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When Can You Expect Ascension Season 2 Release Date?

Ascension is a science-fiction US mystery drama that made its debut in 2014. It’s an incredible premise with the progress of the story. Each episode gets more and more interesting as you watch. Although many found the first season silly with each progress, the story purged deeper, it gave goosebumps to most. 

The mystery, space opera, science fiction series released its first season in December 2014. With a total number of 6 episodes, the runtime of each episode is approximately 43 mins. The English drama aired in Canada, on CBC, and Syfy in the US. Written by, Philip Levens and Adrian A. Cruz were distributed by NBCUniversal Television. 

So, what happened to the series, which received a rating of 7.2 from IMDb and 66% from Rotten Tomatoes. The series that aired back in 2014, will there be a new season is a common question. It’s been so long. What are the chances for the season to have a comeback? Will there be a season 2? Guys keep reading to get the updates. 

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Ascension Season 2 Release Date

I already mentioned that you are the witness yourself. We all can see that the series made its debut 7 and more years back. So, back in 2015, it was also announced that the season will make a renewal. But according to what, one of our sources heard, during Fall 2014, the season was a huge hit. But unfortunately, it ended up receiving rather tepid ratings, which is not a good record for Syfy. 

So, whether the season is canceled or whether there will be a new renewal. The status is still unknown, as no official news has reached our ears. So, sorry guys since, we don’t have any confirmation we cannot revert back as of now. I can’t even ask to keep the hopes up because the response is not quite alarming for the producers to give this one a real thought. 

I can just say, still keep your fingers crossed, and hope for a few. If anything reaches our end, we will get back to you ASAP. Till, then those of you, who haven’t watched the series yet, go and watch now. 

Ascension Season 2 Expected Story

Ascension Season 2 Release Date

There was a chance for the season to have a comeback back in Autumn 2015. Since it didn’t air than anything more is unknown to us. So is the plot structure even. Since the comeback is not a sure shot now so discussing the potential plot is also quite a difficult right? So, keep reading the article for those who haven’t watched the show yet. I will brief out the series in short. 

I can only tell you this much, if the audience vote reaches the expectations, the series may return. So, your support is what will make a difference. 

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Ascension Season 1 Story

The season follows the story of a young woman’s murder which again leads to the questioning of a century-long mission. This leads to the questions of the true nature of the project as the subjects may reach a point of no return. What will happen next, go and find out as you stream this thrilling series online. 

Ascension Cast

Ascension Cast
Ascension Cast

You will get to see; Tricia Helfer in the role of Viondra Denninger, Gil Bellows in the role of Harris Enzmann. And also, Brian Van Holt as the Commanding officer, Captain William Denninger. Other roles I am not revealing, let that be a surprise.

Where To Watch Ascension?

The drama is available on Lionsgate. You can also try to stream the show on Amazon Prime Video and Justwatch

You have reached the end, guys. That’s all for now. We will meet soon, as I come bearing hopefully good news with the next update. Till then goodbye!

Happy Watch! 

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