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Which Spider-Man Is More Powerful? (The Best One Is You Can’t Imagine)

Excited after reading the title of the article? well, even we are excited too to share and talk about Spider-Man or Peter Parker. Marvel has given us some remarkable and unforgettable characters that cannot go out of our minds ever and one of them is surely Spider-Man. A fun, noble, and amazing character. He is not just a character who was bitten by a radioactive spider and became a hero but is a character who has had a lot of obstacles throughout that you all are aware of. These obstacles also affected his personal life. But spider man is not just about this it is much more than that.

Spiderman has had a lot of transformations throughout the comics and each of them has been quite striking and different exhibiting powers and abilities differently. But have you ever thought that who among them is the most powerful? Well, guess what we will talk about it in this article. So, get excited to get flashbacks of some versions of Spiderman and to know who we think is the most powerful.

Which Spider-Man Is More Powerful?

Which Spider-Man Is More Powerful

Spider-man without any doubt is one of the most loved characters in the Marvel comics that we cherish and love to see to date. Coming to this point, all the readers who have read all the comics or are reading them must have come across a lot of versions of this loved character. You must be thinking that who is the most powerful one and might have already made your own list too. So, today we are taking this opportunity to bring in front of you a list of the most powerful Spider-Man according to us. It might differ from your list and might match as well. So, let’s see how many versions we click with together also let us know your list and preferences if you have other characters because we would love to know that.

12. Peter Parker

Which Spider-Man Is More Powerful
Peter Parker

Peter Parker from Earth 616, that is the original spiderman has to be on this list no matter what. He claimed his power after he was bit by a spider of a radioactive variant which you know already. After his uncle died he gets to understand that he has been bestowed with a responsibility that he cannot misuse. In this list, you might think that he is not that powerful compared to all the characters here but then the way he has been saving, his courage, and the things he has accomplished, make him one of the most characters without any doubt.

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11. Spider Wolf

Which Spider-Man Is More Powerful
Spider Wolf

Another version of spider man from Earth 13989 made its first and only appearance in Amazing Spider-Man Vol 3. The character was not for a long time but the powers that the character possesses are something that has brought him into the list today. The history of this character is quite unknown but the power that he has is quite similar to that of Earth 616 and the only extra ability that this version possesses is something you can derive from the name itself that is transforming into a wolf which in turn makes him much more powerful

10. Patton Parnel

Which Spider-Man Is More Powerful
Patton Parnel

Another character that you all must be remembering pretty well because this character and version was quite creepy and scary too. This character and its version were very much the opposite of Spiderman which we tend to like and enjoy. This is gloomy, depressing, and a sociopath. Well as you can understand that the personality is pretty different from Peter then you can completely expect the powers to be different too and trust me, they are. The character also changes into a creature with eight limbs and eyes. He also has the power to implant spiders on others with just a bite.

9. Spiders Man

Which Spider-Man Is More Powerful
Spiders Man

This version of Spiderman made its appearance in Spider Geddon. He became this version after getting consumed by radioactive spiders. However, in the process of being devoured the spiders became a single hive and absorbed his consciousness. The power of this version is similar to the one in 616 which was called Carl King and you will know that villain if you have read the comics. He has amazing speed, strength, and power and also had the power to bite and poison or devour them completely. This version is definitely creepy but in terms of power, he needs to be mentioned here.

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8. Spider Earth 15

Which Spider-Man Is More Powerful
Spider Earth 15

This version is an amalgamation of three characters giving us three in one character. The version includes Deadpool, Peter, and Carnage together. This version is not the good and the noble Peter but is the opposite of what he was and we know of. He is a killer, murderer, and villain and was called the Spider. In fact, he is such a sociopath that he also got 67 life sentences for all the crimes he has committed. He possesses the power of Carnage and Spiderman together and since Deadpool is also there then you can completely expect the humor at its height.

7. Poison

Which Spider-Man Is More Powerful

Poison is that version of Peter when Venom’s symbiote is combined with Peter. This variation takes place in an alternate universe. This happens when he was offered to be reborn but he rejected it which left his resurrection incomplete. Sensing the happenings Venom left Mac Gargan and entered Peter. Peter did try to fight the symbiote overtaking him but after exhaustion symbiote got the chance to take over him completely. This version retains all the powers he has.

6. Miles Morales

Which Spider-Man Is More Powerful
Miles Morales

Miles Morales does not need any introduction because he is quite popular and comes next to spiderman in terms of popularity. This variation came in the Marvel comics till the time the universe merged with Earth-616. He is almost similar to Peter Parker even though his abilities are the same. You must be thinking that when everything is the same then why is he even her, so let me tell you the point of difference that he holds against Peter. He has the ability to become invisible and also has Bio-Electrokinesis.

5. Peter Parker Earth 92100

peter park earth 92100
Peter Park Earth 92100

This version of Peter Park aka Spiderman is one of its kind that takes place on Earth 92100. This version was actually not supposed to happen because Peter Parker consumed a formula in order to get rid of all the powers he has as spiderman but he ended up getting 4 extra hands. After this incident, Parker tries hard to find out the solution to get rid of the extra hands and the problem caused by the potion he had and asks for help from Doctor Connors, Reed Richards, and Professor X but everyone was incapable of helping him.

This might be troubling him a lot but these extra arms and powers also became his advantage sometimes especially when he was to fight against Doctor Octopus, and also could save Gwen from Green Goblin by using these arms. The solution for the problem he was in was only one that is Michael Morbius’s blood but then he was eaten up by sharks.

4. Spider-Man 2099

spider man 2099
Spider-Man 2099

Spider-Man 2099 is another version of spiderman whose powers were exhibited by someone else and not the real spiderman. The person named Miguel O’Hara is the one who in 2099 wore the spiderman mantle. He was a geneticist and got the power of a spider after he infused himself with fifty percent of the DNA of a spider. This is also another strongest variation of spiderman who not only had immense power, speed, stamina, and abilities but also happened to have extra features that were his talons and fangs which can be used advantageously towards the enemies. The web created by this version of spiderman is also different from the ones that we have always seen.

3. Japanese Spider-Man (Takuya Yamashiro)

japanese spider man
Japanese Spider-Man

This particular version was introduced when Marvel entered Japan with Spiderman by licensing it to Toei, the Japanese Entertainment Company. This company made the character called Takuya Yamashiro a new Japanese version of Spiderman. Well, the story of this spiderman is very different from the story we are aware of, read, and have seen but spiderman is not completely different. The powers and the abilities have been kept the same. In fact, the strength is higher and enhanced. The strength and stamina are more and the sense of a spider that he has is also upgraded and new.

Another striking difference that sets this spider man different from others is the humongous robot called Leopardon. He can be called with just one summon and has a lot of weapons which is enough to get rid of enemies and devils. This robot acts as another strength and agility in the Japanese version of the spider man making him one of the most powerful and unique ones.

2. Spider Hulk

Which Spider-Man Is More Powerful
Spider Hulk

You must have come across this version of Spider-man if you have read Immortal Hulk: Great Power. The spider hulk is introduced in this series which takes birth after Bruce is freed of the Hulk leading to finding a new host which is none other than Peter Parker. And as Hulk gets into spiderman, he automatically takes the shape of Hulk getting his power which gets merged with his spider skill and powers.

Well, you can easily imagine the combination yourself. Now in this version spider man does not completely turn into hulk and retains and maintains his powers as Spider-Man but the change or transformation becomes visible when he gets angry because in anger he turns into Hulk where he is all green, and even more powerful.

1. Cosmic Spider-Man

Which Spider-Man Is More Powerful
Cosmic Spider-Man

Finally, the most powerful version of Spider-Man of all is undoubtedly Cosmic Spider-Man. This version of Spider-man was introduced in the storyline of the Acts of Vengeance where Peter gets a mysterious power called Enigma Force. After absorbing this power, he gets an unimaginable power that cannot be explained in words. The power is so intense that he also got the title Captain Universe, which is Uni-Power (the physical form). This version of the spider man is said to be the manifestation of the Universe deriving the power from the universe.

The Cosmic spider man’s strength can be understood from his ability to punch Grey Hulk in a way that he landed into an orbit. After transforming into this version, he gains a lot of abilities that are believed to be shown only by the ones who are the most powerful in Marvel. His superhuman strength, durability, speed, agility, equilibrium, reflexes, sight and hearing enhance. He also gains regenerative healing power and can also tolerate a high dosage of drugs and can recover from them easily too. His spider-sense is also enhanced after getting transformed into this variation. He has the ability to sense things on another level. He also got the power to manipulate matter.

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