What Is Anime Art? What Are The Most Popular Anime?

For many decades anime series and Manga series became an eye-catching part of kids’ life who grew up. Anime characters are one of the noticeable influences on kids’ life. We all see anime and read Manga series but have we ever thought about what anime is? What is the history behind the formation of the creation of Anime? What Is Anime Art? Here’s what we know.

There is a long history behind the formation and creation of Anime. Anime is not only the one that has been shown on TV or silver screen but also the paperback one called anime which has been popularly called Manga or Manhwa series. So today let’s talk about everyone’s favourite Anime not, the series or film but the authentic anime art. 

What Is Anime Art?

Anime is a true form of art. Art means the creation of creativity through imagination and visualization. Art doesn’t only mean painting or sketching but art includes painting colours, singing, dancing, reading, sketching, and representing a visualization that reflects the rich culture of a place or community.  

Anime is also included in the rich culture of art among several unit creations of human beings and nature anime has its place. 

The first anime was created in the form of comics. But anime comics came into existence after the world war. The American comics came into existence far before that in 1918. So the Japanese comics which we call anime were new in the comic world at that time and it was hard to adapt because of the language barrier but the stories are enough to make them famous and their own country. With time, Japanese anime was successful in making its place in the world of comics where the biggest comic company was already ruling Marvel.

The uniqueness of Japanese anime comes with its stories which have a very strong genre and the characters of the stories are very connected and represent the genre. The handmade sketches in Japanese anime make it more unique and watchable for the readers. 

After World War 2 Japan started to attack different cultures and their art with their literature and studies. Like that only the first came familiar with the word anime which is a French word in real life but Japan adapted it to express the meaning of the comics they’re creating. The meaning of Anime is alive or animated.

Anime had been defined as the manifestation of art through which the story had been told and described along with the images that have been drawn with the hand which make it the whole sum of rare and unique entertainment. Even the Japanese Government has given the certificate of being anime as their cultural art. This was a great achievement for anime to get certified as a cultural art in a country.

When talking about anime, there are different types of anime. These anime signify that anime is a rich form of art. It not only comes with a single variation but a variety of species and forms. If we are talking about any art then we should talk about how many types and how much anime is rich in culture and art.

7 Types Of Most Popular Anime

There are more than 7 types of Anime but every type or form is not as popular as these 7 types that we are going to talk about. The ten types of Anime which will be described in the following are the most popular and the most used ones for stories and animation series and films. So 7 types of most popular anime are:

Kawaii Art Styles

What Is Anime Art?
Kawaii art styles

Every art form is known for its expression of what it expresses and visualizes through its creation. Like the dark colour stands for seriousness and depth of something just like that the bright colours visualize happiness and calmness. Similarly, Anime has many forms through which it Expresses many emotions or expressions through it. A particular anime style is known for its expression and the illustration it tries to convey. Kawaii art styles are known for the expression of cuteness and childlike appearance. 

This particular anime style comes up with bright colours and stories with the genre cuteness and happiness. The characters in this style of Anime are drawn with big doe Eyes and cute hairstyles and dressed in bright colourful costumes. The main significance of these characters is their head, a head usually big compared to the size of their body. Kawaii word in Japanese means cuteness and happiness that’s why this anime style is named Kawaii.

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Realistic Art Styles

What Is Anime Art?
Realistic art styles

The name of this art form signifies and indicates the meaning of this anime art style. This particular art style came into existence in the 19th century. This art consists of solid colours and fine works of art which cannot be recognized from a distance whether it’s a drawing with colours or an object.

Back in the time, this art form was massively used by the people in the decoration of their homes with the painting of some objects and realistic things that made the room or house more attractive with the decor. In that period, people couldn’t recognize seeing Realistic art either as an object or not, and many times it happens that they think of it as an object but after taking it closer to it they realize it was a painting with solid colours.

Realistic art style had not been used in the same way in the present as it was used in the past. Realistic art styles are now mostly used in theatres and pictures. Pictures can be done as the modern version and Technologically developed form of realistic art style.

Chibi Art Styles

What Is Anime Art?
Chibi art styles

The name of this art style itself describes the meaning and style of this art form. Chibi meaning in Japanese is short and the height is less, compared to other things. In this art form, the characters had been Drone or relatively shorter compared to their age and maturity in the story. Chibi art styles are recognized for the way they represent the characters. The characters of these styles had been expressed and visualized in child-like ways.

Few examples would help anyone to understand this particular art form. 

The examples are, Is The Order A Rabbit?

In this anime series the characters are mainly 16 to 18 years old but the way they are visualized and illustrated in the story they look very childish in comparison to their ages. The character looks short with bright colours, costumes, and doe eyes that all make the character look very childish for their ages.

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Moe Art Styles

What Is Anime Art?
Moe art styles

This art style got its name from the Japanese word Moe which stands for fondness and fascination. Many people confuse this art style with the other style, which is the Kawaii art style. Kawaii particularly means cuteness and fondness which make it very similar to the meaning of Moe. This particular article can be more expressed and defined by its characteristics.

We can recognize this art style through expression and the characters. The characters of these styles are also cute and childish but they can be relatable to their ages. These characters are very similar to the characters of Kawaii but not the same because in Kawaii style the character is excessively over the top and put up with over fondness and cuteness.

 Beautiful Art Styles

What Is Anime Art?
Beautiful art styles

This art style is very attractive and loved by people. This art style is mostly used in high-grade anime films because it consists of solid colours and realistic expressions and characters. Beautiful art styles are very familiar to the realistic art style but more attractive and lively pictures and expressions are presented in this art style. This art style is very much influenced by technology and it presents high-quality background, colour, and animation. 

Some examples of Beautiful art styles are 

Violet Evergarden, The Ancient Magus Bride, A Silent Voice, and Garden Of Words.

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Standard” Art Styles 

What Is Anime Art?
Standard” art styles 

Standard art styles are mostly used in normal anime series. The name of this art style justifies its significance. This art style is mostly used in typical anime series because it is most available and affordable, unlike Beautiful art styles which are very high-quality technology and can not be used by an average production house in their project. The beautiful art style is a costly art style that can be afforded by big-budget projects. 

 Cartoon Art Styles

What Is Anime Art?
Cartoon art styles

It is exactly as it is called. This particular art style is mostly used in the kid cartoon series which come on television on an everyday basis. The visualization of the art style is just like the English cartoons. The thing that makes this art different from the other art styles is the way of manifestation.

In Cartoon art styles the way colours and characters have been put together makes it different from other art styles. In the shows like Kill La Kill one can easily notice the manifestation of colours and characters. The other examples of Cartoon art styles are Little Witch Academia and Gurren Lagann.

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