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What Happened to Tony Blair After the Crown

Tony Blair’s tenure as Prime Minister underwent intense controversy beyond The Crown’s portrayal. So What Happened to Tony Blair After the Crown?  He faced public backlash and war crime accusations post-Iraq War, a stark contrast to the flattering image the show presents. Blair’s real legacy is complex; post-2005. The witnessed a significant decline in public opinion, resigned, and confronted serious allegations, challenging the idealized version depicted in The Crown.

What Happened to Tony Blair After the Crown

In the early days of his Prime Ministership, Tony Blair enjoyed widespread popularity, as reflected in The Crown. Regrettably, Blair’s standing plummeted post-Iraq War, and public sentiment remained unfavorable following his resignation. In 2016, Sir John Chilcot, a civil servant, released the Chilcot Report after a seven-year inquiry, concluding that Blair hadn’t exhausted all peaceful options before deploying troops to Iraq.

This confirmation fueled public outrage, branding Blair a war criminal. The Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Commission declared him guilty of crimes against humanity alongside former U.S. President George Bush. Although the London High Court ruled Blair’s actions didn’t breach UK law, the damage to his legacy was irreversible. Upon his return to UK politics, over a third of respondents in a poll deemed him a war criminal.

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The Crown’s portrayal of Tony Blair is not entirely accurate?

The Crown season 6 depicts Blair as a highly popular Prime Minister with modernization plans causing tension with the Queen. It is mirroring real events. In Episode 6, “Ruritania,” the Queen seeks Blair’s advice after Princess Diana’s death, discovering his ideas are more radical than she prefers. This aligns with Blair’s actual goal to modernize the monarchy, creating friction with the tradition-loving Queen. The show accurately portrays Blair’s challenging Women’s Institute speech in 2000, where he faced heckling.

However, liberties were taken with Blair’s portrayal, dramatizing tensions for effect. The Crown simplifies Blair as a young radical against the Queen’s tradition, overlooking his moderate approach in reality. Right now you can watch The Crown on Netflix or Netflix basic with Ads. Despite this oversimplification, the show’s portrayal may be a relief for Blair, given the less flattering public opinion he faces currently.

Blair’s Downfall: The Iraq War and Controversial Deals

After a decade in office, Tony Blair announced his resignation as Prime Minister and Labour leader on June 27, 2007. The primary catalyst for his downfall was the Iraq War, a decision deeply unpopular with the British public. Despite widespread opposition, Blair’s commitment to the 2003 invasion significantly eroded his popularity, as many deemed it an unjust and prolonged conflict.

Blair’s decision to send British forces into Iraq led to a massive downturn in public opinion, with lasting consequences. The war remained a focal point of criticism, and the British public never forgave him for involving the country in what was perceived as an ill-advised military intervention.

Another factor contributing to Blair’s fall was controversy surrounding an alleged deal with Gordon Brown in the 1990s. Supposedly, Brown stepped aside, allowing Blair to lead the Labour Party in exchange for the position of Chancellor. The Exchequer and unprecedented power over domestic affairs. Despite denials from both Blair and Brown, the alleged deal left a lasting mark on their political partnership.

What Happened to Tony Blair After the Crown Career Since Being PM

After resigning, Blair assumed the role of special envoy to the Middle East, representing the quartet of the U.S., the EU, the UN, and Russia. The aim was to enhance relations between Israel and Palestine. While he proposed an initiative for Palestinian rights in 2008, he left the position in 2015 without achieving substantial success. In 2017, he reentered politics to oppose Brexit and counter the leftward shift of the Labour Party but declared he wouldn’t seek a parliamentary seat.

In the same year, Blair founded the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change. A non-profit focusing on strengthening moderate politics in a polarized climate. He clarified that the Institute’s goal was not to form a new party. Blair also served as a consultant on political and economic trends, holding advisory roles at JPMorgan Chase and advising the Kazakhstan government.

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