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When To Expect We Are The Champions Season 2 Release Date?

We Are The Champions is a US Tv reality show. This show showcases many different weird competitions held around the world. The contests in We Are The Champions are quirky and exciting. The participants are passionate, determined, and skilled. This show is not only engaging but also knowledgeable. The first episode of We Are The Champions show was released on 17 November 2020. In 2021, the show also got Emmy nominations in the sports category: Sports Emmy Award for Outstanding Edited Sports Series and Sports Emmy Award for Outstanding Long Form Editing.

In season 1, there were different competitions filmed, from quirky to bizarre. The first episode is about the Cheese Rolling Competition. In this competition, the participants were supposed to chase a wheel of cheese down the hill. Next to this is the Chili Eating Competition. In this competition, the participants tried to eat the Caroline Reaper Pepper. The third one is the Fantasy Hairstyling Competition. In this competition, only the skilled stylists were the participants who were supposed to create fantasy sculptural hairstyles in just 90 minutes.

The fourth one is about Yo-Yo Competition. This competition was held in Cleveland, Ohio, where Yo-Yo masters were supposed to build mesmerizing routines and rack up tricks to win. The next was the Dog Dancing Competition. Here, the trained dogs perform over 400 commands in just 4 minutes. The last competition was the Frog Jumping Competition. It took place in California where the frogs tried to break the record of Rosie the Riveter. The winner gets 500 US dollars.

We Are The Champions, directed by Brian Golden Davis, Martin Desmond Roe, and Rainn Wilson is a light-hearted docu-series show. This show has a 7.1 rating on IMDb. The concept of this show makes it unique. We Are The Champions celebrates human quirkiness. This show has successfully grabbed the attention of the audience. Since its release on Netflix in November 2020, the audience is craving for the next season.

We Are The Champions Season 2 Release Date

We Are The Champions Season 2 Release Date
We Are The Champions 

The first season of We Are The Champions was released on Netflix in 2020. It consists of 30-min long six episodes. In these six episodes, the six weirdest competitions from all over the world are filmed. Because of its unique concept, the show has received good reviews. Therefore, it is very likely that there will be a season 2. However, it has been two years since we heard anything concerning the renewal of the series. So, at this moment we are not sure whether the series will be returning to the screens or not. Apart from it, neither the streaming platform nor the makers have said any official word about the second installment. Earlier it was being speculated that season 2 by 2022 but now it seems like the makers are not planning for it as of now and so our expectations say that We Are The Champions season 2 might get a release date of 2023.

Name Of The ShowWe Are The Champions
We Are The Champions Season 1 Release Date17 November 2020
We Are The Champions Season 2 Release DateNot Announced Yet
We Are The Champions Season 2 Release Date

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We Are The Champions Season 2 Story

We Are The Champions Season 2 will showcase some new weird competitions across the globe. Like season 1, Rainn Wilson is the one expected to narrate the entire season 2. There will only be new participants. The duration of the show is supposed to be 30 minutes long. It will consist of six episodes showcasing six different weird competitions. In season 2, the competitions will be quirkier and more exciting than in season one.

We Are The Champions Season 2 Cast

We Are The Champions Season 2 Release Date
We Are The Champions 

Rainn Wilson: We Are The Champions Season 2 Narrator

Rainn Wilson was the narrator for the episodes of We Are The Champions Season 1. Rainn is best known for playing the role of Dwight Schrute in The Office, for which he also got nominated for the Emmy Awards. He has worked in many different shows over the years. Rainn Wilson is also the co-founder of SoulPancake (a digital media company). It is a high possibility that Rainn Wilson will be the narrator again for We Are The Champions Season 2.

We Are The Champions Season 2 Trailer

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, many movies and shows faced problems. We Are The Champions show was the one expected to release in November 2021. But due to the restriction, the competitions also got canceled. As of now, the release dates are not announced. The official renewal of the show is not fixed. It is highly possible that the show might get renewed when the situation gets better.

Where to Watch We Are The Champions Season 2?

We Are The Champions Season 1 is available for streaming on Netflix. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many shows faced problems in production. Also, the competitions were canceled. Season 2 might get released when the situation gets better. When the next season will be released, it will probably stream on Netflix.

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