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What Time Does Netflix Release New Episodes?

GETTING BORED? LET’S BINGE-WATCH SOME INTERESTING STUFF ON NETFLIX. This is the most common answer given to us when we feel boredom. Netflix has become so popular and a favorite among today’s generation that most people spend their leisure time surfing Netflix. Numerous Series, with horror, adventure, thrill, romantic, and almost all genres included, the latest movies for kids, as well as adults, cartoons for kids, TV Series, and much more are available on the Netflix Application. We can not even imagine our lives without random sprees on Netflix. 

Netflix was originally initiated by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph, it was founded in California, in 1997. Netflix is a streaming platform or service, which is America Based.  With an engrossing story, Netflix started its business by selling DVDs in per-rental mode. The monthly subscription model was brought into practice in 1999. Unfortunately, they faced a major loss in 2000, henceforth, decided to sell the company to Blockbuster, but the offer was refused, 2001 brand miracles for the Netflix company, it raised to another level, as DVDs were in high demand.

Seeing the success of Netflix, Blockbuster Company copied them, selling the DVDs, in 2006, April, Netflix filed a patent violation case against the BlockBuster company at the US District Court, California. Planning to change from DVDs to something more interesting, coming to 2005, Netflix Company had already gained movie rights and designed a “NETFLIX BOX”, which will help in downloading and saving movies. The Big Question Here Is HOW NETFLIX BECAME AN ONLINE STREAMING PLATFORM. How the journey was transformed positively? In the year 2007, a streaming media service was launched by the company providing videos on demand to the user.

With the passage of time, changes were seen in the working of Netflix. The Flixies, Netflix’s won award show was launched in 2013, February, Breaking bad gave its release rights to Netflix company, in 2010, and with increasing popularity, Netflix was initiated in countries like Finland, Norway, and Sweden in 2021, October. Slowly, it acquired the rights to show Disney movies too. In 2013, a huge contract that says that Netflix can launch shows on Cartoon Network, Warner Bros, Adult Swim, and TNT’s Dallas, was signed by the Netflix Company.

A major turn came in 2013, November when there was a deal between Netflix and Marvel Televisions, it hiked the rate of people buying the subscription, as there are enormous fans of Marvel. 2013 proved to be a very fruitful year for Netflix, Orange is The New Black was released making it the most-watched series of all time. In 2014, Sony Productions gave their streaming rights to Netflix. Also in the same year, people of Austria, Luxembourg, France, Germany, and Belgium were enabled to enjoy the streaming service, Netflix.

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In 2017, the famous service expanded more into international movies and series. 2018 encompasses prominent movies like Mowgli, from Warner Bros Production, Paramount’s production The Lovebirds, The Cloverfield Paradox, Annihilation, and News of The World from Universal Production, these all famous Production Houses gave their streaming rights to the most trending Netflix service. On seeing the hiking numbers of subscribers to Netflix, every day, Paramount Production 2018 signed a multi-movie project, also celebrities started making deals with Netflix to stream their World Tour, one such example is Taylor Swift, you can find her World Tour on Netflix, the former US President Barak Obama, he also wanted Netflix to display his documentary.  This was how Netflix, today, became the largest and most subscribed OTT Platform of all time.

What Time Does Netflix Release New Episodes?

As every country has its time zone, varying diversely from each other, Netflix has different release times in various countries according to their respective clock. BUT! If we want to know one common time, Netflix launches new episodes always at midnight, this is according to the time zone Pacific and 3:00 a.m. by the Eastern time zone.

Many places fall out of these two time clocks, in  Sydney, Australia, according to Australian Eastern Standard Time, new episodes are released at 5:00 p.m., for gulf countries, in line with Gulf Standard Time, the latest series and episodes are launched at 11:00 a.m, in Italy, Germany, and France 8:00 a.m in their specific time zones, India, 12:30 pm, according to IST and England and Brazil at 7:00 a.m. and  4:00 a.m. respectively in their respective time zones.

Netflix, the biggest streaming network, is widely popular in today’s era, especially among teenagers, who are ready to watch the newest episodes released, henceforth, I hope that this article provides you with all the required information related to the launching time of new and fresh episodes for almost all the time zones. For more, stay tuned to our website.

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