What Are The Origins Of The Titans In Attack On Titan?

Whether you watch anime or not, you must have heard about Attack on Titans. Attack on the Titans has a mega fan following. Not only a manga, but it also has its own anime series and live-action tv series. This super famous Japanese manga series is created by Hajime Isayama. Attack on Titan was first serialized in Kodansha’s monthly shōnen manga magazine. Since then it has only gone uphill. The fandom has grown and grown. Now it has almost become a tight-knit family.
Set in a dystrophic world, the series follows the story of Eren Jaeger. Humanity now lives behind protective walls. Cities have three giant protective walls to protect the humans from giant humanoids who prey on humans called Titans. These Titans appeared for the first time almost 100 years ago. Since then they have only caused problems for humans. However, the long-standing walls are brought down by one Titan who smashes through them. This leads to chaos and madness. Titans invade and destroy Eren’s hometown and devour everyone. Eren witnesses the death of his mother at the hands of the Titans. With the help of a few remaining friends who managed to survive, Eren enrolls in the army and vows to kill all Titans once and for all. Thus the story begins.
The most asked question when it comes to Attack On The Titans is about the origin of the Titans. Fans have had this question for a long time. And today we will discuss exactly that. Let’s get into the details of the origin of these large humanoid creatures who have almost caused the extinction of humanity.

What Are The Origins Of The Titans In Attack On Titan?

What are the origins of the titans in Attack on Titan?
What are the origins of the titans in Attack on Titan?

There are several theories about the origin of the Titans. However, Hajime Isayama has given clear answers in the manga series Attack on Titans. The inhabitants of Paradis were originally made to believe that Titans appeared 107 years before the year 850. They almost lead to the mass extinction of humans. But the truth behind this is found out much later in the series. Titans were originally humans who were transformed into Titans nearly 2000 years ago.
The history of the origin of Titans is very detailed and interesting. It all starts 2000 years ago with a slave named Ymir. She discovered a tree that had an entrance. As she was fleeing from her masters, the Eldians, she fled into the tree not knowing there was a pit full of water inside the tree. Unaware, she fell into the pit and started sinking.

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At this instant, a spine-like entity attached itself to her back. This did save her life but she was transformed into the first-ever Titan. Now you must be wondering what this spine-like creature is? Well, the manga says that this organism was one of the first to appear on the creation of the Earth. It roamed beneath the deep seas before finding Ymir. Thus Ymir and this creature shared a symbiotic relationship. It gave Ymir power and strength and the creature was able to reproduce on Earth.
After acquiring her new powers, she returned to the Eldians and served her master, Fritz. She fell in love with King Fritz completely forgetting that he was responsible for her parents’ death. Ymir bore Fritz three daughters. When Ymir died, her daughters devoured her body on orders of Fritz to keep the power intact. Later on, the original power of Ymir was divided into nine creating the Nine Titans. Eldia used these Nine Titans to conquer Marley and expand the Eldian territory.

The Nine Titans were distributed among the nine noble families of Eldia. The head of these nine families remained the Fritz family who maintained their power with the Founding Titan.
However, after 1700 years of this situation, Karl Fritz who came in possession of the Founding Titan chose to abandon this conflict. This led to the Great Titan War. And the Marleys seize this opportunity to invade and take back the continent. The King and several others fled to Paradis for protection. They used Colossus Titans to build three walls around themselves for protection.
In the later years, Marley used titan spinal fluid to transform undesirable subjects into Titans to roam the Paradis island beyond the walls. These are the Pure Titans.

Well, now that we know the origin of the Titans aren’t you curious to know their end too?
Well, we will talk about that too. The manga states that all the Titans were brought back to their human forms. This happened after Eren was killed by Mikasa and Ymir, the original Titan, decides to let go of her powers. The series does have a pretty satisfying ending. Thus we now know the origin and the end of the Titans and how they were created. Let’s get into some more details about them.

Physiology of the Titans

What are the origins of the titans in Attack on Titan?
What are the origins of the titans in Attack on Titan?

The writer has created Titans keeping in mind all the criteria. They are giant humanoids who devour humans. The characters in the series also appear to do a lot of research on the Titans. So we have a lot of information regarding the Titans. These giants stand as tall as 12 to 15 meters. They resemble their human forms a lot. Except for some gross deformities in some parts of their body. The one characteristic feature of Titans is their exceptionally large mouths with an array of entirely straight or entirely flat teeth. Given their size, they have exceptional strength and muscular body features. Even females lose their feminine body features and only have muscular structures. They lack any kind of reproductive organs. It is seen that they derive their strength from the sun. Even though they devour humans but they do not require food for the extremely high levels of activity and body heat.

All these parameters are only applicable for Pure Titans. The Nine Titans do not require the sun for energy. They also possess great strength, agility, and intelligence. Their reason to consume humans is pretty spine-chilling too. The Nine Titans were originally humans who inherited Ymir’s powers. So they consume humans in the hopes of regaining their humanity. Another very interesting fact about titans is their ability to regenerate. They can regenerate body parts lost in battles. This made it very difficult to kill them in battles. The only way to kill a titan is by slicing through the nape of their neck.
Titans are usually very dumb and easy to capture and put down. They don’t show much intelligence. The only purpose of Titans it seems is to wander about and devour humans right then and there. So it is easy to track them and kill them if you know the correct technique. Some Titans could withstand agonizing pain even impalement to the heart. But others writhed in pain and screamed out.
One of the characters, Mike Zacharias was able to smell Titans. This denotes that they also had some sort of smell.

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Types of Titans

What are the origins of the titans in Attack on Titan?
What are the origins of the titans in Attack on Titan?

Till now, we mainly know of three types of Titans. These are the Pure Titans, The Nine Titans, and Abnormals. Pure Titans are most common. They are usually dumb and easy to trick and kill. The more powerful variants are the Nine Titans and Abnormals. The Nine Titans were originally humans who inherited Ymir’s powers directly. Thus they can transform into Titans. They have special abilities and intelligence. All the Nine Titans have distinct names and abilities. The Founding Titan is the creator of all. It has the ability to create new titans and control them. It can change and manipulate the bodies of children of Ymir. Eren comes in possession of the Founding Titan.

The Armoured Titan has patches of armor on its body. Thus making it very difficult to kill them. The Attack Titan can receive memories of the past, present, and future. Eren possesses this Titan from the very beginning to the end of the series. Beast Titans can take the shape of animals. Zeke possesses a Beast Titan which takes the form of an ape. Other titans are the Cart Titan, Female Titan, Colossal Titan, Jaw Titan, and War Hammer Titan. Apart from the Pure Titans and The Nine Titans, there are also the Abnormals. They are basically Pure Titans but with some form of abnormality. This allows them more strength and sometimes even intelligence. They can also communicate with humans. Their other abilities include running, leaping, speed walking, etc. Sometimes they ignore humans to move to more congested areas in order to create more chaos. It is terrifying.

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Attack On Titans Characters

What are the origins of the titans in Attack on Titan?
What are the origins of the titans in Attack on Titan?

Titans were once humans. So there is no doubt that some humans can also become Titans and have the ability to control Titans. One such character is Zeke Yeager. Due to his royal blood, he could control Titans by screaming after injecting his victims with his spinal fluid. The protagonist of the series, Eren Jaeger can also transform himself into a sentient Attack Titan. He can also control other titans. Reiner Braun and Bertholt Hoover are also Titans. Reiner is an Armored Titan and Bertholt is a Colossal Titan. Apart from them, Ymir, who is a new Survey Corps Graduate can also transform into a sentient Jaw Titan. There are other characters who can turn into Titans, some can control Titans too.
Other notable characters of the series are Mikasa Ackerman, Levi, Armin Arlert, Historia Reiss, Erwin Smith, Annie Leonhart, etc.

Where to Watch Attack On Titan?

You can watch Attack On Titan on Hulu.

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