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What happened to Jeff and Shaleia?

After watching the three-part Netflix series on this contentious online community, you may be wondering about Jeff and Shaleia Divine’s current whereabouts and whether they are facing any criminal or civil charges, given the group’s alleged exploitation of helpless people seeking love in exchange for money—possibly thousands of dollars.

Twin Flames Universe presents itself as a spiritual notion based on the idea that each person has a “twin flame,” or counterpart, for their soul. Twin flames are those who hold that two sides of one soul, split apart prior to birth, are destined to rejoin in this lifetime in order to reach spiritual enlightenment.

Under the direction of Jeff and Shaleia, the Twin Flames Universe group provides instruction, training, and support to anyone searching for and reuniting with their twin flame. They stress how important it is to take care of oneself, deal with old wounds, and learn self-love as crucial measures in being ready to meet one’s twin flame.

What happened to Jeff and Shaleia?

After the severe scrutiny from the Netflix documentary “Escaping Twin Flames,” Jeff and Shaleia Ayan are still running the Twin Flames Universe out of Michigan. The pair maintains its spiritual community and continues to provide books, seminars, and coaching despite criticisms of their teachings and accusations that they run a cult-like group. They adamantly deny any wrongdoing. Despite constant criticism and threats of legal action, they continue to promote the idea of finding one’s “twin flame” through their internet platform, claiming that their actions are morally and legally acceptable.

As Jeff and Shaleia Divine, formerly Jeff and Shaleia Ayan, they continue to be involved in Twin Flames Universe, leading coaching sessions and sharing their twin flame-centered philosophy. Despite the issues, investigations, and current Netflix documentary, their online presence on social media and their website persists and continues to draw fans.

Who are Jeff and Shaleia ? 

The pair, who go by the names Jeff and Shaleia Divine, are the creators of Twin Flames Universe, a spiritual community that claims to provide “the route home to eternal love.”

Investigation journalist Sarah Berman claims in the series that Jeff has always had different business ideas and has aspired to be a millionaire. In an effort to position himself as a lifestyle expert, Jeff changed his name to Ender Ayanethos in 2011 and relocated to Hawaii after earning his business degree. Jeff and Shaleia met online, got married, and relocated to Michigan together in a few years. During that period, they launched several websites devoted to discovering genuine love and spiritual healing. 

While working with a spiritual teacher, Shaleia changed her name from Megan Plante, which was her birth name, to Shaleia. The person who truly initiated Jeff’s journey towards spiritual awareness and New Age practices. 

The series also explains how vulnerable online groups, such as message boards devoted to those seeking assistance for medical and mental ailments, were the focus of Jeff and Shaleia’s recruiting. Former group members recount incidents of psychological and emotional assault and manipulation in Escaping Twin Flames, including vocal berating by Jeff. According to former members who were featured in the documentary, Jeff and Shaleia would benefit from the programs they built, which they were supposed to construct through voluntary effort. 

What is Twin Flames ? 

Jeff and Shaleia Ayan created the online community Twin Flames Universe, which centers on the idea of “twin flames,” who are said to be the epitome of soulmates who have the same spirit. The platform places a strong emphasis on the pursuit of a “twin flame union,” which is defined as a spiritual condition in which a person is united with and devoted to their twin flame. In addition to spiritual counsel and relationship and love teachings, the group offers coaching, training sessions, and courses with the goal of assisting people in reaching this “Harmonious Union” with their purported twin flame. 

The tenet of Twin Flames Universe is that each person has a soulmate with whom they were meant to be, and Jeff and Shaleia, the platform’s creators, assert that they possess spiritual gifts that allow them to verify the relationship between each person and their twin flame.

Despite the criticism and accusations they have received regarding their principles and community practices, their internet presence offers tools, workshops, and resources that support the search for and upkeep of this spiritual connection.


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