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Where Is Kristen Chase Now? Where Are Her Parents Now?!

The story of Kristen Chase and her life is one of the most heart-touching stories ever for all those viewers of Netflix’s Hell Camp: Teen Nightmare. The story does not only lead the audience to a shock but also examines the audacity of a person to treat kids that certain way. Where is Kristen Chase now is a hurtful question to everybody, especially to her family.

The demise of such a young teenager devasted her parents and there has not been a day where they did not demand justice. Look at everything that happened to Kristen and her family, people are curious these days to know about what happened to her is becoming popular these days. Some of her family members were featured in a documentary recently and questions about their current status and her current status are faring.

We will take you on a ride through what happened to Kristen, where her parents are now and more details about the person who caused this.

Where Is Kristen Chase? How Did She Die?!

Kristen Chase was born in 1973 as the daughter of Ronald Chase and Sharon Chase. Kristen was a loving daughter and was the most joyous soul to her parents. Her mother Sharon has also spoken about this in a movie about the love she had for her.

However, over the years of her teenage, Kristen’s family felt her troubled actions going further into being rebellious and felt like she needed to understand the consequences. While they looked for someplace that would help her become more disciplined, they found the popular foundation.

Steve Cartisano’s Challenge Foundation had started gaining attention from people all over town for its unique ways of helping children who were similar to the state of Kristen. Thus, Kristen was sent over to the Challenger Camp by her family in 1990. The procedure there was quite brutal but twenty years in the past, that was not so strict.

The teenagers of this camp were supposed to walk across the Utah desert enduring the extreme heat and sunlight. Yes, this is extreme to expose young children to such conditions without examining the negatives that could take place.

As expected, three days into the 63-day-long camp, Kristen fainted while hiking on Fiftymile Mountain. They had to rush her to the closest hospital but in vain. Her death was said to be caused mainly by heatstroke on June 26, 1990.

Kristen Chase’s parents fought a battle against Steve Cartisano and the following two years were their years demanding justice. They fought to prove that Cartisano was responsible for the death of their daughter. Sadly, the jury’s vision did not align with the family. It was ruled that since there was no definite proof of Kristen’s death occurring mainly because of a heart stroke, Casrtisano escaped after everything he did.

The lack of one little piece of evidence shattered the family since they could not get the justice they deserved. However, Cartisano and his camp were further shut down due to his connection to the death of Kristen, and allegations about the abuse of many other children.


Where Are Kristen Chase’s Parents Now?!

Kristen Chase’s parents were very active in the early years of her passing and appeared in documentaries to present the truth. It has been over three decades and they still continue to miss her. Her mother appeared in a documentary and shared the pain caused by her daughter’s loss and her side of the story was very hard to hear. The state of a mother when she sees her lifeless child is something that can shake people all over the world and break their hearts,

Sharon was accompanied by David. While initially Sharon did not speak up, she further changed her mind and came in front of the cameras to bring out the truth. Currently, Sharon leads a private life away from all the media and questions.

Earlier, it was mainly Robert Chase, Kristen’s Chase’s father who fought a case against Cartisano after the death of his daughter. He continued to remain very vocal about his opinions about his daughter and against Steve Cartisano. Robert wanted to fight for justice against the camp that Cartisano ran which led to the loss of his family.

Cartisano and his colleagues claimed that Kristen’s heath was not at its best when she arrived in Utah and these seem like allegations. Robert continued to pursue legal action against the camp suing those involved.

Currently, both Kristen’s parents, Robert Chase and Sharon lead private lives.

Stay tuned for more!


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