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When Did Naruto Uzumaki Become Chunin?

The Chunin examinations arc is something that all fans have in similar! The Chunin Exam storyline is among the most significant because it features the Novice Nine, Team Guy, Three Sand Siblings, Orochimaru, and Kabuto, among other significant secondary characters. The Chunin Exams storyline of the Naruto series runs from episode 20 to episode 67. The Written Test, The Forest of Death, as well as the Final Exam, which consists of 1v1 confrontations, are the 3 stages.

Fans of the series will recall the disastrous Chunin Exams plotline, which has been preceded and indeed stopped by Orochimaru, and the “Konoha Crush arc,” which has been preceded or perhaps stopped by Orochimaru and the “Konoha Crush plotline.” The Chunin examinations could not have been conducted again due to the events depicted Naruto series. Not to add that the Third Hokage’s demise threw the town into anarchy unless Tsunade Senju, the Fifth Hokage, arrived. Naruto went on a training tour with Jiraiya after the series finished, only returning two and a half years afterward in Naruto: Shippuden.

However, as the Naruto and Naruto: Shippuden series never officially stated how Naruto became a Chunin and Jonin, many have wondered how he did it. Continue reading to find out.

When Did Naruto Uzumaki Become Chunin?

To provide fans a straightforward response to the above-mentioned concerns, he never did. Naruto Uzumaki never was a Chunin or a Jonin, to just be certain. Naruto has never been able to retake the Chunin examinations due to his practice with the Toad Sage Jiraiya and the disruption of the Chunin exams. Even by end of the show, Naruto was among the most powerful shinobi living.

Naruto was also discovered to be a rebirth of Asura, the son of the Sage of Six Paths, putting him a true demi-god. Therefore, for Naruto, passing the Chunin examinations just after the finish of the Fourth Shinobi World War would’ve been a waste of time. Naruto never was elevated to Jonin since you can’t be a Jonin without becoming a Chunin. Yes, Naruto is Konohagakure’s very first Genin level Hokage.

When does Naruto take the Chunin exams? 

When Did Naruto Uzumaki Become Chunin?
Naruto’s First Attempt

Just after the Land of the Waves plotline, Naruto attended his initial Chunin Exams, which were held in his birthplace of Konoha. The exam was canceled owing to Orochimaru and the Sunagakure ninjas’ coordinated attack on Konoha. The attack was successful, and the Third and Fourth Hokage were killed.

During Naruto Anime Series Part I and Part II, he attempted a further time to pass the Chunin exam (Naruto: Shippuden). It took place as an original video animation or a short film outside the span of the entire franchise. The second stage and preliminary round of Naruto’s second Chunin tests were only addressed in this brief anime.

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Why Naruto never becomes a Chunin?


Naruto just took the Chunin exams twice in his ambition to become a Hokage. In the aftermath of the attack on Konoha, the village was left without some Hokage leader. To re-establish peace and stability in the village, Naruto and the other Konoha ninjas were required to identify a contender becoming the 5th Hokage.

Years later, a further brutal attack on Konoha occurred. The Nine-Tailed Fox in Naruto’s body is something Akatsuki and its commander Nagato want to capture. Since Naruto, the hamlet, and yet again won a battle, it had to reconstruct.

Because of the danger posed by Akatsuki and their desire to inflict damage, the five ninja villages banded together to establish the Allied Shinobi Forces. The Shinobi World War IV took place over a period of two days. The coalition was effective in concealing all Ten-Tails, restoring peace and stability to the ninja realm once again.

After passing his first Chunin exam, Naruto was thrust into a series of conflicts. Although he did not achieve the Chunin level, he was able to perfect multiple S-rank Jutsu, allowing him to end the battle with his friends and companions. His extraordinary strength is derived from the Nine-Tailed Fox encased within his body.

Following Naruto’s initial Chunin exam, many world events occurred. To bring peace in the ninja world, each village ninja all around the world comes on assignments and attacked rogue clans. Naruto’s second objective became clearing the Chunin exam.

Where to Watch the Naruto?

The series is well-liked by people of all age groups and is accessible to fans across the world. As of now, the collection is available for streaming on Netflix, Crunchyroll, Amazon Prime, and Hulu.

Trailer for the Naruto Series

The trailer for the Naruto collection is available on YouTube including on Netflix, where the original series is accessible. The series is so successful that fans from all around the world voted it among the most popular TV shows as soon as it initially aired on television.

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