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Where is Numa Turcatti Now?

Numa Turcatti, a 24-year-old law student, departed Montevideo, Uruguay, aboard Flight 571. Although he wasn’t on the rugby squad, he accompanied his pals who were. During his two months of imprisonment in the Andes, he came to know every player on the squad, even if he didn’t know them all at first. According to the survivors, he was among “the strongest and fittest” of them. Friends speak respectfully of him and remember him with affection. 

Where is Numa Turcatti Now

Turcatti survived the aircraft catastrophe unscathed. He also took up responsibilities quickly and worked to keep his fellow travelers alive. In addition, he had a strong desire to escape the valley by climbing the mountains and discovering an exit. In actuality, he gave it two tries. Alongside Roberto Canessa and Gustavo Zerbino, he was one of the three survivors that set out on the initial journey out of the valley.

Where is Numa Turcatti Now

The words spoken of Numa Turcatti leads viewers through the events leading up to Flight 571’s disaster and the next several months as the survivors do their utmost to survive long enough for help to come in Netflix’s “Society of the Snow.” As the protagonist of the tale, Numa shares with the audience both his hopes and his feelings of hopelessness during the difficult period the passengers are through. He makes every effort to escape the mountains, but he is ultimately unsuccessful and passes away.

The survivors lacked the means to continue their journey at the moment, and they had little clue where they were. Snow-covered peaks surrounded Turcatti, Canessa, and Zerbino as they trekked to the summit of a 14,000-foot mountain for two days, barely making it back. Turcatti re-joined the expedition alongside Canessa, Antonio Vizintin, and Nando Parrado, but he was unable to continue due to a severely infected leg injury. The virus seized grip of Turcatti and made him sicker by the day since the survivors lacked any antibiotics or other medication to treat it.

Reasons of Numa Turcatti’s Death

Turcatti injures his leg when the gang is attempting to navigate the perilous Andes. His sad demise is precipitated by this little wound. This injury has turned into a highly hazardous adversary due to the severe environment and insufficient medical supplies.

Turcatti has a leg infection that eventually causes his internal death. Sadly, the same motivation that spurred him to seek experiences proves to be a sword with two edges.  Every day, the strain of the journeys and the sickness wears down his body more and more.

Turcatti’s incapacity to consume human flesh further hindered his physical strength. Turcatti was among the few who refused to consume flesh until it was absolutely necessary, even after the other survivors came to an amicable agreement to consume the dead corpses while providing their own in exchange if they perished. Turcatti was never able to become acclimated to the notion and struggled to eat, despite the fact that he was compelled to since there had been no other choice. This further worsened his condition.

As the illness got worse, Turcatti “suddenly lost heart,” as stated by one of the survivors. He went cold turkey and surreptitiously threw away the meat his pals were feeding him. In an attempt to keep him alive, they attempted to force-feed him, but it was unsuccessful. It appeared as though he had lost all hope at one time, both physically and emotionally. Turcatti passed away from his sickness on December 11, 1972. Approx 60 days after the disaster and two weeks before the rescue came.

When Did Numa Turcatti Die? 

Two weeks before his eventual rescue, on December 11, 1972, Numa Turcatti passes away from his sickness. He had dropped fifty-five pounds and fought for the course of his life for sixty days before he passed away. Turcatti’s passing serves as a gloomy reminder of the immense suffering that their voyage produced for the survivors as they consider his legacy.

Because of his unyielding commitment to his convictions and his never-ending struggle with his inner demons and the outside world, Numa Turcatti’s terrible demise gives “Society of the Snow” a deeper dimension. His narrative beautifully illustrates how the Andes tragedy profoundly altered people’s life and adds a poignant element to the tale of all the survivors.

After seeing Numa Turcatti perform in “Society of the Snow,” the writers and performers of this gripping tale gave their roles and emotions a lot of thought.


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