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When Does Naruto Learn Rasengan? Click Here to Know!

How have you been Naruto fans? I hope everybody is in the pink of health, right? Today I’m back with another article about the series Naruto. Without wasting your precious time let’s start this article!

A Japanese manga series Naruto illustrated and written by Masashi Kishimoto. In the magazine named Weekly Shōnen Jump, the manga series was serialized by the publisher Shueisha. Apart from Japanese fans, the manga series was also serialized for non-Japanese manga fans in magazines Weekly Shonen Jump and Shonen Jump. The manga series debuted at the edge of the 20th century and along with 72 volumes wrapped up on November 10, 2014. After looking at the popularity of manga series, an anime series was adapted by Pierrot on October 3, 2002. The second part of the anime premiered on February 15, 2007, by the name Naruto: Shippuden. As we all are aware that anime or manga are always curious about many things regarding their favorite characters or parts. So if you are also eager to know when does Naruto learn Rasengan? Of course, I’m here to tell you about when Naruto started learning Rasengan, let’s start then!

About Naruto Series

If you don’t know much about one of the most popular series of all time, Naruto, no worries I’m here to tell you everything possible about Naruto.

Before starting the topic of this article, I want to let you know about the storyline of the series Naruto. The storyline revolves around the life of a young ninja named Naruto Uzumaki. The life of a young boy who always has a dream to become a Hokage, leader of his village. However, the story of Naruto is told in two parts: in first we see the young Naruto’s life whereas in the second part of the series his teen life is shown. If the storyline sounds interesting to you, then you should definitely watch the whole series right away. Now let’s start the main topic of this article at the drop of a hat!

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About Naruto Uzumaki

There is not a single anime lover on the planet who doesn’t know about the character or the series Naruto, right? Naruto is one of the famous characters in anime series. Continue reading this article to know more about the character Naruto. Being the main protagonist of the series he will be facing several challenges during his life. He is the son of Kushina Uzumaki (mother) and Minato Namikaze (father). He debuted in Naruto chapter 1: Uzumaki Naruto!. He is shown as a young 12 years old orphan boy with blue eyes and spiky hair. He graduated as a ninja from Konohagakure and to be respected he always wanted to become a Hokage of Konohagakure and suppress the other leaders. During his journey to becoming a leader of his village, he faced tons of difficulties and met many people. Have you seen his full adventurous journey, not yet? What are you waiting for then, watch it right away on Netflix

When Does Naruto Learn Rasengan?

When Does Naruto Learn Rasengan

Rasengan is the first-ever ability that Naruto has learned. With all this technique he has to go through a training regimen with Jiraiya. Jiraiya teaches him this technique in three steps. In the first step, we could see that he spins his chakra so fast to pop a water balloon, then in further steps, he uses his power to pop a rubber ball whereas at last, he has to combine all the power as well as the speed with enough control so that without popping he can create the spinning air motion inside the balloon. In the anime series, he started to learn Rasengan in episode 86 and till episode 94 he almost mastered the technique. Whereas in the manga series he started learning the technique in chapter 150 and by chapter 167 he mastered it. I hope that all your confusion must be untangled until now.

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I hope you must have had a great time and fun while reading this article. Do let us know your reviews about the article as well as the Naruto series in the comment section below. Till then stay connected with ThePoptimes for more such articles about your favorite shows and movies!

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