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Where Is Jessica Wongso Now? Exploring The Truth Behind The Murder Of Wayne Mirna Salihin!!

Netflix has returned with another spine-chilling documentary of Wayne Mirna Salihin, Ice Cold: Murder, Coffee, And Jessica Wongso. Rob Smith is the creator of the true-crime documentary film. After watching the film, viewers wonder where Jessica Wongso is Now.

Don’t worry! Here, we will share every single detail of the murder of Wayne Mirna Salihin. Let’s explore the motives of Jessica Wongso in killing Wayne Mirna Salihin. 

Where Is Jessica Wongso Now?

The legal proceedings for the murder of Wayne Mirna Salihin lasted for five months, and Jessica was found guilty of the murder, and the court sentenced her to twenty years in prison. As of 2023, Jessica is serving her time in jail for her deeds.

You must be confused about who Jessica is and what did she do? Don’t worry! We will not keep you waiting, and let’s dive into the further details. 


Who Is Jessica Wongso?

Jessica was born in Indonesia and was a close friend of Wayne Mirna Salihin. They were students at Billy Blue College of Design in Sydney. They formed a close bond, but after their graduation, Mirna returned to Indonesia, but Jessica stayed in Australia, working as a graphic designer for Ambulance NSW.

Jessica stayed for seven years in Australia, and her friendship with Mirna drifted apart because of the distance. Jessica returned to Australia and was excited to catch up with everyone, including Mirna. She had a hard life in Australia, with four attempted suicides leading to hospitalization.

She was a part of an accident under the influence of alcohol and threatened her boss and colleagues. According to the reports, Australian authorities shared an Apprehended Violence Order against her by her former partner. So, what did she do that led to twenty years in prison?

What Did Jessica Wongso Do?

Considering the above-mentioned facts, we are sure that Jessica had violent behavior. Jessica and Mirna once had a disagreement when Mirna harshly criticized Jessica’s partner. According to Jessica, Mirna’s boyfriend was not suitable for her. 

After Jessica returned to Indonesia, she planned to meet Mirna in Oliver Cafe. Jessica arrived at the cafe way before everyone and ordered three coffees, one of which was a Vietnamese Iced Coffee. 

Mirna arrived at the cafe and took a sip of coffee; after a while, she started having a seizure and was immediately rushed to a hospital by her husband, where the doctors pronounced her dead. Jessica became the prime suspect in the case because she ordered the drinks.

She tried to hide the coffee with shopping bags after placing the order. According to police, she was trying to hide the poisoning. Jessica was immediately taken into custody for the premeditated murder of Mirna. The legal hearing lasted five months, and finally, the court declared Jessica guilty of the crime.  

Why Did Jessica Killed Wayne Mirna Salihin?

Many believed Jessica planned to kill Mirna because of her harsh words. Some also believe Jessica was jealous of Mirna’s happy life.

How Did Jessica Get Caught?

Where Is Jessica Wongso Now?

An autopsy report showed a bleeding in the stomach. The police claimed they found Cyanide in coffee and her abdomen. Samples taken after 70 minutes of the death showed no sign of Cyanide. Police took Wongso under custody by showing confidential files regarding her psychological state, and there was also a restraining order against her by her former boyfriend.

Jessica Wongso’s trial was broadcast live and gained attention from international and national audiences. Jessica’s colleague informed the court that she has two personalities. She tries to gain sympathy, and Jessica gets angry when she doesn’t get attention. 

Finally, the court declared Wongso guilty of the murder of Mirna by putting cyanide in her coffee. The judges concluded that Jessica murdered Mirna in revenge for previously telling her to break up with her boyfriend, Patrick O’Connor, her former Australian Boyfriend. 

Where To Stream Ice Cold: Murder, Coffee, And Jessica Wongso Online:

You can watch Ice Cold: Murder, Coffee, And Jessica Wongso on Netflix with a subscription. Rob Sixsmith directed the documentary film. Avoid illegal ways to stream true crime documentary films. Stay updated on the latest news.


Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Who is Jessica Wongso?

Jessica Wangso is well known for killing her friend Mirna with Cyanide.

2. What is the Netflix documentary film Ice Cold: Murder, Coffee, And Jessica Wongso about?

It is a documentary series on Jessica Wongso.

3. Where can I watch Ice Cold: Murder, Coffee, And Jessica Wongso?

You can watch Ice Cold: Murder, Coffee, And Jessica Wongso on Netflix with a subscription.

4. Who is the director of  Ice Cold: Murder, Coffee, And Jessica Wongso?

 Rob Sixsmith directed the documentary film.

5. Who killed Wayne Mirna Salihin?

Jessica Wangso killed Wayne Mirna Salihin.

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