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Where Is Jolly Joseph Now? Know The Chilling Details of The Koodathai Murders!

Netflix recently released a documentary, Curry & Cyanide: The Jolly Joseph Case, on 22 December 2023 in India. The film sparked a lot of interest in the public, and they want to know: Where is Jolly Joseph now? For those of you who are unaware of the show or Jolly Joseph, let me tell you she is one of the most ruthless and dangerous women ever to exist. 

She murdered six family members over a period of fourteen years until the authorities finally caught up to her. The Netflix documentary tries to analyze the facts of the case and see why Jolly committed these atrocious crimes. 

Its director is Christo Tomy, and the producer is India Today Originals. The audience rated it 3/5 on The Times Of India, 6.7/10 on IMDb, 3.5/5 on India Today, and 95% on Google. Let us answer your question: Where is Jolly Joseph now?

Where Is Jolly Joseph Now?

Jolly Joseph, a mother and wife, is the main culprit behind the Koodathai cyanide killings. There are six people who died at her hands. At the time of the deaths, everyone, including the authorities, ruled them out by accident or suicide. In 2011, the game changed when Mathew Manjayadil called for an inquiry and post-mortem on Roy’s body. 

But in 2014, Mathew died as well. Finally, in 2018, Rojo Thomas filed RTI complaints in Koodathai. The autopsy confirmed Jolly lied about several things, including the fact that her husband did not eat anything after his lunch the day he died. So, where is Jolly Joseph now after committing such heinous crimes against her family? 

When the police started investigating their case, Joseph was the prime suspect. Renji Thomas, Roy Thomas’s sister, got suspicious regarding the six deaths in her family and complained to the police. It is because of her that the authorities were able to catch the real perpetrators.

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The police arrested Jolly on 5 October 2019. She confessed to the murders of Annamma Thomas, Tom Thomas, Roy Thomas, Mathew Manjayadil, Alphine Shaju, and Sili Shaju via cyanide poisoning. She further stated M. S. Mathew and Praji Kumar helped in obtaining the cyanide. They are also under arrest and awaiting trial. 

The Killings Of Jolly Joseph

Jolly Joseph’s first murder was Annamma Thomas in 2002. She was her mother-in-law. Jolly gave her water, and after consuming it, she fell unconscious. When they reached the hospital, doctors said Annamma Thomas died of a heart attack. The next murder was of Tom Thomas, her father-in-law, in 2008. 

The next shock came in 2011 after the death of Roy Thomas, her then-husband. He ate rice and curry and died in the bathroom. The door was locked from the inside, and there was no evidence of foul play. The police ruled it as suicide due to financial instability. Mathew Manjayadil, Roy’s maternal uncle, wanted to have a post-mortem of his body. 

In 2014, Mathew died after drinking the whiskey Jolly offered. Roy’s cousin Shaju Zachariah had a toddler daughter Alphine Shaju. The baby passed away after choking on her food. Jolly Joseph gave Sily Shaju, the baby’s mother, a mushroom capsule, claiming it would cure her depression. Unfortunately, she died immediately after consuming the tablet. 

Meet Jolly Joseph

Jolly Joseph was born in Kattappana in the Idukki district. She did not complete her graduation. Roy Thomas and Joseph were married in 1997 and have two sons. As per various sources, she lied about her job and academics. 

She even used to go out every day, claiming to work at the National Institute of Technology Calicut. To this day, authorities have been unable to figure out where Jolly Joseph used to go in the name of her work. In 2011, Roy died, and she later remarried Shaju Zachariah after his wife died in 2016. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where is Jolly Joseph now?

The police arrested Jolly Joseph on 5 October 2019, and she is currently awaiting trial. Her lover Mathew took the help of Praji Kumar to obtain the cyanide. They are also under arrest.

3. Who did Jolly Joseph kill?

Jolly killed six family members named Annamma Thomas, Tom Thomas, Roy Thomas, Mathew Manjayadil, Alphine Shaju, and Sili Shaju via cyanide poisoning.

2. Are there any podcasts about Jolly Joseph and her killings?

Death, Lies, And Cyanide by Sashi Kumar is one of the most famous podcasts available on Spotify regarding Jolly and her killings.

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