What Would You Do Season 17 Release Date: Announced?

One of the most popular American TV series is What Would You Do. It has been running for 15 seasons now. The concept of this show is very unique. It is a situational hidden camera television series. Do you know what that is? We’ll explain that in a moment. It has been broadcasted on the American Broadcasting Company (ABC). The first season aired on February 26, 2008. Chris Whipple is the creator of the show. This show has gained huge popularity in a very short time. The very popular news correspondent John Quiñones hosts the show perfectly. It is evident from the fact that the show has been renewed for 15 seasons and a new one will be released pretty soon. Suppose you are walking down a street and suddenly encounter a very awkward or illegal situation. How would you react at that moment? Well, that is exactly what this show is all about. It records the reactions of strangers to such illegal or awkward situations in public when they are unaware that they are being recorded.

In the end, John Quiñones interviews the passers-by on their reactions. As the show continues, psychology professors, teachers, and experts watch and discuss the video with Quiñones. They also explain and make inferences about the public’s reactions. The show pans out as a social experiment. It studies human nature and psychology. How we would behave in such social situations? All the ethical and unethical challenges that we face, and how we should ideally behave in them. And how we actually behave. This is the main concept of the show. It is a really interesting show given that it studies human psychology through fun little social experiments.

What Would You Do Season 17 Release Date

What Would You Do Season 17 Release Date
What Would You Do Season 17

Now coming to the part you all are waiting eagerly for. However, get ready to be disappointed. The release date of the new season is not yet known. There has been no statement from the showmakers either about the release date. However, it was expected that season 17 of What Would You Do would be released in May 2022.

SeasonsRelease Dates
What Would You Do Season 1 Release Date26 February 2008
What Would You Do Season 16 Release Date7 July 2020
What Would You Do Season 17 Release DateNot Announced Yet
What Would You Do Season 17 Release Date

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What Would You Do Season 17 Story

There is no new format for the new season. It is expected that the new season will follow the same old trend. Hopefully, we will get to see more pranks and raw reactions from the public. An area is covered by hidden cameras. An awkward situation takes place in that area about which the passers-by have no idea. The cameras record the reaction of the people as to how they react in that situation. We got to see some very meaningful situations and reactions from the people. The show has taught us how to react in particular situations. It has revealed the good and bad in everyone.

What Would You Do Season 17 Cast and Characters

What Would You Do Season 17 Release Date
What Would You Do Season 17

There are no specific characters in season 17. The show records the reactions of strangers to uncomfortable situations enacted by actors. However, from the eighth season onwards, we also see guest appearances.
We see Daymond John and Pnina Tornai in the ninth season of the show. Followed by Winnie Harlow in the tenth season. But there were no guest stars in the eleventh and twelfth seasons. Let’s hope we get a guest star in the seventeenth season too.

What Would You Do Season 17 Trailer

As there hasn’t been any announcement regarding the release date of season 17, the trailer hasn’t been released either. However, fans are getting a teaser. It is expected the trailer would be launched soon too. You can check it on their official YouTube channel.

Where To Watch What Would You Do Season 17?

You can watch the new season of What Would You Do on the ABC network. New episodes are released every Tuesday at 9 pm. All the previously released episodes and new episodes are also available on ABC’s site. You can visit their site to watch your favorite show uninterrupted. You can also watch it online on Hulu.

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