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What did Spanian Go to Jail For ?: Know the Truth!

After becoming well-known as a rapper, gangster, jailbird, and preserver of obscure Sydney folklore, Spanian is trying to turn his enormous social media audience into a new media powerhouse. Thousands of people follow him on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, where he shares his sermons on “hood logic,” street philosophy, fitness advice, and a diverse mix of music and narrative.

The 35-year-old was raised in what he calls “a total culture of drugs and criminality” between Woolloomooloo and Redfern. He claims that these two things have always been there, and he finds it difficult to recall any aspects of his childhood in his neighbourhood that did not involve heroin addiction or the crimes that encouraged it. 

What did Spanian Go to Jail For?

Inquiries about Spanian’s prison sentence are common. In actuality, a lot of what Spanian did was a mirror of his family. He just followed their example and lived a life of crime. He began his criminal career at the age of twelve, launching a campaign of devastation and mayhem that lasted for ten years. It included everything from stealing to stabbings to drug sales.

Spanian considers his life of crime in his book, Spanian: The Unfiltered Hood Life. He describes how, in the vicinity of the casino, he would rob individuals by stealing their luggage. Since his mother’s apartment was quite near to the casino, he used to hurry inside and kick over a milk container so he could secure the door behind him and prevent anyone pursuing him from entering.

For a while, he was rather successful at doing this. But one day he noticed an Asian man leaving the casino with a suitcase. The Spaniard contends that this had all the makings of a large casino winner. Things went differently this time. His mother wasn’t present when he grabbed the suitcase and attempted to flee into her apartment building.

He attempted an apartment above several girls he knew. At that moment, none of them was at home. The Asian guy started chasing, and the cops encircled the entire place. In a room full of stinking containers and sacks, a Spaniard went undercover. He was apprehended and put in the juvenile hall there. He ultimately spent more than 12 years entering and exiting juvenile facilities.

What is Spanian: The Unfiltered Hood Life 

The Unfiltered Hood Life is a single-minded view of the ups and downs of the turbulent life of a Spaniard, narrated in the casual first-person narrative of the crime lord turned rapper/social media star; emphasis is placed on the word “unfiltered.” The Unfiltered Hood Life sets out to chronicle the boyhood to hood life to “Hood Oos” journey, paired with the informal expression style of journalist and fellow hip hop artist Christopher Kevin Au. It also makes nuanced observations about socioeconomic disadvantage, poverty and polarization, Australia’s criminal and social systems, as well as the inevitable institutionalization of youth.

The Unfiltered Hood—a narrative that centres on Woolloomooloo—and the iconic Greater Sydney Inner Sydney map keys are both helpfully provided. Life opens with a crime-based story about a car seat that was taken from Jimmy Barnes, and it closes with the possibility of further crimes, which unravels the uneasiness and just almost manages to slide into criminality in between.

Spanish talks about his connection with his mother, who struggles as a young mother to raise both him and his teenage Uncle Tony without his father; the latter two men were the ones that encouraged Spanishn’s entry into the world of crime. It’s interesting to note that Spanian never assigns blame or offers an explanation for this in his memory. He is only recounting his early years and life, much like a friend might over a beer, occasionally deviating into tales of ghosts and horrific experiences. 

Who is Spanian?

Spanish is a hip-hop artist who resides in Sydney. Well-known for capturing the tone of his generation and neighbourhood Spanish was a criminal for more than a decade, having done time in jails and boys’ homes. Spanian started to formally pursue a rap career in 2018 after starting to rap privately at the age of 16. He conveys the culture and feeling of his background via his songs.

His early adult life was characterized by periods of incarceration for drug-related offences, and he spent a large portion of his adolescent years in boyhood homes. His total incarceration time was twelve years. Starting his hip-hop career as a young prisoner who loved Tupac, he rose to prominence in Australia’s close-knit local scene with lyrics that catered to its grimier obsessions, such as drug peddling, breaking, and shattering cunts.


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