We Are Lady Parts Season 2 Release Date Is Here!

We Are Lady Parts Season Trailer

This is a British Sitcom TV series that made its debut last year. Written and directed by Nida Manzoor, the series was produced by John Pocock. Rated 8 by IMDb, 78% audience vote from Rotten Tomatoes, and 4.7/ 5 audience rating, the season surely hit the rocks. Those who watched the series really appreciated the storyline and characters’ roles. All just said two words, ‘Simply wonderful’. So, if you haven’t yet watched the drama, well do watch it now. The series was recently nominated for two Gotham Awards as well. 

Now, getting back to the million-dollar question. After such a successful series audiences are wondering whether the series will have a comeback. Well, your hunches may be true. So, keep reading. 

For the ones who are alien to this sitcom. You too go through this page, watch the trailer and then quickly start streaming this outstanding drama. The comedy-drama filled with music and also focusing on the crux of society will surely send a message to your heart at the end of the day. 

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We Are Lady Parts Season 2 Release Date

The series’ first originated back in 2018, then it started premiering for seasons on 20th May 2021. As far our sources confirmed, Pocock officially announced that the new season is on its way. This was confirmed on Monday. Now, this piqued the interest of the audience who are now certain. But sadly, the date has not been announced nor has there been any news about its official air date. The first season made its way last year after the release of the pilot back in 2018. So, we are also not sure how much time the season renewal will take. 

So, like you, we can only hope for a comeback this year, or the year ahead at the most. And since Pocock itself announced the news. You can hope that if things go as planned then the new season may arrive at the most by early 2022 or late 2023. Channel 4 has announced that the new season will make its way soon. 

We Are Lady Parts Season 2 Story

We Are Lady Parts Season 2 Release Date
We Are Lady Parts

If you remember that the first season ended with Amina regaining her confidence. She is now proud and confident to perform now on live with the rest of her bandmates. She doesn’t get dizzy or nervous anymore. You also witnessed the band trying to cool down the steam after the release of the article. The article has the power to dampen their reputation and break the band once and for all. 

In the next season you will get to see Amina’s love life taking a new turn. Also enjoy the pace at which her band scores new heights while her family and friends remain awed at her. The way she plays makes everyone stunned. If things shape out well, you will get to hear more of Manzoor siblings play. 

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So, keep your fingers crossed as the new season makes its way to the OTT. 

Moving on, for those who haven’t watched the drama yet let me pitch you guys about the plot. 

We Are Lady Parts Season 1 Story

We Are Lady Parts Season 2 Release Date
We Are Lady Parts

A group of Muslim music lovers and makers come together to form a women’s band, ‘Lady Parts’. Joining together with the aspiration to create a gig, watch Amina Hossain, a PhD student leading the band. As the lead guitarist she and her fellow bandmates create lively tracks which will cheer your heart. 

The season runs for approximately 24 mins with a total of 6 episodes. 

Enjoy the show this winter with your cappuccino. 

We Are Lady Parts Season 2 Cast

Watch Anjana Vasan in the role of Amina Hossain, our lead actress. Also watch; Sarah Kameela Impey as Saira, and Faith Omole as Bisma. You will also get to see other actors screening in this show. 

Where To Watch We Are Lady Parts?

The show was originally premiered by Channel 4. So, you can stream the show there. You can also give the show a watch on Peacock TV

Well, folks with this you have finally reached the end. Watch the show online and if you already have watched the series then wait for the season to premiere new episodes soon. Meanwhile, hop in to read other updates added by us daily. 

Bye for now!

Happy Watch! 

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