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When To Expect Slasher Season 5 Release Date?

Our brains work in a funny way. There is always a part of the mind that has a penchant for something appalling, gore, mysterious and terrifying. This is why we find ourselves searching for “dark” topics in the middle of the night when we are deprived of the effect of sleep hormones. Well, even if we try to abstain from looking up “dark” things on the internet, we cannot. This can be understood as the reason behind watching movies or series of such themes. Nothing is more entertaining than watching a piece of entertainment that has mystery, and murder, and will make you anticipate. 

Yes, there are people out there who like to stay away from scary things, but there are people who will desperately want something horrifying to watch for entertainment. If you fall under the second category, I am sure you have heard of the series Slasher. Before we jump right into Slasher, let me provide you with the names of some other things to watch if you already have not. If you love mystery, anticipation, and terrifying gruesome deaths, you can watch the movie series Terrifier. It will most definitely blow your mind. You can watch the series I Am A Stalker as well if you already have not. Have you watched the Polish show: Signs? It is a promise that you will be gripped by these shows/movies if you sit down to watch them. These shows/movies have intense storylines/plots that will most surely satisfy your thirst for mysterious and appalling pieces of entertainment. 

Besides these shows, we have Slasher. A masterpiece that will make your skin crawl with fear. This show will make you wonder about who is the actual perpetrator. Isn’t that intriguing? I bet it is. There is a thrill in allowing your mind to ponder over who is the culprit. The following areas will try to disseminate more information about the show that you would want to know if you are planning to go on a rollercoaster ride offered by this. Let’s get ready for the bad boy: Slasher to show its true colors!

Slasher Season 5 Release Date

Slasher  Season 5 Release Date

Slasher was created by Aaron Martin. It is an anthology horror television series. The series first premiered on Chiller on March 4, 2016. Following its release on Chiller, the first season was also released on Super Channel on April 1, 2016. The series’ licensing rights were acquired by Netflix in January 2017 which witnessed the release of two more seasons of the show. As a result, after a small gap, the second season of the show got released on October 17, 2017. The show was further renewed for a third season on August 8, 2018. The third season was released on May 23, 2019. The journey of the show does not end here as the show was once renewed for its fourth season, but this time it was ordered for Shudder. This season premiered on August 12, 2021. 

You must be thinking if the show will end here. Now, here comes the good news for fans. The fifth season of Slasher has been confirmed on February 10, 2022. Although we are yet to receive the official date of release of the fifth season, judging by the two years gap between the third and fourth seasons, we can anticipate its premiere in this new year, 2023.

Name of the Show/MovieSlasher
Season/ Part/ Episode NumberSeason 5
Season 1 Release Date1 April 2016
Season 5 Release DateNot Announced

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What is the story of Slasher?

Let’s know something about the story of Slasher. The series is centered around a masked killer. A killer who is known by nobody and whose motive for killing innocent people is known by none. Here lies the catch of the show. When you see people getting killed by some killer who is obscure to everybody, that gives you the chills. This is exactly what makes Slasher unique. Since this show is an anthology, unlike other shows which have a continuous storyline throughout the seasons, every season of the show revolves around different stories but the catch remains the same: the unmasked serial killer.

The 2016 season of the show, “The Executioner”, dealt with the couple Sarah Benett and her husband Dylan. It was in Sarah’s childhood home in fictitious Waterbury, Canada where the story began. During the Halloween of 1988, her parents were murdered in the same house. There was a series of copycat murders which were all discovered to be at the hands of “The Executioner”. 

In the second season of the show, “Guilty Party”, the murder of Talvinder Gill by a group of former summer camp counselors was the focal point. The story took flight when the body vanished from the spot where it was hidden. 

“Solstice”, the third season, focused on the murder of Kit Jennings: sex and a drug addict. Kit was murdered by someone using a “Durid” costume in front of an apartment complex during the summer solstice. It became terrifying when exactly after a year any person related to the case of Kit Jennings started to get murdered by someone in the same costume.

The most recent season of the show, “Flesh & Blood” revolved around a wealthy but problematic family reunion on a secluded island. The presence of a masked killer on the same island who intended on killing them one by one made everything way more problematic and haphazard for the already dysfunctional family. 

What can we expect in Slasher season 5?

Even if we do not know very much about what the fifth season is going to encompass, there is a basic structure of the show that has been made conspicuous to us. The fifth season of the show is going to be named “Ripper” and, as mentioned earlier, is speculated to be released this year, 2023. This new season of the show will make us go back in time to the last 19th century.

Here the killer is somewhat different. The Widow, instead of killing off the poor like Jack The Ripper, will be seen targeting the rich and powerful, people on the higher stairs of the ladder of society. Will this be a way of serving justice? We will have to wait for the release of season 5 to get our answers to this question. However, Kenneth Rijkers, the new detective, will be hindering the killer from playing out their role. How will their sense of justice for Rijkers help the trajectory of the show? We will have to be patient and wait and watch. 

A charismatic and ruthless business tycoon, Basil Garvey, will also be witnessed to be in this chain of events of the new season. Is Garvey having a hand in the murders? Yet another question that we will hopefully get answers to soon.

Whom can we expect in Slasher season 5?

Slasher  Season 5 Release Date

Until now Eric McCormack from Will &Grace will certainly be seen in the role of Basil Garvey. Since this series is an anthology horror, it has a new cast for every season owing to the different stories. Season 5 will also see new faces. Unfortunately, we do not have any insight into the new cast of Slasher season 5 as of now. Nevertheless, since the fifth season of the show has already been confirmed, we can speculate to meet the cast members soon in 2023. 

The new season is going to be produced by Shaftesbury with Jennings, Thomas P. Vitale, Scott Garvie, Aaron Martin, Adam Macdonald, and Ian Carpenter serving as executive producers. 

In “The Executioner”, Katie McGrath acted as Sarah Bennett, and Brandon Jay McLaren was seen in the role of Dylan Bennett. “Guilty Party” saw Leslie Hope as Judith Berry, and Lovell Adams-Gray as Peter Broome, the one who had an affair with Talvinder. Season 3 had Lisa Berry as Detective Roberta Hanson. Besides them, there were other members of the cast too who contributed immensely to the plots of each season. 

Season 4: “Flesh & Blood” had Alex Ozeroc, Chris Jacot, Jeananne Goosen, Maria del Mr, Paula Brancati, Rachel Crawford, Sabrina Grdevich, Sydney Meyer, Patrick Garrow, and David Cronenberg as the main cast members. 

Is there any trailer for Slasher season 5?

The official trailer for the fifth season of the series has not been released yet. However, we can expect the trailer for the season to be released soon. 

If you have not watched the trailer for the fourth season of the show, you can click the link below to watch it.

Where can we watch Slasher season 5?

You can watch the first 3 seasons of the show on Netflix if you have a subscription. Season 4 of the series is available for streaming on AMC+, Shudder, and DIREC TV STREAM. The fourth season is also available on Amazon Prime Video. 

The fifth season of the show will probably be available on Shudder. We will have to wait for the official announcement/confirmation about its release platform. 


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Slasher Season 5 Release Date- FAQs

How many seasons of Slasher are there?

There are 4 seasons as of now, the fifth season is supposed to premiere soon.

Is Slasher worth watching?

Yes, it is.

Why has Slasher been removed from Netflix?

The first season was removed after the arrival of the third one, but at present, 3 seasons of the show are available on Netflix.

Who is the Slasher killer?

Well, you will have to watch the show to know the answer.

Is Slasher similar to AHS?

It is an anthology horror series that is kind of similar to American Horror Story.

Why do Slashers wear masks?

It has things to do with the psychological makeup of a person and anonymous killings. 

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