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What Episode Does Naruto Meet Killer Bee?

Hello and Welcome Back guys! Hope you are binge watching more and more anime and web series to kill your boredom. With anime and manga, you can never really feel bored. Can you now? 

Naruto and Boruto!! Literally who doesn’t know them! What about you? Do you know them? If not the latter, you at least know the former right? Yes or no!! Well, if you know or not or unsure for that, matter. Don’t worry we will give you a sneak peek to this persona and answer the question that has been hitting you. 

Let’s first look into who this persona is, whose name I am constantly taking. 

Is Naruto Worth Watching?


You don’t have to answer now. Just keep following this article to recapitulate and tone down your curiosity. 

Naruto or Naruto Uzamaki from the Uzumaki clan is a shinobi. Born with nine tails, he resided in the Hidden Leaf village. He was born and brought up there. He was shunned throughout his childhood because of his nine tails, considering he was a nine tailed fox, but his day and night hard work turned him into one of the most powerful Ninja of the Leaf Village. 

I will move on with the fact, you already know his story and background. But still I will just share a quick sneak peek as promised. 

When Naruto was just born a powerful nine tailed monster was wreaking havoc in the village, killing hundreds. In order to stop him and save the people of the village. The leader of the village sacrificed his life for the sake of the village and sealed the nine tailed beast inside Naruto, who was just born. 

This was the sole reason for his troubled childhood. Not only did he face trouble making friends but ended up having many enemies too. 

But this again became the reason that led Naruto to achieve the power and become a powerful Ninja. 

If you want to know more about Naruto and follow his adventurous tales. You can read the manga available online or you can even buy it from your nearest store. In order to watch the anime, you can visit; Netflix, Funimation or Crunchyroll

Now, let’s look into the answer to the title.

What Episode Does Naruto Meet Killer Bee?

Naruto Meet Killer Bee
Naruto Meet Killer Bee

If you are watching the anime, you will find the meeting of the duo taking place in episode 244. The name of the episode is, Killer Bee and Motoi. 

In this episode, Naruto confronts Motoi and asks about Bee’s abilities and also his ability to overcome his dark sides. Although hesitant but later on seeing the seriousness in Naruto and being Bee’s childhood friend, he tells him everything. So, both Naruto and Yamato got to hear about Killer Bee’s past from Motoi. 

Motoi adds that his father was killed because of the eight tails so he hated them and this hatred turned towards Bee. He even tried to kill Bee but thanks to Bee’s power to recognize him so Bee escaped his attacks twice. 

Now, while he was telling them all these things, a giant squid attacked him. Yamato tried to refrain squid from attacking and Naruto didn’t raise his sword because, he thought it was Bee in guise. As Motoi gets captivated by the giant Squid the real Killer Bee suddenly is seen entering the scene to save Motoi. 

This surprised Motoi to the core who tried to kill Bee not once but twice. To this Bee cheerfully responded that he doesn’t remember Motoi attacking him but rather he saw the good in him and cherishes those moments. 

This episode ended with the fist bump between the duo which is considered one of the killer scenes of the entire show. I cried over it!!! Can’t help it now folks it’s too emotional right.

So, long story short. This is where Naruto and Killer Bee meet each other. I hope this helped to answer your question. I tried keeping the article precise and short to capture your interest and also for your easy understanding.

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