Season 2 is quite unlikely to be released because many years have already passed. 

Where To Watch Watamote Season 2?

You can watch Watamote on Crunchyroll, and do let us know your reviews about the series in the comment section. Until then stay connected with ThePoptimes for more such articles!

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