Where Was Life Filmed?

‘Life,’ directed by Daniel Espinosa (‘Easy Money’), is a 2017 sci-fi horror thriller with excellent effects, huge visuals, a star-studded cast, and a clever twist to keep the genre aficionados happy. The plot transports the spectator to the near future when a new lifeform poses a threat to the planet. A crew of scientists working on the International Space Station intercepts an unmanned space orbit on its way from Mars to Earth. According to rumors, the soil samples include signs of an extraterrestrial life form known as ‘Calvin.’ In the extraterrestrial horror film, Jake Gyllenhaal, Rebecca Ferguson, Ryan Reynolds, and Hiroyuki Sanada play major parts. Despite the fact that it was criticized by critics for being boring, fans seemed to enjoy the sweet concoction, as seen by its large box office receipts. The majority of the story takes place in the cramped space station, but we see snatches of changing times from all across the world, like in many other films in the genre. However, you might be interested in finding out where the movie was shot. Allow us to assist you in that instance.  

Where Was Life Filmed?

Location of the shoot

‘Life’ was shot in and around England, the United States, and Vietnam. Filming began on July 19, 2016, and ended a few months later. The film was produced by Skydance Media in collaboration with Columbia Pictures and LStar Capital. Double Negative, who also provided effects for ‘Batman Begins,’ ‘2012,’ and ‘Annihilation,’ added the majority of the post-production graphics. Industrial Light & Magic created the eight-minute-long opening scene. Now we’ll take you to the particular places where the film was shot.

Surrey, England

Space scenes are made in studios utilizing the green screen, as is common in sci-fi films. ‘Life,’ of course, is no exception, and the director and his team chose a studio in Surrey’s Shepperton suburbs. The laborious production was housed at Shepperton Studios, an iconic movie facility on Shepperton’s Studios Road. 

The complex, which opened in 1931 as Sound Film Producing & Recording Studios, today has 15 fully equipped soundstages for filming. The performers were hung from the ceiling to resemble their suspended position, and the wires were removed later in post-production. Double Negative sculpted the ISS model featured in the movie.

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New York

Directors frequently opt to film science fiction films all over the world since they demand a wide range of vision. Despite the fact that Daniel Espinosa’s goal was to elicit claustrophobia, one scene was shot in New York City. The scene with the news footage offering a peek of Times Square was shot in the famed New York City square. From Martin Scorsese’s “Taxi Driver” to Sam Raimi’s “Spider-Man,” Times Square has played an important role in a number of memorable films.p

Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

Finally, some scenes were shot in Vietnam. The terrifying pod lands in the emerald-tinted oceans between mountains in the concluding sequence of ‘Life.’ You were not mistaken if the scene reminded you of Southeast Asia immediately away. H Long Bay, a coastal enclave in northeast Vietnam known for its towering limestone islands, was used to film the scene. Kayaking adventures in the bay are popular among tourists.

Plot of Life


A NASA probe returning from Mars after collecting soil samples gets captured by the International Space Station. The probe is unmanned, while the space station is manned by a six-person crew with expertise in a variety of subjects who are on a mission to uncover extraterrestrial life. The crew discovers a hibernating single-cell organism in the probe, which provides a ray of hope. Dr. Hugh Derry (Ariyon Bakare), an exobiologist, becomes more connected to this unidentified space visitor and nurtures it in his special lab. The single-celled organism quickly transforms into a multi-celled organism that resembles translucent algae, with the design optimized to elicit a positive reaction from the minute we see it.

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