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Where Is Tiffany Cole Now? Whom Did She Kill And Why is She Famous

Several brutal killing cases have been found not only in India but in many parts of the world. Many such similar cases are seen even to date.

There have been many killers who have been caught in the past and today we will tell you about Tiffany Cole, a killer from the US. 

To know about her deep in!

Where Is Tiffany Cole Now?

Tiffany Cole is known for robbing and killing a couple in Florida. She was arrested for killing them and was the death penalty on March 17, 2008, but her trial was extended. She was 26 years old at the time of her conviction. In the US, she is the third youngest woman on death row, according to a 2015 report. Meanwhile, Tiffany’s boyfriend Michele and co-conspirator were also given the death penalty in 2008. She is still behind the bars in the US.

Tiffany Cole Biography 

Where Is Tiffany Cole Now?

Tiffany Cole with the full name Tiffany Ann Cole was born on December 3, 1981, in South Carolina, US. She was found guilty in the case of the robbery and murder of a couple in Jacksonville.

Along with her three men were also charged in the murder case. Bruce Nixon, Alan Wade, Micheal Jackson, and Tiffany Cole together killed the couple. Micheal was Tiffany’s boyfriend. She is well known as a killer.  The four killed the couple and robbed all of their jewelry. She was arrested for her wrongdoing. 

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Why is Tiffany Cole Famous?

Tiffany Cole is famous for robbing and killing the Sumner couple. She had been close to the couple as they were her neighbors for a long time in South Carolina. She had a familiar face for both of them. She was well aware of the couple as she stayed next to them for a long time.

The couple moved to Jacksonville, Florida. Before moving there, they sold a car to Cole. She agreed to monthly payments for the car.  The couple moved from South Carolina in 2005.

Cole had a boyfriend, Michael. In 2005 she and Michel drove to Jacksonville to complete some paperwork related to the car. After reaching there they planned to rob their house. They stayed there for two days and called Bruce Nixon and Alan Wade. The four robbers robbed their house and were arrested for killing them.

Cole is well known as a killer and some documentaries are also released on her. 

‘Bury Them Alive: The True Story Of Tiffany Cole’ is a book on her written by Jessica Winston and published on 8 August 2016.

How Tiffany Killed The Sumner?

The Sumner couple was her neighbor in South Carolina. She is well known for killing them. Before moving to Jacksonville, she bought a car from them. She agreed to pay monthly for the car.

In 2005, she got a boyfriend, Michael. They both drive to Jacksonville owing to some paperwork related to the car. They stayed there for two days. Along with Nixon and Wade, Cole and her boyfriend robbed Sumner’s house.

The four made the plan and worked accordingly. Wade and Nixon went to their house as an excuse to make a call and cut the wire of the landline. They grabbed Sumner’s neck and the lovebirds waited outside the house. They kidnapped the Sumner couple and Tiffany and Michel were following them behind in another car. They took out all the important information related to their bank and looted all the jewelry. They traveled to the remote place of Georgia. They had already dug a grave a few days earlier in that place. They buried the couple alive in that grave. 

On July 10 Sumner’s daughter reported the missing report about her parents. The police finally found their body in the grave of Georgia on 16 July. After some investigation, they found many valuable things from his residence including their bank cards missing. They traced the withdrawal from his bank account and later found the culprits in South Carolina. The four were arrested.

Tiffany Cole Boyfriend

In 2005, Tiffany Cole made her new boyfriend. His name was Michael Jackson. They both killed an old couple and robbed their house. She and her boyfriend drove to Jacksonville. After reaching there they decide to rob Sumner’s house. They took the pin of their ATM and some important information related to their bank account, passwords, and many pieces of jewelry. While withdrawing the money they became a Sumner couple. They withdrew about $5,000 from Sumner’s bank account on that day.

They were arrested by the police along with Nixon and Wade. She and her boyfriend were given the death penalty in 2008, but still they are behind the bars. They will have their final trial in 2023. 

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