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Where Was The Expanse Season 6 Filmed?

The Expanse Season 6

The Expanse is Amazon Prime Video’s original series. This is currently airing. This season has 6 episodes. It is a science fiction American Tv Series. The run time of each show is 42-56 mins. The series has 6 seasons. IGN has rated it 8 and it got a 91% vote from Rotten Tomatoes. 

The story is quite interesting. If you’re a fan of science fiction and drama then this one’s for you. The series is an adaptation of a book. 

The solar system was colonized for hundreds of years by humanity. The three largest powers along with the loose confederation hold a place. 

If you haven’t watched it yet, now is the time. Stream the season online. I am sure you are going to love it.

You can watch the series on Amazon Prime Video. If you haven’t subscribed to the channel, do it now!

Now, coming to an interesting fact! Do you know where Season 6 was filmed? Well, if you don’t. Scroll to know! 

Where Was The Expanse Season 6 Filmed?

Season 6 of The Expanse was shot entirely in Toronto. Filming began in January 2021 and was completed by May 2021. So, this is the primary location where the series was shot. Now let’s move into the details. It was expected that the series filming will be over by April. But the date got extended till May. By May the crew wrapped up its shooting.

The Expanse Season 6 Location Details

The Expanse
The Expanse

Toronto is the capital city of Ontario. This is the exact place where Season 6 was filmed. Toronto is the home of the show and most of the screening was done here only. The previous season was filmed in Pinewood Toronto Studios. And moreover, the production of season 6 might as well have hosted the series right here. This location serves as the prime location for the entire crew. Not to forget the major scenes as well. 

Pinewood Toronto Studio serves the major entertaining facilities for the production team. The place has eleven stages in a 250,000 sq. feet-built production space. 

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Since the show requires a huge space especially the scene being the solar system. This location is ideal for the scenery and props to film the same. The gigantic jaw-dropping spaceship was prepared in the studio only. The studio being fully soundproof helped the crew to shoot the scenes peacefully and efficiently. Not to forget the studio has a power-equipped stage as well. 

As you all know, The Toronto Pine studio sarees v as the hub of the film industry. The majority of the series and movies are filmed here. And after The Expanse, the location gained much more importance. The cityscape and the urban space of Toronto is indeed a marvelous place with excellent scenic beauty. This is why major film directors think of shooting in this particular location. This place provoked a lot of benefits for the entire cast. 

More Details About The Expanse

The Expanse
The Expanse

Finch, The Handmaid’s Tale, Black Mirror, and other popular movies and series were filmed over here. 

The studio is located in Toronto at 225, Commissions Street. 

The final season took only four months to complete the shooting. And now it is there for you to enjoy!

We don’t have the access to the pictures of the last shooting day. The journey of the entire series was for 6 long years. That’s a lot of time!

The scenic beauty makes it more special.

Well, that’s all for now. Go and binge-watch the series on Amazon Prime Video. For more information stay tuned.

Happy Watch!

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